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Citizenship: United States of America

Veterans Status: N/A

Federal Status/Highest Grade:




Paralegal Specialist, GS-950-7/9

ODISP. Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, Hearing Office



KSA #1 -   Ability to investigate, analyze and, identify conxxxxxxicts of evidence and solve problems:


As an attorney in good standing with the Kentucky Bar Association, I completed the rigors of law school which is where I was professionally prepared for 3 years in the effective ability to investigate, analyze, and, identify conxxxxxxicts of evidence and solve problems. Each and every course required proper analysis of cases and determination of which facts are most pertinent. I was trained in analyzing and evaluating the evidence in a case by careful examination and reviewing all pertinent information in order to identify conxxxxxxicting information. After reviewing cases for discrepancies I prepared legal positions, and in applying pertinent laws and/or regulations that supported the conclusions drawn.


Fast forwarding to more current times, previously as a litigating attorney for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Environmental Protection Cabinet, Division of Surface Mining, I prosecuted environmental violations under the Kentucky Revised Statutes. My time was spent investigating facts, interviewing expert witnesses, evaluating chain of custody procedures, and reviewing diagnostic reports associated with each violation. My ability to competently litigate these types of adversarial proceedings is rexxxxxxected by the fact that my supervisor selected me to participate on a team of attorneys prosecuting one corporation for causing excessive environmental damage to the state of Kentucky. This complex case involved numerous reclamation violations. I participated in all aspects of the litigation, researching mining permits through electronic resources, drafting a multi-page complaint, questioning witnesses to identify conxxxxxxicting facts, and researching case law to identify applicable precedents. Successful prosecution of this complex case resulted in thousands of dollars in penalties for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.    


Undeniably, my professional success is a result of my strong ability to investigate, analyze, and, identify conxxxxxxicts of evidence and solves problems. As a Senior Case Technician, the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review the main problem, or issue I must resolve is ensuring that Administrative Law Judges are properly briefed and prepared for disability hearings under Title II and Title XVI of the Social Security Act. The conxxxxxxict that exists is that constituents believe they are entitled to certain benefits, where as the Social Security Administration deems otherwise. My main source of reference is the Hearings Appeals Law Manual (Hallex). This manual assists in identifying on-point cases and precedent to be utilized in the analysis of the current case at hand.


Investigation is a key component to arriving at a sufficient determination concerning my caseload. For example, I evaluate whether a disability really exists and if that disability is substantial enough to warrant benefits. By assessing medical records, I can determine the claimant s Residual Functional Capacity and whether there is a need for further medical or vocational consultative examinations. Many times claimants may be employed and produce more income than allowed by SSA regulations. In this instance, I analyze the income of claimants by utilizing evidence acquired from Personal Communications (PCOM) and Disability Insured Status Calculator Online (DISCO) to determine whether the claimant may be engaging in substantially gainful activities. Additionally, my research and investigation efforts continue as I follow established standards to determine the claimant s date last insured to determine eligibility for benefits and research the claimant s filing history utilizing Case Processing Management System (CPMS) to identify previous applications ready to elevate to hearing status. 


The primary function of this position is to investigate, analyze, and, identify conxxxxxxicts of documentary evidence including medical records, educational records, financial forms, letters, military records, and state agency transmittals. In the midst of several documents, it is my intent to find relevant facts including the claimant s age, education, income and previous work experience and anything.


KSA #2 C Ability to write a variety of legal decisions, reports, briefing papers concisely and      grammatically correct.


Writing is one of the most effective means of communication in my profession. As a Senior Case Technician, for the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review I communicate with Administrative Law Judges, other attorneys and members of the legal community, as well as non-legal professionals. My goal is to transmit information in support of Title II and Title XVI disability hearings. Subsequently, I must be able to write a variety of legal decisions, reports, briefing papers concisely and grammatically correct. In all of my past employment positions, as practicing attorney for the Environmental Protection Cabinet, mediator for the Better Business Bureau and the Kentucky Mediation Center, arbitrator, for the Better Business Bureau it has been a continued responsibility that I relay information in a proper manner through written means. I maintain a standard of excellence in performing this task.


I prepare complex material in final form, involving complex or controversial subject matter or issues. Information is presented in an organized manner and covers all aspects of the issue, presentation of all pertinent facts, recommendations, or solutions. My work is accepted as expert, without review, and recommendation/action is accepted without revision. I choose the most appropriate mode for communicating my messages and use effective language to express information clearly in well-constructed tangible documents and synchronous communications such as email. Over the years, I have been required to produce impeccable written reports and produce detailed documents. I proofread all reports to ensure the accuracy and completeness of records, and deliver important data to Administrative Law Judges in support of appropriate decision making.


Of course, I ensure that all of my documentation is grammatically correct, spelling error free, and reviewed for both content and format to avoid any unnecessary miscommunication. I make sure that my written words say exactly what I mean and have the ability to quickly analyze, organize, write, and revise any document. I use expressive words, keep sentences and paragraphs short, and keep thoughts simple. I format documents so that they are inviting to look at and easy to read. I use various techniques that involve the reader and create the feeling of personal communication.


