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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

xxx-xxx-xxxx cell

country of citizenship: usa

active security clearance

job announcement number:      awa-ajr-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000-08866, series: 343, grade(s): fv-i / fv-j
department:                              department of transportation
agency:                                    federal aviation administration
position:                                   management and program analyst

core competencies
faa contracting, procurement, acquisition, contract administration, program/project management, statements of work, requests for proposal, regulatory and internal policy/procedure compliance, systems/process/procedural/performance analysis, financial/cost analysis, research, data generation, information gathering, performance and financial reporting, administrative operations, finance/accounting, budget forecasting/tracking, expense monitoring, asset management, communications, computer operations/technology/software/applications

professional experience

07/07 - present

asset manager

lockheed martin, herndon, va

strategically plan, coordinate and oversee projects, leading subordinate personnel, peers and contracting officers technical representatives (cotrs) in facilitating broad scope of tasks to ensure achievement of critical timelines, specifications and contractual agreements supporting the shipping, receipt and management of it assets.

proficiently maintain complex asset accounting system, with responsibility for preparing detailed financial data and presentations vital to analyzing program and financial performance in order to define and execute strategies for maximizing efficiencies and cost effectiveness. efficiently maintain assets and conduct thorough research and analysis of vendors/suppliers and products to identify optimal procurement practices and resource selection in meeting government needs; submit acquisition recommendations/requests for government approval.

05/06  c 07/07      

senior cost analyst

lockheed martin, herndon, va
effectively allocated costs in compliance with procedures.  collected data and prepared reports to maintain company cost accounting systems.  successfully processed funding documentation for commitments, obligations and deobligations.  compiled historical cost data on procurement of materials, labor, repairs, and operational expenses, as well as equipment depreciation, and priced new services/products by developing unit cost and project expenses for ecp. closely monitored and tracked contractor invoices.

07/05 c 04/06

senior financial analyst

bae systems, washington, dc
facilitated program/project planning relating to financial administration operations within the faa air traffic organization (ato). applied expertise toward interpreting accounts and financial records and using findings to develop quality financial data for presentation to management; further consulted with management to ensure any adjustments complied with program/project changes in support of long-term planning initiatives.  strategically developed, initiated and maintained proactive budgetary procedures instrumental to optimizing monitoring of labor, overhead, material, and related cost expenditures. comprehensively analyzed expenditures against budgets and formulated budget estimates and expense projections based on prior trends.  demonstrated dynamic skills in integrating advanced technologies with operations to boost operations by proficiently using diverse financial tools ranging from spire and prism to delphi and ato budget.

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02/05 c 06/05

senior cost analyst

bae systems, washington, dc
spearheaded quantitative cost estimating/systems analysis of major faa programs comprised of systems engineering and technology, support systems and program and risk management; further steered reviews and analyses of programmatic requirements.  relied upon to provide input and recommendations through active participation in planning and status reviews.  significantly streamlined operations to improve efficiencies by coordinating input from multiple sources and presenting in a single consolidated report.

02/02 c 02/05

pricing manager

at&t technical services co., herndon, va
proficiently reviewed detailed request for proposal (rfp) and proposal development outlines (pdos) and ensured critical cost proposal compliance with federal acquisition regulations (fars), cost accounting standards (cas), disclosed practices, and the rfp under review. steered supporting estimates through extensive fact-finding, audit negotiation, certification, and post-award audit. efficiently maintained approval estimating system. actively supported budget process in multiple capacities ranging from identifying cost requirements and developing statements of work (sow) to collaborating with internal organizations in projecting labor and overhead rates, material requirements, equipment costs, and recommended adjustments.  contributed dynamic communication skills, financial expertise and program/project knowledge toward successfully co-facilitating contract proposal, engineering change and/or price re-determination negotiations. applied strong research skills toward conducting labor requirement studies focused on identifying baseline cost/impact on cost reduction. top secret clearance.


10/00 c 01/02

project controller

csc, arlington, va
delivered comprehensive financial support ranging from preparing monthly earned value analysis/formats and estimates to complete, weekly burn rates reports and customer reporting to funding/risk analyses, subcontractor invoice processing, revenue and budgeting, and receivables analyses.  efficiently tracked and reported funding requirements. additionally managed contract modification pricing.


