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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000



country of citizenship:   usa

social security number:  188-42-4409


vacancy announcement #:   no: 2010-063                    

position:  program manager (chief), eastern currency facility, office of security printing



i am highly interested in being considered for the program manager (chief), eastern currency facility, office of security printing, position available.  with over 30 years background in the security printing industry, i believe i can make a positive contribution in this assignment.  to acquaint you with my qualifications, i am submitting my resume.  in advance, i thank you for your time and consideration.


as demonstrated in the accompanying document, i have served in numerous plant management and supervisory roles, including print manager, plant manager, plant engineer, maintenance engineer, shift lead engineer and press supervisor/operator, to name a few.   these assignments required in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of printing equipment, all ancillary support equipment and other necessary products and equipment. 


in my current management position as security print manager / plant maintenance engineer for the largest international commercial security printing company, i am charged with comprehensive oversight of plant operations, from managing daily production to serving as point-of-contact for osha representatives, local and state agencies and all insurance companies.  i have played a major role in the growth of this facility, which is now the only de la rue plant to be successful in the u.s.  we produce such printed security products as american express travelers cheques, stock/bond certificates, drivers licenses, bank checks, among other such products.  our plant regularly achieves mandated profit margins of 55%-65%.


i have spearheaded the design of plants and specialized equipment.  for my current employer, i was tasked with addressing on-going quality and accountability issues in order to increase profit margins and production efficiencies for the american express traveler cheques work stream.   starting with a budget of $7mm, i developed an entire printing system that solved the various problems, completing the assignment on time and under budget, with a final cost of slightly more than $5mm.  the newly-designed plant in the u.s., with its increased efficiencies, allowed the company to close an inefficient, costly sister plant in the u.k, saving $1mm+ in poor production quality penalties as well as the payroll/benefits expenditures for 3,000 personnel.


as an employee, you will find me to be enthusiastic and disciplined, with proven abilities in management, problem solving and directing staffs, as well as a commitment to supporting you in achieving your objectives through superior performance.  i welcome the opportunity to meet with you at your earliest convenience, and look forward to interviewing with you in the near future.





yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                     

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000



country of citizenship:   usa

social security number:  188-42-4409


vacancy announcement #: no:   2010-063

position:  program manager (chief) eastern currency facility, office of security printing



core competencies

security printing (i.e. food stamps, social security cards, treasury checks, postage stamps, stocks, bonds, american express travelers cheques, birth/death certificates, gift certificates, among others); plant engineer; preventive maintenance; equipment upgrade; plant production; material/equipment procurement; osha; budgeting; staff oversight; union/non-union workplace environment; plant recycling; trades oversight; cost cutting; bradbury/wilkinson; de la rue mark 4; ta type intaglio sheet-fed presses; intaglio web presses; equipment installation; heidelberg printers; miller printers; didde web press; intaglio paper/water wipe; gori printers; miehle; super numeroto/numeroto; numbering equipment, gothic, e13b, cmc7, ocra ink jet barcode encoding; geitz hologram foil press; trm web foiling press; atlantic zieser web numbering machine; longford enveloping equipment;  longford banding equipment; nipson 8000 and 200 printers; abg flexor coating equipment; polar cutters; stevens web presses; ashton web presses; abg camera system; stitching/gluing equipment; partioria label equipment; vacuumatic counting equipment; nickel plating/chrome plating equipment. train-the-trainer


professional experience

july 1998 - present

de la rue security print

dulles, va

hours per week:  50-60+

salary: $129,000 annually

supervisor: charles e. dallas, jr.  703.450.1300      may be contacted


security print manager / plant maintenance engineer


for this largest international commercial security printing company, am involved daily in all segments of plant production, including producing all eas for equipment procurement, which have always been accepted by management.  serve as point-of-contact for insurance companies, local/state agencies and osha representatives, serving, when needed, in absence of health and safety manager.  to date, plant has 1300+ days without reportable accident.  additionally, work with sales department in response to rfps, supplying insight into production of new product, with focus on cost efficiencies and any new equipment requirements.


have played major role in growth of facility to become only de la rue plant to be successful in u.s., which had originally been planned for annual production of 400mm multiple currency-type checks for american express travelers cheques, with small amounts of other products, such as stock certificates and gift cards.  plant assignments have grown to include production of new york state drivers licenses, foreign drivers licenses/id cards, and 40% of microsoft authenticity labels, a $40mm contract.  additionally, plant produces international bank checks, and regularly meets mandated profit margins of 55%-65%.     