A brief list of the documents I have extensive experience writing are:

  • Bench Decisions
  • Dismissal
  • Show Cause Orders
  • Interrogatories
  • Subpoenas
  • Pleadings
  • Motions
  • Briefs
  • Memorandum of Law
  • Responses to Judicial Orders
  • Administrative Law Decisions
  • Complaints (multi-page)
  • Settlement Agreements (based on Kentucky Lemon Law)


To maintain a standard of excellence in my writing ability, I completed the following continuing education courses:

  • Kentucky Bar Association: Legal Principals, 2005-6
  • Skill Path Professional Writing, 2007
  • Legal Writing Detail with Social Security ODAR, Xxxxxx XXXXXX, 2008
  • Medicaid Litigation Update CLE, 2008
  • Immigrant Access to Health Care CLE, 2008
  • Are Ethics Standard for Government Lawyers Different CLE, 2008
  • Staff Attorney/Paralegal Training - Reasons for Remands, 2008    
  • Crafting Legally Sufficient Decisions, 2008
  • Art of Persuasive Writing, Difference between Unfavorable and Favorable Decisions, 2008
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation, 2008


KSA #3 C Skill in operating a computer and software to produce written products or reports.


Technology has impacted the way our society functions socially and professionally. Therefore, I make it a point to remain on the cutting edge of PC and software trends with relation to producing written products and reports. To prepare such documents it often requires initial research efforts. With 15 years of experience as an attorney, electronic legal research has been a consistent task that I have superbly performed. Software and web-based programs such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, Thomas, US Supreme Court database, Findlaw, Code of Federal Regulations; Executive Orders, and Library of Congress allow me to produce necessary document with all inclusive evidence and facts needed.   



Even more often as a Senior Case Technician I produce written products and reports daily using Microsoft Office Suite, including, but not limited to Word, Excel, and Access. Additionally, I incorporate Case Processing and Management System (CPMS), Document Generate System (DGS), Hearing, Appeals and Litigation Law Manual (Hallex), and Program Operations Manual System (POMS).


The written products I produce are exhibit lists for each file using Microsoft Word and DGS. And I generate workload summaries through CPMS and Excel. These reports track my case file inventory increasing productivity and identifying stagnant claims. My ability to effectively utilize computer technology increases overall productivity and time management.


KSA #4 - Ability to communicate orally.


As I am called upon to verbally present information to groups, attorneys, claimants, and other third parties concerning Social Security laws, regulations and policies, it is imperative that I exercise a distinct command of the English language. When I communicate orally with different groups the focus is to ensure that when speaking to others, I always take the time to understand the intended recipient s ideas and words prior to communicating my own ideas in any format. I learned how to choose the most appropriate mode for communicating my messages and use effective language to express information clearly. As a result, I communicate in a persuasive manner when trying to convince others of the validity of my points. It is with great tact that I handle the issues of claimants offering concern and identifying the underlying issues before speaking.


When consulting with other legal and non-legal professionals, I offer information in a clear and concise manner that does not leave room for ambiguity. My speaking voice is clear and I pronounce words accurately as to allow for complete understanding by all listeners. I communicate the relevant standards, regulations, objectives, priorities, and deadlines for issues and assist others with unusual situations, problems, or studies that do not have clear precedents. I plan and carry out the successive steps of technical projects and assignments, and handle problems and deviations in accordance with instructions, policies, previous training, or accepted practices, with little or no supervision. Due to my extensive background in written and verbal communication I possess excellent interpersonal skills. I consider and respond appropriately to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of different people in different situations in a tactful, compassionate, and sensitive manner, consistently treating others with respect. I interface with personnel from all levels of an organization as necessary and maintain an open door policy conducive to good communication with others. I know there are several key factors for successful communications including being an effective listener. I listen to others actively, critically, and responsively. This approach ultimately saves time and reduces costly mistakes and losses caused by miscommunication with both internal and external personnel.


As Case Technician, my experience communicating orally ranges from Administrative Law Judges and opposing attorneys to the unlearned claimants that know very little about the SS disability appeals process. One example involved an unrepresented claimant objecting to the results of a consultative exam ordered by our agency. She believed that the physician s evaluation of her medical condition was not based on diagnostic testing and objective medical evidence. I explained our hearing procedures and suggested she document her objections in writing to the Administrative Law Judge. My successful conversation with this claimant resulted in her submitting a letter to the Administrative Law Judge and successfully winning her claim.


Previously, in my career as an attorney prosecuting environmental violations for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Environmental Protection Cabinet,  I incorporated verbal communication in trial settings during the cross examination of witnesses, oral arguments, proffering evidence, participating in hearings, summarizing evidence during adversarial proceedings, and  negotiating settlements with opposing attorneys and corporate representatives. My ability to communicate complex factual and legal information in a clear and concise manner resulted in favorable judgments and civil penalties for the state Kentucky. 



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