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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

Job Posting:  JOB POSITION

Address:  USAG Humphrey, Unit 0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

Phone:  (xxx-xxx-xxxx


Citizenship:  COUNTRY

Social Security Number:  XXX-XX-XXXX

Veterans Preference:  N/A

Security Clearance: Valid Government Secret Security Clearance until 2016 (SCI/SBI level)



Core Qualifications


Strategic Planning

Budget Allocation/Administration


Performance Optimization

New Business Development

Customer Servicing

Crisis Management

Organizational Leadership

Productivity/Efficiency Improvement


Best Practices & Benchmarking



Professional Experience


Defense Supply Center Philadelphia Pacific - USAG Humphrey Unit 15228

Supervisor:  May Contact - Jimmie Russell, XXX-753-6729

Hours:  40 per Week

Marketing and Logistics Specialist/GS-1101-12; 8/2007-Present


Contribute detail orientation and organizational skills as a Multi-Commodity Representative for the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia Pacific Region.  Relied upon to lend expertise as the Subject Matter Expert and Advisor; successfully contribute to business development by defining and implementing proactive policies, practices and procedures to promptly resolve problems while improving customer support.  Exhibit advanced communication and interpersonal relation abilities in meeting with current and potential customers to explain advantages of company services and generate new business.


Proactively provide acquisition logistics assistance and support to the military services and other agencies.  Serve as primary liaison for military customers in the Korean-area geographical region for the following four DSCP Supply Chains: Construction and Equipment, Medical, Clothing and Textile, and Subsistence.  Provide advisory services relative to materiel management for improved customer support to serviced activities.


Promote superior service and exceptional customer satisfaction by collaborating closely with customers and promptly resolving issues.  Continuously strive to improve and resolve complaints and issues concerning local Fresh Fruits & Vegetables by working in partnership with 12 Dining Facility Managers on a weekly basis.  Identify products, services, and business arrangements, ordering and logistics processes, transportation methods, and the billing payment process.


Apply sharp business acumen toward defining and developing solutions to escalated customer support problems.  Improve quality and condition of commodities upon arrival by serving as DSCPP representative on site.  Enhance supply and logistics effectiveness and service and reduce costs and inefficiencies by conducting comprehensive special studies and projects assignments received from DSCPP Japan Area Chief.




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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  page 2 of 6




Appointed Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) and Ordering Officer in execution of Subsistence Prime Vendor contract providing $25M per year in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (FF&V), Dairy Products Bakery Items and non FF&V items for U.S Forces Korea.  Serve as Contracting Officer s Representative on DSCP freight forwarding and transportation contracts, assisting customer s shipments, delivery schedules, customs and Report of Discrepancy.  Effectively plan and coordinate Subsistence Prime Vendor contracts to each supported organization, totaling over $42M in annual sales.  


Key member of a cross-functional team; conduct a surprise audit of agency s Subsistence Prime Vendor.  Collaborate with DSCP s Quality Audits and Food Defense Branch and conduct spot and specific commodity inventory of dry, chill, and frozen products; examine Prime Vendor s receipt, issue, storage, security, and delivery procedures.  Ensure delivery trucks meet Force Protection requirements as the principle reviewer for contract award compliance for the Prime Vendor program.  Proactively attend and participate in meetings and conferences to represent DSCP Pacific within assigned geographical area.  Plan and attend trade shows, expositions and seminars to market DSCP managed commodities.


Participated in and supported exercise Key Resolve and UFL exercise 0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

Supervisor:  May Contact - Willard Peek, 903-334-2559

Hours:  40 per Week

Supply Systems Analyst/GS-2003-11; 8/2006 to 8/2007


Appointed Supply System Analyst Team Leader in the Administrative Support Branch.  Contributed dynamic leadership skills in managing the day-to-day operations.  Relied upon to serve in the absence of the Division Chief, with full accountability for managing and directing workflow and schedules.  Successfully supported DOD customers on the implementation and effectiveness of integrated logistics supply information systems, exhibiting strong problem solving and analytical skills.  Conducted comprehensive review of DOD automated supply systems to identify and determine the location and availability of stock.  Defined project requirements and delegated assignments to team regarding resolution of problems, actionable events, milestones, and programs/issues under review, with strong focus on deadlines and timeliness.


