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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                  

Job Posting: Aerospace Technology (AST), JS09D0003

Address:  0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000          

Phone:  (xxx-xxx-xxxx


Citizenship: United States of America

Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX

Veterans Preference: 10-point preference based on a compensable service-connected disability of 10 percent but less than 30 percent



Core Qualifications


Strategic Planning

Performance Optimization

Crew Training/Development

Dynamic Research & Analysis Skills

Crisis Management

Organizational Leadership

Productivity/Efficiency Improvement

Flight Procedures/Plans Development

Multi-Site Operations

Joint Ventures & Alliances


Master s Degree in Physics & Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering

Basic German Language Skills



Professional Experience


USAF - Air Force Research Laboratory - Mesa, AZ

Supervisor:  May Contact - Col Daniel Walker xxx-xxx-xxxx , Ext.104

Hours:  40 per Week

Deputy Commander and Deputy Division Chief, Lt Col/O-5; Salary: $142,000/yr; 8/2007 - Present


Contribute dynamic leadership skills in managing all aspects of science and technology research (S&T) for premier warfighter training research organization.  Successfully accelerate DM0 Air/Space Operations Center simulator capability - Red Flag, which is currently $250K versus $1M per week for live-fly.  Apply sharp analytical skills in leading $300K program to design 2-way live/virtual/constructive datalink and generate additional $500K from Air Education Training Command.  Present system to Chief of Staff, exhibiting a flawless demonstration of future combat training by linking two live F-16s on a bombing range, two F-16 simulators and a virtual Joint Tactical Air Control (JTAC) dome on the ground.


Demonstrating sharp business acumen, strategically plan, develop and spearhead comprehensive $4.5M analysis and performance measurement program instrumental to supporting organization in optimizing operational results while controlling costs.  Direct and supervise the $17.5M JTAC IRS program, instrumental to saving lives.  Contribute strong detail orientation and analytical skills in steering DM0 node at Nellis AFB and drastically reducing training cost 90% from $2.4M to $240K.


Independently analyze past 11 years of F-15 mishaps to identify strategic recommendations to improve flying/combat training focus.  Innovatively design new Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) data analysis method, decreasing time from 6 months to 2 weeks to get crucial safety data out to field.  As acting Commander, save AFRL millions in security costs by initiating discussions with Police Chief for laboratory defense. 


Exhibit advanced communication skills in interfacing between S&T, warfighters, customers, decision makers, DoD and contractors.  Relied upon to lend industry expertise and serve as laboratory spokesperson for training technologies/methods and SME in AF airpower.  Actively support commander in managing over $52M of S&T funds, 70 government personnel and 154 contractors.  Proficiently lead S&T program by developing tailored solutions for Air Operations Center training.  Promote advanced technology, methods and products focused on current and future missions to optimize performance.

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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                  

Job Posting: Aerospace Technology (AST), JS09D0003

Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  page 2 of 5




USAF - Air Force Research Laboratory - Mesa, AZ

Supervisor:  May Contact - Lt Col Jeffery Wharton, Phone Number Unknown

Hours:  40 per Week

Director of Operations, Lt Col/O-5; Salary: $142,000/yr; 3/2005 - 8/2007


Initiated and hosted the first all Major Command Simulator Summit, which set the standard for USAF to drastically reduce flying hour program costs.  Directly led Joint Forces Air Component Commanders training R&D, demonstrating strong project management and multitasking abilities in achieving operational goals on time and within budget while effectively transforming how top leaders learn.  Commended for planning and coordinating Night Vision Goggle (NVG) User s Conference for USAF, USA, USAFR.  


Applied dynamic leadership and analytical skills in overseeing all aspects of USAF s NVG programs, directly resulting in USAF night combat capabilities becoming a great force multiplier.  Produced cost-savings of $90K by leading the first portable hi-fi NVG training capability.  Actively supported new commander in fixing shortfalls after marginal UCI and proved instrumental in completing successful remake within 7 months.  Redefined Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) training areas to prevent 50% of mishaps.  Serving as federal consultant, guided first US Border Patrol NVG training program with critical capability for increasing homeland security.  Won 2006 Science Spectrum Magazine's Top Minority in Research Science award for significant contributions.

