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1. leading change

context: in my current capacity, it is imperative to my success as group director/general manager for nine global business units, that i develop new insights into situations, question conventional approaches, encourage new ideas and innovations and implement new or cutting edge programs/processes. part of my mission is to guide and direct presidents/vice presidents of each business unit in formulating out-of-the-box ideas that lead to greater efficiency during the product and procedure improvement process. remaining up-to-date on internal, local, national, and international policies and trends in global aerospace/automotive manufacturing and demonstrating the flexibility needed to absorb and disperse such information continuous places me in a position where several of the presidents/vice presidents of the called upon me for my expertise on xxxxxxing, coaching and assisting their staff with the establishment of change of the business unit vision along with methods of continuous improvement  in operational planning and implementation.

challenge: before i came aboard there were only minimal procedures relevant to operational planning, best practice assessment, and cross company synergies considered or even in actual use. there was no external awareness and no consideration given as to how internal operations affect outside entities based on current trends.


immediately upon my hire, i initiated a comprehensive deep dive review of the current state of each of the nine global business units and identified four major systemic problems: a shortage of trained/experienced sales and operation personnel, poor budget controls and planning; lack of any ability to formulate objectives or priorities consistent with the long-term corporate plans in a global environment; and no short or long term shared vision. each of these four areas required significant attention and improvements.


action: my task began as training the staff on which resources provided useful, up-to-date insight on the impact that these external conditions and trends with relation to the business unit and company in its entirety. no established protocols existed for training staff and enhancing their professional development, identifying or mitigating risk, or capitalize on opportunities as they were presented. subsequently, the staff of the nine business unit lacked any clear short or long term direction, which of course negatively impacted the business units ability to pinpointing and establishing methodologies focused on affecting internal change or to adapt quickly to new information or unexpected obstacles in meeting their weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals and objectives.

to address the training deficiencies and lack of short or long term vision, i created a cohesive cross business unit planning session staffed by senior and junior members from each global business unit and the corporate vp of business operations. under my direction and facilitation, the cross business unit planning session participants identified specific training needs for all levels of the sales and operations staff members and developed a robust curriculum that covered topics such as consistent reporting methodologies, sales team training sessions, vision execution, time management, cross business unit team building, use of new technology to improve current processes, best practices and risk mitigation.

resources for the training were agreed upon and split between all nine global business units and corporate headquarters. any new business unit staff members received more than adequate training well in advance of placement within their respective employment position. further, i established a sound budget and financial management process for the cross business unit planning sessions.

in addition, during the cross business unit planning sessions i provided new senior staff members with xxxxxxing, coaching and training in the analysis and evaluation of the weekly sales, operations, manufacturing, and budgetary information, for accuracy and completeness insuring all business units were meeting or exceeding their assigned ebit and profit margin quotas.

also, i negotiated with the business unit presidents and vice presidents to establish standardized information exchange protocols that would ensure appropriate levels of information sharing. it is this kind of strategic thinking that proved very helpful in building cross business unit synergies, but also increasing sales, revenues and profits by leveraging other business unit best practices, while reducing the expense of re-creating a proven process. the cross unit planning sessions, training curriculum development, and the standardized information exchange portals were and remain consistent with the long-term interests of the organization in a global environment.


result: my leadership and strategic thinking ability is the sole reason for what is now a highly trained, motivated, vision sharing, intelligent sales and operations staff, with consistent access to the latest local, national, and international information in our industry. the success of this new training initiative would not have been possible without my leadership and insight, which earned the full cooperation and support of all my global business units as well as corporate headquarters. i always encouraged everyone to share my vision of a structured, intuitive reporting process. all of the members from the cross business unit planning sessions served the effort diligently and we formed a truly effective team. working together, we implemented new weekly sales and quarterly financial infrastructure and gained the respect and trust of our senior corporate leadership and clients.

2. leading people

context: as a group director, global vice president, and principal for the past fifteen years my career progression has called for the ability to lead people toward meeting the organization's vision, mission, and goals and providing an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts. in line with these objectives, i am personally responsible for developing performance and training plans, counseling, appraising and hiring employees, working with unions, and taking disciplinary actions. my career advancement has moved from supervising a small team of employees to managing 50+ global director-level personnel and executives as well as hundreds of indirect international employees.


challenge: as global vice president for dura automotive systems, inc., i inherited a global division with a significant number of positions that had remained vacant for years. prior mismanagement had resulted in extremely poor morale in several departments that held the unique responsibility for coordinating all aspects engineering, new product development, sales, marketing, and manufacturing. at the same time, there was no clear line of department responsibilities, team building or training initiatives, positive conflict resolution or cooperation to motivate the numerous department team members to accomplish corporate goals. the budget management for the global division had also suffered for the person that planned and implemented the last budget together had no financial management expertise or understanding.