11/96 c 10/00

project controller

3 trw, washington, dc

strategically coordinated, planned and documented all faa/oasis program procurement to consistently achieve obligation funding compliance with fms/dfas system directives.  collaborated as member of cost estimating team in preparing independent government cost estimate (igce) used for contract negotiation and subsequent award; effectively prepared cost proposal report detailing government position.  efficiently processed funding documents for commitments, obligations and deobligations and tracked contractor invoices.  partnered with contract program manager coordinating regional funding functions ranging from establishing cost-effective program control budgets, tracking reporting costs and preparing financial data for program reviews to analyzing financial information and preparing internal/external presentations.   developed detailed financial review reports for program assessment.

07/92 to 11/96 

staff accountant

logicon eagle technology, arlington, va
actively supported contracting activities by interpreting contracts and ensuring systems compliance as well as handling diverse accounting-related functions including preparing contract invoices, submitting final closeout invoices and providing detailed financial reports for contract expenses tracking and verification.  additionally prepared unbilled/billed analyses.

08/89 c 06/92   

cost accountant

acc systems inc., columbia, md
managed broad scope of cost accounting and financial support of divisional operating departments, with responsibilities ranging from establishing project budget and reporting, monitoring and analyzing project costs to determining budget variances and conducting profitability analyses. efficiently prepared and submitted cost claim and forward pricing rates and effectively responded to dcaa audits.  managed preparation, maintenance and filing of organization disclosure statement.

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08/84 c 08/89

cost analyst

vega precision laboratory, vienna, va
oversaw financial activities and integrity of diverse contracts representing a wide range of scope and sizes and provided expert financial analysis support to program teams throughout program lifecycle. further applied knowledge of contracting toward ensuring program compliance with internal procedures and government regulatory standards.

proficiently provided proposal pricing, audit support, program budgeting, monthly forecasting/analysis, variance research, invoicing, profitability analysis, and contract close-out as well as detailed internal/ external financial reporting and preparation/monitoring of annual operating budgets and expenses.



university of virginia-falls church, va

certificate: procurement and contract management

dates: 1985-1988

key coursework:

cost analysis for  decision making; procurement & contracting; contract administration; cost & price analysis; negotiation of contracts and modifications; principle of law for contract formation; principle of law for contract performance; purchasing & material management; procurement of major systems


longwood college-farmville, va

degree: bs, business administration

dates: 1980-1984






















yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

xxx-xxx-xxxx cell

country of citizenship: usa


ksa responses

job announcement number:      awa-ajr-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000-08866, series: 343, grade(s): fv-i / fv-j
department:                              department of transportation
agency:                                    federal aviation administration
position:                                   management and program analyst


1.    ability to convey technical information to a variety of audiences in meetings, presentations, or briefings.


my extensive career in diverse areas of financial operations supporting diverse government programs/projects has dictated that i provide complex information to varied audiences, requiring a talent for effectively articulating technical information in a manner that is clearly understood my diverse populations.  for instance, one of my primary roles as an asset manager with lockheed martin is to develop and deliver complex financial presentations for senior management, providing critical information required to effectively evaluate and drive our asset management program.


as a senior cost analyst with bae systems, i worked with diverse, complex faa programs, with a focus on quantitative cost estimating and systems analysis.  in this capacity i steered comprehensive reviews and analyses of varied components within these programs, and then presented my findings and recommendations during planning and status reviews. when i progressed to senior financial analyst with the company, i continued to present critical information to senior staff.  for instance, i was responsible for interpreting accounts and financial records and then taking this information and presenting it in a clear, concise manner to support them in optimizing program/operational performance and facilitating short-term/long-term planning.  i also routinely consulted with cross-functional management staff on program/project revisions to ensure adjustments consistently remained in compliance.


i have also extensively interfaced, briefed, consulted, and conferred with vendors/suppliers and contractors.  for instance, as pricing manager with at&t technical services, i actively participated in negotiations related to contract proposals, engineering changes and price re-determinations.





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2.    knowledge of the acquisition management system (ams) process, program management and the federal budget process.


in my present position as an asset manager with lockheed martin, i play an integral role in acquisition and program management.  i effectively conduct research and analysis of suppliers and products to ensure cost-effective purchasing practices as well as achievement of government requirements, and prepare and submit detailed acquisition recommendations and requests for government approval. additionally, i am in charge of managing a comprehensive asset budgeting/accounting system. prior to joining lockheed martin, i was a senior financial analyst with bae systems, working with faa air traffic organization (ato) programs in compliance with federal budgeting guidelines.  i successfully applied both my knowledge of government practices as well as my financial expertise toward developing, instituting and administering budgetary procedures that substantially enhanced budgetary functions such as monitoring labor, overhead, material, and related expenditures  i also conducted thorough analysis of expenditures in comparison to previous budgets in order to develop effective budget estimates and expense projections, and gained proficiency in working with, among other technology tools, ato budget.


for several years, i was a pricing manager with at&t technical services, where i was relied upon to ensure full compliance with federal acquisition regulations (fars), requiring a solid understanding of both government acquisition and budget processes, as well as cost accounting standards and disclosed practices. in support of acquisition functions, i was actively involved in fact finding, audit negotiations, certification, and post-award audits, and participated in related negotiations. concurrently, i supported the budget processes by collaboratively projecting labor and overhead rates, material requirements and equipment costs.


to complement this, as part of my studies toward a certificate in procurement and contract management, i completed comprehensive coursework in cost analysis for decision making and cost & price analysis, as they apply to federal/government contracting.