Exhibited strong prioritizing skills in directing five branches with over 54 programs and a $200M budget, Training Systems Product Group, Night Vision Center of Excellence, Cockpit Resource Management.  Proactively supported commander in managing over $52M of S&T funds, 70 government personnel and 154 contractors, with strong focus on optimizing productivity and efficiency.  Relied upon to lend expertise in advising commander on diverse issues involving Engineering, Physics, and Mathematical Sciences.


USAF - 80th Flying Training Wing - Sheppard AFB (Wichita Falls), TX

Supervisor:  May Contact - Col David Reth, 662-434-7159

Hours:  50 per Week

Chief of Flight Safety, 88th FTW, Major/O-4; Salary: $119,000/yr; 11/2002-3/2005


Produced a sharp decrease in mishap potential by designing, developing and implementing flight review that changed and/or discontinued congested low-level flight routes.  Conducted comprehensive investigations on 30 mishaps and issued findings to higher headquarters to reduce mishap potential in the future.  Contributed industry expertise toward rewriting mishap response plan and integrating checklists into 82 TRW Full Spectrum Threat Response plan.  Successfully discovered 15 major discrepancies with expanded spot inspection program by applying sharp analytical skills and strong attention to detail. 

Achieved USAF nominee for Mission Specialist as NASA astronaut Class of 2004.  Promptly and efficiently responded as on-call FSO to over 40 in-flight and ground emergencies.  Promoted mishap prevention by supervising over 60 hazardous air traffic report/flight mishap investigations and identifying targeted strategies to prevent future occurrence.  Authored comprehensive supplement for wing safety program management, exhibiting exceptional written communication talents.  Decreased runway incursions 50% by designing, developing and launching new airfield support vehicle driving procedures.


Effectively led and coordinated flight safety division for one of AETC s largest flying training wings, contributing dynamic leadership and problem solving skills.  Proactively investigated, determined and reported causes of flight mishaps, instrumental to reducing future problems.  Ensured undergraduate pilot training students were properly trained on USAF flight safety programs, playing an instrumental role in the development of top members.  As first responder for in-flight emergencies, promptly coordinated timely dissemination of critical flight safety information.  Directly supervised, motivated and mentored three wing flight safety officers (FSO).  Held T-38 instructor pilot status, instructing student pilots in all categories of training.  Relied upon to serve as acting chief of safety (COS) in his absence.

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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                  

Job Posting: JS09D0003

Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  page 3 of 5




USAF - 80th Flying Training Wing - Sheppard AFB (Wichita Falls), TX

Supervisor:  May Contact - Maj Michael Beisenherz, GAF, Phone Number Unknown (German Air Force)

Hours:  50 per Week

80th FTW T-38 Airspace Manager/T-38 Instructor Pilot, Major/O-4; Salary: $120,000/yr; 9/2001-11/2002


Instrumental in 80FTW receiving a Unit Compliance Inspection Excellent rating; strategically planned and coordinated flight instruction and schedules to maximize use of resources while controlling costs.  As instructor pilot, flew 58 missions from April through August 2002, leading Lubbock Airport survey and training fire support team in emergency procedures.  Safely recovered four emergency aircraft and personally commended by 80 Ops Group Commander.

Recognized as superb airspace manager and commended by AETC Inspector General (IG) for effectively managed off-station airfield web page.  Drafted and presented 1st Civil Air Patrol Military Training Route survey agreement, covering over 160K square miles and 17 training routes now thoroughly inspected for obstacles and other safety hazards.  Enhanced flight safety for all aircraft by designing wing portable flight planning system with updated low altitude maps.  Streamlined air traffic control by meeting and communicating with Fort Worth Air Traffic Control Center (FWATCC).