Independently performed detailed analysis of each functional division area on a monthly basis, and prepared reports to corrective problems.  Applied strong attention to detail toward thoroughly analyzing collaborative demand plans, statistical forecasts, and other demand intelligence to resolve customer issues.  Designed, developed and provided reliable overall supply information, instrumental for program implementation planning.  Evaluated effectiveness in terms of response, control and overall management techniques and provided technical assistance for solutions implementation.


Proficiently conducted analytical studies for quantitative and budgetary forecast, procurement authorization, fund management and distribution or redistribution of material.  Determined potential cost savings and provided graphic representation of data.  Evaluated stock balance and maintained required level of support to military services.  Improved supply and logistics effectiveness and service and reduced cost and inefficiencies by conducting special studies and project assignments from Division Chief.


Maintained up to date with positive and negative trends and resource requirements in order to develop, coordinate and provide managerial assistance to Division Chiefs to solve logistics/supply problems and establish procedures to correct erroneous, incompatible or incomplete data conditions.  Successfully defined, developed and executed targeted solutions to deficiencies in transportation methods.  Strategically planned and coordinated schedules to maximize use of human resources while controlling labor costs and meeting customer needs.  


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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  page 3 of 6




Steered development of supply processing schedules, quality review of processing results, detecting and analyzing processing deficiencies and initiating corrective action.  Contributed strong technical skills in designing, developing and programming local computer systems using Access database and Excel spreadsheets for organizational automated data gathering reports.  Trained personnel on utilizing databases, spreadsheet and various system applications.



Fleet Industrial Supply Center - PSC 473 BOX 11-87, FPO AP 96349

Supervisor:  May Contact - CDR Melvin Shafer, DSN: 315-243-4361

Hours:  40 per Week

Supervisory Supply Management Specialist/GS-2003-11; 7/2003-8/2006


Exhibited solid leadership qualities in directing and managing the overall supply operations of the Ship Repair Facility C Japan Regional Maintenance Center (SRF-JRMC), Detachment, Yokosuka.  Applied industry expertise and advanced communication skills toward serving as primary contact for base-wide customers that require new supplies and equipment to complete their global mission and deployment commitments.


Led and supervised 26 Japanese local national employees (MLC), 5 Military and 6 Civilians.  Managed and coordinated 37 personnel in the procurement of over 31K line items valued in excess of $25M. Oversaw, processed and ordered over 45K line items for 14 Forward Deployed Naval Forces Ships (FDNFS) worth $325M and achieved overall 98.3% completion rate.  


Efficiently planned and coordinated workflow, defined staffing requirements and distributed workload to optimize utilization of human capital and operational resources.  Monitored work performance and resolved work-related and personnel problems, contributing strong communication and interpersonal relation skills.  Successfully planned and executed the complex logistical support of the USS Kitty Hawk's DSRA.  Effectively liaised with DLA agencies and Prime Vendors (PV) resulting in the procurement of over 17K line items that significantly contributed to the carrier meeting her operational objectives.  Arranged the first back-to-back Dry-dock Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA) for two DDG class ships, processing over 9,200 requisitions valued at over $18M.


Saved hundreds of repair man hour by developing several supply charts and metrics that provided top management with key decision-making tools.  Proficiently managed the requisition process in response to parts requirement and tracked the process from material order through shipment and warehouse delivery to the requesting party.  Monitored delivery, adequacy of requisition system, impact of lead time, condition of items, unacceptable substitutions and difficulty with local purchase.  Identified and recommended new and improved customer support programs based on extensive analysis of customer needs and ordering patterns.

Served as initial lead in developing and establishing the Purchase Card Program at the Ship Repair Facility.  Streamlined procurement process for purchases under the micro-purchase single purchase limit of $2,500.  Directly oversaw and controlled government purchase card program as the Approving Official (AO), with full accountability for Simplified Acquisition Procurement not to exceed $100K for open market purchases or up to the Maximum Order Limitation (MOL) for Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts and/or other fixed-priced government negotiated contracts.


Managed, motivated and trained six government credit cardholders, playing an instrumental role in the development of top performing team members.  Cost-effectively allocated and administered budget.  Steered equipment and supplies requirement to effectively accomplish assigned mission.  Successfully researched availability and recommended alternative sources of supply, leading to the substitution of long lead time material and hard-to-get material from government supply sources and private vendors.




