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1. Extensive technical knowledge and understanding of production control procedures and operations sufficient to collect, compile, correlate and maintain production data.


With over a decade of progressive experience in time-sensitive, fast-paced technical production environments with the military, I offer extensive supervisory/leadership background in collecting, compiling, correlating, and maintaining production data vital to supporting efficient maintenance operations.


In my present position where I am responsible for directing maintenance operations in Afghanistan, one of my key roles is to generate information critical to operational readiness.  In this capacity, I effectively compile and produce quality readiness reports using Standard Automated Maintenance Enhanced System (SAMS-E).  Additionally, I successfully draft, produce and update internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) crucial to production control across broad areas of maintenance operations. 


With managerial roles throughout a large portion of my career, I have consistently been in charge of planning, coordinating and steering maintenance operations.  This has required that I routinely collect, compile, correlate, and manage a high volume of production data needed to strategically plan, coordinate, track, and document ongoing technical maintenance projects in high-production, challenging field environments as well as shop settings.  Beyond developing readiness reports and SOPs, I have also been responsible for establishing detailed load lists for repair/maintenance operations based on collection, interpretation and utilization of complex production data.


Complementing my practical experience, I have completed extensive ongoing professional training.  This has included a comprehensive Maintenance Manager Course as well as a Standard Army Maintenance System C Enhanced (Sustainment) Training Program

where the focus was on learning SAMS-2 and MS Office automation software in order to efficiently gather, compile, coordinate, produce, and maintain data and written materials.  This documentation has ranged from briefs, SOPs, maintenance plans, work orders, and management reports to TAMMS/QDR/EIR/AOAP/ESR, logistics and stock records, among others.

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2. Extensive technical knowledge of supply procedures, maintenance operations and equipment reporting, policies, regulations and procedures governing operations to program workload, shop space and available personnel on a short and long-term basis.


As a maintenance operations leader throughout much of my military career, I have effectively applied my technical expertise toward driving supply, maintenance and equipment operations and ensuring compliance with regulations and procedures in steering program workload, shop space and personnel components of operations on both a short and long-term basis.


For example, in my past two positions (2007-present) a key responsibility has been to strategically plan, coordinate and manage projects/program workload from initial needs assessment through on-time delivery.  Currently I manage maintenance operations of 5 sections including Maintenance Control, Automotive Direct Support, Organizational Maintenance, Recovery, and Armament, requiring that I effectively plan, allocate and manage limited supply, equipment, human, and shop space resources to meet critical objectives supporting military missions.  Within these responsibilities, I establish and manage shop stock for field repair and sustainment maintenance operations, create and execute SOPs, coordinate and direct personnel, and dispatch supporting passenger, cargo and combat vehicles. I also effectively plan, coordinate and manage routine maintenance operations. Prior to this I held similar responsibilities for 4 sections of a Forward Support Company with the Guam Army National Guard (2007-2010) as well as 5 Infantry Companies (2006-2007) with Guam Army Reserves. 


As part of my ongoing professional training I have also completed several courses/trainings in supply procedures, maintenance operations and equipment reporting, policies and procedures, and regulations relevant to effectively managing program workload, shop space and personnel. Among these, I completed the Surface Maintenance Supervisor Course (2008), with focus on acquiring advanced management skills in best business practices and encompassing key areas including logistics, budgeting, man-hour accounting, property accountability, supply chain management, SOPs, and quality inspections.

3. Technical knowledge of production control, maintenance and supply procedures, management systems, policies, regulations and procedures governing production operations to carry out work.


Having built a progressive career with the military since 1998, I have been involved in all areas of production from hands-on technical maintenance and repairs to leading personnel, controlling production, executing maintenance and supply procedures, implementing/maintaining management systems, creating and facilitating policies and procedures, and ensuring compliance with governing regulations.


From 1998-2005 I served as an Engineer Equipment Repairman, gaining extensive technical knowledge as well as practical understanding of related policies, procedures and regulations through applied maintenance and repair of diverse equipment and wheeled vehicles.  I then promoted to Unit Maintenance Officer in 2006, and have since been assuming increasing accountability for directing full-scope production/maintenance operations, from defining needs and coordinating supplies, equipment and personnel to monitoring and steering projects to meet crucial deadlines, both in Guam and more recently, Afghanistan. 

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4. Technical knowledge and understanding of CL IX operations, procedures and procurement processes to include IMAP funding and execution processes; ability to effectively budget CL IX funds for each supported unit to maximize equipment readiness.


In multiple progressive positions encompassing broad-scope leadership responsibilities in military maintenance operations, I have strategically managed unit CL IX operations.  This has entailed actively collaborating with the Surface Maintenance Manager in validating and securing critical funding for CL IX requests as well as directing personnel in identifying deadlining faults, scheduling service and ordering against them.  Data is loaded into the SAMS-E box and subsequently uploaded into IMAP for pending validation.  Upon thorough review, I hold authority to then validate all CL IX requests and forward to IMAP for senior official approval.  I effectively prioritize funds by focusing first on deadlined items, followed by scheduled and then unscheduled services, in order to ensure optimal allocation of funds in achieving operational objectives and equipment readiness goals.