Effectively updated radar-out procedures, outlined lines of control and resolved numerous process errors by conducting a thorough FWATCC facility tour.  Successfully taught and scheduled 15 students, 10 IPs and 1,200 missions, achieving 100% on-time graduation.  Efficiently coordinated workflow, defined requirements and assigned projects to optimize utilization of resources.  Led Perfect UCI with no findings, discrepancies or negative observations; achieved Excellent rating and ensured flawless 80th Standardization and Evaluation Staff Assistance Visit.


Maintained full accountability for management/stewardship of all airspace assigned to the wing in support of the ENJJPT Program, with strong focus on maximizing productivity and efficiency.  Closely monitored and ensured safe and effective use of the largest primary flight training airspace in the world, with 6 major military operation areas, 8 air traffic assigned areas and 17 low-level training routes.  Efficiently planned and coordinated airspace use with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and AETC to ensure smooth flow of operations.  Designed local flight routes to deconflict departing/arriving air traffic.  Promptly and thoroughly investigated and reported alleged violations of FAA regulations.  



USAF - 7th Air Force - Osan Air Base, South Korea

Supervisor:  May Contact - CAPT (Navy) James E. Russell, Phone Number Unknown (US Navy)

Hours:  50 per Week

Chief of Interdiction Plans, Chief of Close Air Support (CAS) Plans, Maj; Salary: $120,000 /yr; 9/2000-9/2001


Demonstrating superior leadership abilities, flawlessly guided conversion to Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS), crucial to all joint and combined planning and execution of Commander-in-Chief s (CINC) CFC s air war plan.  Proficiently created databases, ensured 7 AF combat planners are properly trained and produced first combat Pre-positioned Integrated Tasking Order (Pre-ITO), further illustrating effective ability to manage multiple functions.  Doubled combat flexibility & iron on target by guiding entire Pre-ITO 2001 build and devising new alert strategy; acclaimed as most complete and innovative war plan for the KTO to date by CINC CFC.  Maintained full responsibility for validating exercise objectives and ensured exercise safety as the Exercise Evaluation Team member.  Steered Master Air Attack Plan (MAAP) development and apportionment of over 32,000 sorties for Ulchi Focus Lens 2001.



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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                  

Job Posting: JS09D0003

Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  page 4 of 5



Integral member in combat plans flight achieving Outstanding rating during 7 AF Operational Readiness Inspection.  Directed best war plan seen as described by CINC; spearheaded entire Pre-ITO 2001 construction, exhibiting exceptional analytical skills.  Generated 250% increase in use of Precision Guided Munitions by devising Counterfire (CF) attack plan.  Resourcefully produced 46 sensitive ITOs for 11K combined sorties; the Red Flag of Korean Theater of Operation (KTO) airspace.  Substantially decreased ITO build cycle time 50% by designing, developing and launching automated planning factors.  Applied sharp analytical and problem solving skills in developing first-ever OSW surprise attack tactics procedures.


Successfully led and oversaw the 7 AF Combined Planning Cell (CPC) for all fighter interdiction planning and execution of combat, contingency and exercise operations.  Effectively planned, coordinated and integrated joint USAF, Marine, Navy and Army strike assets and Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) components into ACC s combined MAAP.  Exhibited strong attention to detail and organizational skills in apportioning, allocating, targeting and coordinating fighter Offensive Counter Air (OCA), Strategic Attack and Interdiction (INT) sorties for Operations Plan (OPLAN). 



USAF - 355th Fighter Wing - Davis-Monthan AFB (Tucson), AZ

Supervisor:  May Contact - Donald Parkhurst, Phone Number Unknown

Hours:  40 per Week

Chief, 355th Wing A-10 Training/A-10 Fighter Pilot/O-3; Salary: $100,000/yr; 9/1998-9/2000


Serving as Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) airspace scheduler, ensured effective airspace coordination for multinational forces.  Earned Top Gun award for superior weapons effects.  Applying piloting skills and sharp analytical abilities, developed 11 computer-based and realistic training proposals.  Improved linguist training 25% by repairing/reprogramming a defense satellite ground station.

As A-10 Fighter pilot and officer, constantly maintained combat readiness and proficiency in both the A-10 and OA-10.  Flew 17 combat/combat support missions while deployed supporting Operation SOUTHERN WATCH.  Recognized expert on regulation guidance and relied upon as key point-man in the wing for A/OA-10 training issues.