action: one of the more significant roles within my office was the planning, coordinating, and execution of the board of directors goals and objectives. in order to complete this task, there was the need for high-level talks between senior executive-level department leaders and their global divisional leader counterparts. the first step in my process to having a constant and consistent method for leading all my personnel was to insure they all remained familiar with the corporate, divisional, and departmental vision, mission, goals and objectives and the necessary benchmarks by which each goal and objective was to be met. next, it was my intention to establish a baseline of all my personnel with regards to development programs, team building efforts, promoting teamwork across divisions and department, and the development of a process for the constructive resolution of conflicts.

action: upon assuming the title of global vice president for dura automotive systems my initial step was to interview each of my team members and conduct a review of the budget situation to determine areas for immediate improvement. next, it was my goal to reorganize and reassign staff members based on their individual strengths; therefore, i combined efforts with human resources to have each and every vacancy posted, and started a self assessment skills/education inventory for the purpose of providing the opportunity for my team members to enhance their formal and informal professional development. additionally, i worked with human resources to establish a 360 degree feedback process as a form of appraising all team members, including myself.

action: to combat the short-term personnel shortage, i successfully persuaded the board of directors, two division presidents, and the company president/ceo to pursue hiring highly-qualified temporary employees and assigned them to my office for 90-day increments. i ensured that each employee understood the importance of his or her contribution to the office. throughout the process of transitioning employees into positions more aligned with their skill sets, i kept an open-door policy and listened closely to employees' suggestions. as a result, all the departments and my team members developed a remarkable trust, pride, spirit, and motivational can-do attitude, even while maintaining an overwhelming workload.

challenge: during my continuous review period, i noticed that several minority employees had professional potential far above their current positions.


action: this led to my immediate recognition of the opportunity for improving the personnel shortage situation while also promoting the professional development of my team members, i promoted several of the identified minority employees that contributed with their individual differences were leveraged to achieve the mission, vision, goals and objectives of my departments.

challenge: a few team members disagreed with these promotions so it was necessary for me to utilize my conflict management skills to eliminate the tension and differences of opinion regarding these promotions.


action: i was able to address and manage these and other disagreements and counter-productive confrontations in a positively constructive manner while (result) simultaneously building the team to a level of greater efficiency and productivity.

result: with the on-the-job training, specialized classroom training, and day-to-day supervision i afforded my team members, four of my team members became department managers.


result: i received special recognition from the board of directors and president/ceo for my successful efforts in the form of corporate stock bonus.



3. results driven

context: a few years after completing my master of arts program in industrial management and supervision from central michigan university, i entered into another extremely rigorous master of business administration (mba) graduate program at davenport university. i was personally selected to participate in this exclusive program based on my outstanding performance while serving as a senior consultant for international business machines (ibm). i successfully completed my mba program with extremely high marks, maintaining a gpa of 3.75 out of a possible 4.0 while holding full time employment and travelling the globe as my job required.


shortly after graduating from davenport university, i was selected to complete an ibm professional consultant certification program at ibm s executive management university in white plains, new york. after completing an extensive course curriculum, i was provided with the ability to make high-level, high-risk decisions that produced high-quality results. i was able to make timely and cost-effective decisions by analyzing the problem, calculating the risk, and applying the technical knowledge accumulated during my 15+ years of experience and education.

the foundation for the ibm executive management university program is to conduct empirical research and analysis to assist decision-makers form sound policies, make better-informed decisions, and manage programs more effectively. the training focused on developing the ability to make well-informed, effective and timely decisions even in the instance of only having access to limited information and data which would produce unpleasant consequences, all while perceiving the impact and implications of the decisions made.

challenge: i was assigned to a team of consultants responsible for establishing the global strategic automotive vision and plan. part of the global strategic vision was to develop the methodology and technology that would anticipate and meet the customers requirements.

action: in addition, i worked with a team of researchers and software engineers to develop a new product, the digital engineering office (deo), that assisted our customers to globally design and deliver high-quality services and products, while identifying areas for continuous improvement throughout the life cycle. after the introduction of the deo product suite ibm and my division received very high customer satisfaction index (csi) rating for several consecutive years.

action: i was able to take on the position of an entrepreneur within ibm and assist in the identification of new opportunities, while taking well balanced calculated risks to accomplish organizational goals and objectives, all when building an organization by developing and improving legacy products and services.

challenge: one of the later projects we worked on involved sending computer aided design and engineering data to several manufacturing locations simultaneously, without any of the participants knowing who else was receiving the information. this project required an extremely high level of accountability with a very short project timeline.

action: i accepted the high level of accountability and held myself and every other project team member to the highest degree of timeliness, cost-effectiveness while maintaining the utmost of quality. when slips happened in the timeline, i, as the project lead accepted responsibility for the mistakes quickly and changed the control system and rules to ensure timely completion.

result: the training enhanced my mastery not only of project management technology and software, but also in the ability to identify and analyze problems quickly and make recommendations after weighing the alternatives. every form of learned principles, requirements, polices and specialized expertise was used, as well as, any other experienced xxxxxxs that were available when accessed.

result: i was promoted to a department principal after the completion of numerous very successful projects, and received my ibm professional consultants certification.