Of note, I have also capitalized on professional development/educational opportunities, with related studies including IMAP training through the Combat Service Support Automation Management Office (CSSAMO).


5. Extensive technical knowledge of various types of equipment and capabilities which general purpose machine repairs and special grades shops are capable of performing.


As a Maintenance Technician, Unit Maintenance Officer, Surface Maintenance Mechanic, and Engineer Equipment Repairman over the course of my military career, I have acquired technical knowledge of a diverse range of equipment and capabilities of general purpose machine repairs and special grades shops operations.  For instance, I presently supervise broad-scope maintenance operations of 5 sections including Maintenance Control, Automotive Direct Support, Organizational Maintenance, Recovery, and Armament for shop and field repair and sustainment maintenance-related operations.  


Prior to this (2007-2010), I oversaw 4 subordinate sections under the umbrella of Maintenance Operations including Maintenance Control, Field Maintenance, Service and Recovery, and Detached Field Maintenance. Additionally, from 2006-2007, in the capacity of Unit Maintenance Officer, I effectively managed wide-range maintenance operations of 5 Infantry Companies.  


6. Extensive knowledge of equipment, such as, tactical vehicles, carriers, towed, engineer and power generating equipment, etc. to correct and analyze a variety of routine production data and processes, prepare production schedules, prepare reporting data, etc.


I offer extensive technical knowledge of a wide range of equipment, with leadership responsibilities for analyzing varied production data and processes, preparing production schedules, reporting data, and steering full-scope maintenance and repair operations in critical military settings.  Currently, I am in charge of 5 subordinate sections within the 277th Maintenance Support Company, directly supervising operations of 5 sections ranging from Maintenance Control and Automotive Direct Support to Organizational Maintenance, Recovery

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Section, and Armament, and encompassing a diverse range of systems, heavy mobile equipment and tactical vehicles including passenger, cargo and combat vehicles. As a Surface Maintenance Mechanic, I demonstrated expertise in the mechanical makeup, operation and working relationships of heavy duty systems, assemblies and parts using comprehensive knowledge of mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, and non-mechanical systems.


Of note, I have continually built my knowledge of diverse equipment through ongoing training.  As one example, my Warrant Officer/Unit Maintenance Technician course encompassed ordnance as well as technical subjects applicable to light-level units, wheel vehicles, power generation and quartermaster equipment, light systems, track vehicles, and field artillery. An earlier program in Engineer Equipment Repair covered the maintenance, repair and adjustment of hydraulic pumps and valves used in engineering construction equipment, including displacement pumps and control valve disassembly, adjustment, repair, and reassembly.

7. Extensive technical knowledge and understanding of current automation support programs to input data, provide status of equipment, monitor job order status, monitor work priorities, requisition repair parts, track repair parts status, etc.


I have routinely applied comprehensive technical knowledge and understanding of current automation support programs, particularly in a leadership capacity, toward inputting data, determining/providing status of equipment, monitoring job order status and work priorities, and requisitioning parts.


In particular, I have relied heavily on the Standard Automated Maintenance Enhanced System (SAMS-E) in concurrently managing as many as 5 subordinate section maintenance operations in areas spanning strategic planning, job and routine maintenance scheduling, project monitoring/tracking, logistics, requisitioning, and resource management.


To ensure optimal job performance, I have completed a comprehensive Maintenance Manager Course (2008) which provided me with vital tools for utilizing current regulatory guidance, SAMS-2 and MS Office automation software in driving daily operations.  This covered producing/presenting maintenance briefs, reviewing SOPS and maintenance plans for quality control, preparing and conducting simulated FMS visits, and reviewing TAMMS/QDR/EIR/ AOAP/ESR records for accuracy. 


I also completed Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced (Sustainment) Training in 2008.  This training spanned standard management policies, procedures and methods, logistics readiness, work order processing, tasks management, man-hour accounting, bench stock management, and requests for issue, among other areas. Complementing this, I have been trained in Standard Army Management Information System (STAMIS), a key tool in effective logistics management.






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8. Working knowledge of unit readiness, equipment-reporting requirements, reportable systems management as prescribed by the current regulation. Ability to use current automation programs to produce readiness reports with a high degree of accuracy.


In each of my leadership positions since 2006, I have been relied upon to oversee and report on unit readiness using current reportable systems management automated technologies.  This requires extensive and expert use of the Standard Automated Maintenance Enhanced System (SAMS-E).   I have routinely efficiently compiled and prepared detailed, error-free readiness reports for presentation to senior personnel using SAMS-E in support of multiple subordinate sections within Maintenance Operations both in my present position as well as in prior positions as Unit Maintenance Officer dating back to 2006.


As previously noted in response to similar KSAs, I have also completed a comprehensive Maintenance Manager Course as well as Standard Army Maintenance System C Enhanced (Sustainment) Training Program, providing me with the skills to effectively develop and produce quality readiness, status and management reports as well as maintenance briefs and varied records and documentation supporting maintenance operations.


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