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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                       vacancy #: 2010-063                                   page 3 of 8



was charged with increasing profit margins and production efficiencies/accuracies in the american express travelers cheques work stream, in response to on-going issues of quality/accountability.  introduced web printing press system, with accountability systems built into every segment of the production process/line, from raw stock to the packaging equipment.  additionally, designed into process redundant camera systems and cancellation marking systems to assure proper production; equipment senses bad checks and re-routes them for destruction and sends good checks on to various processes, including printing barcodes or logos, then on to stacker.  included in the check production are formats including gothic, e13b, cmc7, ocra and codex.  for this project, had been allocated budget of $7mm and was able to complete assignment on time and under budget, using slightly more than $5mm.


due to success of check printing process developed at dulles facility, company was able to shut down divisional sister factory in the uk, which had been unprofitable due to production difficulties, saving $1mm+ in penalties and payroll/benefits for 3,000 personnel, and moving various work streams to other parts of corporation.  and at dulles, due to increased efficiencies, 38 fewer employers were required for annual production of 400mm travelers cheques and were re-assigned to microsoft production lines.




january 1997 c march 1997

american banknote


hours per week:  36+

salary: $80,000 annually

supervisor: n/a                     


plant engineer


worked on three-day/week basis resolving variety of production, quality and training issues.  took charge of resolving problems and training new trainers.  facility remains only abn plant, except for holograph division, still operating.  additionally, worked for short time at horsham plant.




march 1996 c january 1997

american banknote

horsham pennsylvania plant


hours per week:  50+

salary: $85,000+ annually

supervisor: n/a c facility closed


print manager / plant manager / plant engineer


for this three-shift/seven-day operation, oversaw nine intaglio sheet-fed, two web intaglio, six web offset, six offset sheet-fed and four numbering presses.  in this union shop, was point-of-contact for osha representatives regarding health/safety issues, insurance companies and any local or state agencies?

yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                       vacancy #: 2010-063                                              page 4 of 8


march 1996 c january 1997

american banknote

caroline road philadelphia pennsylvania plant

hours per week:  72+

salary: $85,000 annually

supervisor: n/a c facility closed


print manager / plant manager


concurrent duties with horsham plant assignment; oversaw all treasury check production in 100,000 sq. ft. plant, managing three shifts in a five-seven day operation, determined by production needs. this plant was used for the distributing of food coupons.  in this facility also served as point-of-contact for osha representatives regarding health/safety issues, insurance companies and any local or state agencies; plant was unionized.




october 1995 c march 1996

american banknote

bedford park illinois

hours per week:  50+

salary: $75,000 annually

supervisor: n/a c facility closed


plant engineer


worked as member of start-up team for new facility in tennessee, overseeing installation of equipment and training-the-trainer in a non-union environment.  at close of this assignment, began duties at caroline road plant.  




march1989 c march 1995

american banknote

bedford park illinois

hours per week:  50+

salary: $75,000 annually

supervisor: n/a c facility closed


plant engineer


in this concurrent assignment with forrest park plant, oversaw 150,000 sq. ft. security printing facility, with 200+ personnel running three shifts on a 24/7 production schedule.  was tasked with management of 13 engineers and machinists, and comprehensive responsibility for preventive maintenance, equipment upgrade/installation/removal. tasked at times with being the liaison between the print manager and the finishing manager during production runs of high print volumes that had contractual due dates. served as point-of-contact for osha, any health/safety-related issues, local and state agencies and insurance companies. 

yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                            vacancy #: 2010-063                              page 5 of 8


as department head, held comprehensive responsibility for all production related auxiliary equipment processes, from the gori type water wipe intaglio printing presses; managed staff of two personnel.  to handle effluent and dosage from three water wipe presses as well as the hazardous waste produced, dismantled two other plants and rebuilt as a single larger facility with sufficient capability to run 24/7; oversaw staff of three.    


additionally, oversaw shredding department and recycling program, working with a staff of two.  designed methodology for combining disintegrated material with shredded paper to produce 3,000 lb. bales that would be sold to paper manufacturers, resulting in a net profit of $200,000 - $300,000 annually.  recycled used paper wiper rolls from the paper-wipe intaglio presses, reducing waste dumpster requirements from six/week to five/month, a large cost saving.  facilitated the incineration of intaglio ink, removing it from being considered as hazardous waste and at the same time making it available as fuel for a power plant.


this facility produced food stamps, social security cards, treasury checks, postage stamps, stock and bond certificates, various security labels, american express travelers cheques, visa travelers checks, birth/death certificates and foreign currency, among other products requiring security printing.




february 1989 c march 1995

american banknote

forrest park illinois

hours per week:  25+

salary: $75,000 annually

supervisor: n/a c facility closed


plant engineer



at this security print facility, major security printing equipment was rebuild, modified, upgraded, prior to the equipment being shipped overseas to other security printing plants. a one-shift operation.  plant was also used for large equipment maintenance and storage in a union environment.