3.    ability to manage and coordinate varied projects and programs simultaneously.


as a senior cost analyst with bae systems, i successfully coordinated and facilitated diverse projects in support of multiple large faa programs, including systems engineering and technology, support systems, program administration, and risk management, with the primary role of driving quantitative cost estimating/systems analysis of each program. 


while a project controller with 3 trw for numerous years, i spearheaded multiple projects supporting faa/oasis program procurement, contracting and financial operations.  i was responsible for coordinating and documenting purchasing activities for obligation funding compliance with fms/dfas system requirements.  i also served on the cost estimating team, where i was responsible for preparing an independent government cost estimate (igce) that successfully supported contract negotiations and award.  i was concurrently responsible for processing a high volume of funding documents for commitments obligations and deobligations.  during this time, i also collaborated with the contract program manager to coordinate regional funding initiatives and developed complex financial review reports used for assessing projects within the programs.


since launching my career, i have been actively involved in simultaneous projects/programs.  starting as a cost analyst with vega precision laboratory, i was responsible for providing multiple program teams with financial analysis support throughout each program/project lifecycle as well as overseeing program/ project/contract compliance with government, as well as internal, regulations, standards and processes.

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4.    ability to develop or select and apply data collection methods, analyze the data and reach conclusions, and present findings through charts, graphs, tables, reports, and presentation media.


throughout my career, which has been largely focused on government contracting, i have been responsible for researching, compiling and developing detailed data supporting financial, procurement and contract administration functions.  for instance, while a senior cost analyst with lockheed martin, effective data collection, analysis and presentation skills were vital to achieving objectives.  i successfully researched, compiled and presented extensive historical cost data on materials, labor, repair, and operational expenses, analyzed the information, and then applied findings toward pricing new services and products by developing and presenting unit cost and project expenses for ecp.  in this position, i also collected data for cost accounting reporting and processed a high volume of funding documents for contractual commitments, obligations and deobligations.


similarly, as a senior financial analyst with bae, i effectively presented management with detailed financial data supporting performance assessment and future business planning initiatives. prior to promoting to this position, i was a senior cost analyst.  in this position, i successfully applied my dynamic data collection, analysis and presentation skills toward coordinating volumes of data from multiple sources and then strategically presenting it in one consolidated report, substantially streamlining the process while boosting efficiencies and quality/integrity of information.


when i started my career as a cost analyst, i immediately demonstrated dynamic data research, generation, analysis, and reporting/presentation skills, as one of my primary responsibilities was to generate, disseminate and analyze complex pricing, budgeting, variance, invoicing, and profitability information and then compile and present findings in detailed internal and external reports incorporating varied narrative, statistical and graphic reporting methods.

5.    demonstrate experience in cotr duties and responsibilities or similar responsibilities (e.g., developing statements of work, tracking invoices, tracking deliverables, developing contract requirements.)


i believe you will find that both my experience and portions of my academic/professional development background strongly support the full scope of cotr functions.  as my primary role throughout much of my career has been in the areas of contracting and finance, i offer a broad range of experience in diverse areas of cotr activities.


in my present position with lockheed martin, i am responsible for overseeing project members, including contracting officers technical representatives (cotrs), in support of contractual agreement compliance, requiring that i have a comprehensive understanding and working knowledge of cotr duties and responsibilities.  in this position, one of my key roles is to also manage tracking of receivables and invoices, with full accountability for it assets.


while a pricing manager with at&t technical services, i was relied upon to conduct comprehensive reviews of complex requests for proposal (rfps) and proposal development outlines (pdos), as well as define contractual requirements and development statements of work (sows).


additionally, i have earned a certificate in procurement and contract management from the university of virginia.  to earn this certificate, i completed advanced theoretical and practical/applied studies in, among others, procurement & contracting, contract administration, negotiation of contracts and modifications; principle of law for contract formation, principle of law for contract performance, purchasing & material management, and procurement of major systems.

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