Conducted comprehensive review and analysis in order to design and develop comprehensive local area procedures to enhance A-10 and F-16 low altitude operations.  Innovatively created and launched new office library combining computer technology with a publication index system.  Appointed QAE for ACC/DO-directed $18 million crew resource management training contract, with full accountability for scheduling training and inspected services.  Won Superior Performance Award during 355 OSS UCI.

Personally chosen to oversee the ACC Briefing Room Interactive (BRI) program, with responsibility for managing the distribution of $57K of computer equipment while developing the first-ever interactive A-10 website, exhibiting strong technological skills.  Created benchmark life support shop at deployed location as Squadron Life Support Officer.  Successfully developed computer-based missile and targeting training initiatives and honed combat skills of 125 pilots.

Contributed solid leadership qualities in managing flight and ground training programs for all 355th Wing A/OA-10 pilots.  Created and implemented targeted programs to ensure 125 pilots in three fighter squadrons comply with training standards and accomplish all training requirements.  Proficiently oversaw the ready aircrew program (RAP) for A-10 pilots in all three squadrons, 355th Wing staff, and 12 AF staff. Supervised major weapon system upgrades including night vision goggles (NVG) and low altitude safety and targeting enhancement system (LASTE).  Steered all aspects of wing cockpit/crew resource management (CRM) program, with strong emphasis on efficiency and performance.  Maintained combat-readiness in all phases of tactical air strike control and day and night weapons employment.



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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                  

Job Posting: JS09D0003

Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  page 5 of 5




USAF - 355th Fighter Wing - Davis-Monthan AFB (Tucson), AZ

Supervisor:  May Contact - Scott Stark, Phone Number Unknown

Hours:  50 per Week

Chief, 354th Fighter Squadron Life Support/A-10 Fighter Pilot/O-3; Salary: $80,000/yr; 7/1997-9/1998


Exhibiting vision and creativity, designed innovative weapons delivery tracking program ensuring accurate tracking for 52 squadron pilots, instrumental to increasing pilot combat proficiency by providing direct feedback on weapons delivery effectiveness.  Reviewed and revised a comprehensive minimum equipment status list; simplified and streamlined the complex decision-making process on whether an A/OA-10 is combat capable by listing minimum requirements for each aircraft sub-system.

Achieved stellar performance and zero downgrades during initial instrument checkride and emergency procedures exam.  Chosen as one of only three unit pilots trained to provide instruction on critical emergency aircraft egress procedures.  Successfully streamlined program development and created highly complex flight test program from scratch, leading to saving millions in contracting dollars by eliminating outside Air Force GPS contract agencies.  Saved a multi-million dollar combat aircraft by recovering A-10 with severe flight control malfunction.



Prior Experience


Chief, GPS Applications Branch/O-3 - USAF Flight Standards Agency; 10/1993-7/1997

F-111E Aircraft Commander/O-2 to O-3 - USAF - 55th Fighter Squadron; 10/1991-10/1993

Cadet/Student - USAF; 10/1988-10/1991

Project Engineer - Allied-Signal Aerospace Co., Garrett Auxiliary Power Division ; 6/1987-10/1988

Research Intern - General Electric Corporate Research and Development Center; 6/1984-6/1987





Master s Degree in Physics - Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), 6/1997; GPA: 3.7/4.0

Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY), 6/1987; 136 Semester Hours & GPA: 2.7/4.0





Certification in Statistical Theory and Methods - Colorado State University (Fort Collins , CO), 12/2004; 13 Semester Hours & GPA: 3.7/4.0

Lead-In Fighter Training (Holloman AFB, NM), 1990-1991
Water Survival Training (Homestead AFB, FL)
Combat Survival Training (Fairchild AFB, WA)
Undergraduate Pilot Training (Williams AFB, AZ), 1989-1990
USAF Officer Training School (Medina Annex, Lackland AFB, TX), 1988-1989





Member - The Planetary Society

Member - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics




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