1987 c april 1988

indian springs, correctional center


hours per week:  40

salary: $47,000

supervisor: n/a                     




oversaw staff of 24 from various trades, when assuming duties of maintenance manager in his absence.




yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                  vacancy #: 2010-063                        page 6 of 8



1986 c 1987

norick brothers business forms

las vegas nevada

days per week:  6

salary: $43,000 annually

supervisor: n/a c facility closed



maintenance engineer


installed web presses, web collators, gluing systems and all related equipment for this plant start up.



company no longer in business

las vegas, nv

hours per week: 40

salary: $25,000 annually

supervisor: n/a


fork truck electrical/mechanical technician

short-term, three-four month assignment.  on-the-job accident forced cessation of all work for one year.




october 1972 c october 1983

security columbia security/u.s. banknote print

caroline road philadelphia pennsylvania

hours per week:  16 hrs/day  /  7 days/week

salary:  $68,000 annually

supervisor: n/a c facility closed


electro/mechanical maintenance tech / shift lead engineer / director of engineering


in this assignment, worked with variety of sheet-fed and web printing presses, including intaglio, offset, letterpress, flexo and graver.  maintained/repaired cutters, folders, envelopers, packager, radio-wave plastic welders and collators.  built a high-output letterpress logo printer for producing one-up checks.  for security printing plant start-ups in new york, illinois, california and tennessee, installed or removed necessary equipment.




sept 1979 c november 1979

united states banknote company name change from security columbia security newburgh, ny

hours per week:  10-16 hrs/day c 7 days/week

salary: $68,000

supervisor: n/a c facility closed


plant engineer


tasked with responsibility for building finishing printing plant to produce 1980 olympic lottery finishing production. 

yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                      vacancy #: 2010-063                                    page 7 of 8



april1971 c october 1972

spellman label company

philadelphia pennsylvania

hours per week:  36

salary: $20,000 annually

supervisor: n/a c facility closed


press supervisor/press operator


managed print crews and was charged with initial production sign-off for 12 pressmen; ordered consumables, produced daily production reports and maintained printing equipment. 




march 1969 c april 1971

spellman label company

north philadelphia pennsylvania

hours per week:  36

salary: $20,000 annually

supervisor: n/a c facility closed


offset pressman


achieved union journeyman printer status after serving six-months of union apprenticeship, normally a four-year assignment.





frankford high school, philadelphia, pa 1969

ged 1975

30 + years of hands-on job experience in many facets of the security printing industry

unable to complete night education courses due to employment activities, travel, long hours, on call 24 / 7



professional development

attended print trade shows and seminars.

provided extra, temporary advisement to other security printing plants to help resolve various issues.

visited and worked at many different security printing plants, specialty paper mills and holographic manufacturing plants.

trained in various print techniques, intaglio, offset, letter press, web intaglio, flexo, and screen printing.






yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                 vacancy #: 2010-063                                         page 8 of 8


professional achievements and awards

certificate of training for the following:

introduction to iso9001 2008 for management

advanced internal auditor iso9001:2008 with examination

lean-sigma yellow belt training program, april 2009

osha training camp certificate of achievement, september 14-18, 2009

how to have an honest conversation, july 2010

how to be an auditor for iso 14000 and 18000

cognex equipment pm computer program

how to train the trainer, 1994

trained in writing ea s (equipment appropriation format) necessary to get corporate approval and funding for projects and equipment

trained on the use of ifs system for accessing all daily equipment production reported information.

trained various format to obtain oee percentages

trained in kan ban inventory processes


recently had a surprise osha site visit at dulles.  no issues were found, which is a rare occurrence in the printing industry.


wrote many sop s for various equipment operation


spotlight award winner 2006 for a project that i designed and implemented. this generated about $1mm annually in extra income for de la rue, with no initial outlay of funding


professional contacts

de la rue security papers bathford uk

de la rue security papers overton uk

de la rue malta currency printing division

de la rue kenya currency division

de la rue gates head uk (for super numeroto and gori equipment)

de la rue basingstoke uk corporate office

de la rue i d systems usa

de la rue dunstable tax stamp and passport production

de la rue dulles usa

american banknote tennessee


professional business contacts (engineers to managing directors)

atlantic zieser usa & germany

longford international canada

video jet usa.

vision assurance usa & uk

a. b. g. international california, uk & germany

mueller martini usa. germany,

age york, pa

total register machine co. usa & uk

libenger uk




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