4. business acumen

context: as a global vice president for dura automotive systems, i exercised an ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically.


challenge: a significant challenge was planning, implementing, and efficiently utilizing million-dollar budgets.


action: i administered all aspects of an $85mm budget. additionally, while a principal at ibm i managed multiple project budgets, human capital resources and simultaneously performed technology updates, at times managing budgets exceeding $150mm. having an in-depth understanding of the corporate financial approval process allowed me to write the justifications, prepare and present these budget requests to senior and board of director executives, both internally and externally resulting in a shortened approval timeframe.

action: i prioritized expenditures, staffing needs, project procurements, and external contracting of my local, national, and global project subordinates ensuring meeting or exceeding project costs and timing. while overseeing and directing programs/projects or managing overseas offices i used and instructed my program/project managers to use a cost-benefit methodology. i also consistently assessed the workforce to determine if changes were needed or if program/project benefits could be realized by the replacement of program/project team members.

in my current capacity, i have continually evaluated nine global business units on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, resulting in identifying $127mm in new opportunities, increases in normal ebit of 16 to 23%, and negotiated long term agreements that significantly increased annual revenues and profit margins. these accomplishments were completed through the effective use of new hardware and software technologies.


challenge/action: i was responsible for the development and implementation of business tracking and reporting tools used by all nine global business units.


result: through the use of the business tracking and analysis tools, i was able to assist the business unit presidents and vice presidents in also prioritizing human capital needs, technology upgrades or updates, and pinpointing areas of focus for sales/profit increases.

action: in this position, i made recommendations for expenditures on behalf of the business unit presidents/vice presidents and programs as they related to ensuring every business unit achieved their desired results. i set priorities by monitoring expenditures relative to forecasts for each program and the prior year's expenditures. my program/project teams also conducted detailed research into avenues for technical improvements of existing systems.

action: for example, my team and i identified needed enhancements to our medical manufacturing equipment and processes for the vice president of operations with the benefits detailed. the new resource needs were identified after my team completed a comprehensive review of existing systems and capabilities. i then crafted a detailed budget plan and presented my team s findings to the corporate vice president of business operations.


result: the medical vice president of operations received a $47mm dollar annual budget increase to acquire the needed equipment and implement the new processes identified by my team.


5. building coalitions

context: throughout my career as a senior executive for business development at several of my employers, i have successfully employed my deep understanding of diversity with relation to the cultural, personal, and business practices that play an important role within the organizational structure of entities i have served. i am especially skilled at bringing diverse ideas together and facilitating large groups to work together toward mutually identified and achievable goals.


challenge: i feel that one of my most important roles in building coalitions was when i was selected the lead executive responsible for building the strategic relationship between three of my business units, one from japan, one from hungry and the last from the united states, along with two companies plus representatives from the japanese department of defense to fortify a solid business alliance and successful progress toward achieving our common goals.

action: to succeed in this critical assignment, i quickly built strong and effective relationships with the senior and program executives alike from all partners while gaining consensus on mutually agreed upon rules of engagement (roe) for the exchange of information ensuring timely accomplishment of the groups goals and objectives.

during my role as director of asia-pacific operations, i negotiated with the japanese external trade organization (jetro) for six months with no dedicated office, telephone, fax, internet, and office help for the start-up of our new japanese offices throughout japan.

from the success of working the jetro, i became a partner and developed networks to be a key note speaker at numerous global jetro events explaining the benefits to companies wanting to expand into the japan and how it would be in their best interest to collaborate and build strategic relationships with jetro. during one of my keynote speaking engagements i had the pleasure of speaking about the internal and external political strength of jetro and was a guest speaker with the under secretary for international trade, mr. grant d. aldonis.

action: additionally, i communicated with eight other international business units, both us and foreign owned companies, in order to establish a viable coalition as a backup infrastructure to ensure successful completion of our mission. in pursuit of that success, i challenged each business unit program manager to identify two critical resources that would compromise the timely/successful completion of their mission if these resources were no longer available. with this information, i went about building the support networks across the previously identified companies and resources within these companies.

action: i spent the first two weeks traveling to the various companies and global locations interviewing identified candidates as backup team members, categorizing the strengths and specialties of each candidate before selecting each and every backup member of the team, then arranging for the program leaders to speak to the selected candidates.


result:  what arose was a group of well-rounded professionals dedicated to traveling at a moment s notice to ensure the successful completion of this critical program. of equal importance, i ensured that each member respected the individual values and beliefs of their colleagues regardless of their cultural differences.

prior to these team members entries into the program first or second level team environment, i met with them individually to discuss the various cultural differences they would encounter during the course of the program/project. by doing this, i was able to ensure that the new team members quickly bonded with their foreign counterparts, thus forming a highly professional bond that that insured the successful completion of their common goals. i was awarded stock option bonus for my efforts.




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