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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  page 4 of 6




Fleet Industrial Supply Center - PSC 473 BOX 11, FPO AP 96349

Supervisor:  May Contact - Terry Dieckman, DSN: 315-243-8412

Hours:  40 per Week

Supply Systems Analyst/GS-2003-09; 7/2002-7/2003


Contributed organizational and analytical skills in performing reconciliation between data maintained in the Navy Uniform Automated Data Processing System (UADPS) and the Department of Defense Distribution Standard System (DSS).  Conducted comprehensive evaluation and analysis of numerous processes and delivered PowerPoint presentations.  Resolved the cause and effect of selected scheduled and unscheduled inventory adjustments.  Proficiently reviewed and addressed performance trends based on analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), operating metrics, and other reports.


Initiated new ideas to revamp processes and recommend permanent resolutions to senior leadership and supervisor, integral to streamlining day-to-day operations and inventory process.  Spearheaded inventory management, determination of supply requirements, stock disposition, disposal, procurement authorization and stock fund management, demonstrating exceptional multitasking abilities in achieving operational goals and timelines.  Skillfully conducted analysis of inventory discrepancies, adjustments and trends for 28K line items.  


Successfully determined causes and developed recommendations for correction.  Resolved conflicting objectives between important DOD agencies by identifying and recommending alternate methods.  Prepared Inventory Control Effective reports and provided data call information for DOD, NAVSUP and Navy Inventory Control Points (NAVICP), with strong focus on accuracy, efficiency and completion.


Maximized productivity and efficiency by analyzing transaction ledgers and financial statements to determine trends and establish acceptable levels of quality.  Performed quality assurance audits, analyzed procedures and recommended improvements.  Tested and evaluated the integrity and accurate maintenance of supply/financial asset data.  Applied analytical and problem solving skills toward defining and implementing policies and procedures to boost overall operational performance.



Fleet Industrial Supply Center - PSC 473 BOX 11, FPO AP 96349

Supervisor:  May Contact - CDR Michael Fulton, DSN: 315-243-4362

Hours:  40 per Week

Supply Technician/GS-2005-07; 12/1999-7/2002


Demonstrated organizational and analytical abilities in monitoring the progress of deliveries including adherence to delivery schedules and performance of services performed under contracts involving the shipment of repair parts and technical services.  Relied upon to resolve extremely difficult open purchase material support problems affecting the repair schedule.  Proficiently expedited critical repair parts and initiated the shipment of alteration parts to ensure smooth workflow and prevent work stoppages adversely impacting underway schedules.  

Monitored material requirements, located availability in the supply system via world wide searches, and communicated with the appropriate material managers to secure material and procurement status, further illustrating ability to manage multiple functions.  Monitored, tracked and expedited requisitions to accommodate delivery dates.  


Communicated and collaborated with inventory managers, weapons system managers, supply sources, and vendors when scheduled deliveries failed to meet the work schedule.  Effectively determined procurement requirements by screening and examining the material to be purchased, locating availability in the supply system and contracting the appropriate material managers to secure material and procurement status.  Expedited and verified delivery dates by corresponding directly with naval and contracting offices, supply sources, and vendors.


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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  page 5 of 6






Associate in Business Management - Baker College (Flint, MI), 1994; GPA: 2.8/4.0; 73 Hours

Select Courses - Maryland University (FPO AP), 1997; GPA: 3.2/4.0; 38 Semester Hours

Diploma - Bishopville High School (Bishopville, SC), 1987 





Defense Packaging of Hazardous Material for Transportation
Certified Forklift Operator (class 1,2,3,4 & 7), 10/2006

Certified All Terrain (MHE), 10/2006
CPR Certified, 7/2006

Certified in Fitness and Nutrition, 3/1996



Troop Support Academy (DSCP) 24hrs, 6/2008
Material Management Contingency Training (DSCP) 40hrs, 6/2008
Environmental Safety and Occupational Health (PMT 235) DAU 80hrs, 5/2008

Business Decisions for Contracting (CON 214) DAU 40hrs, 4/2008
Intermediate Systems Acquisition Management (ACQ 201A) DAU 40hrs, 3/2008
Contracting Officer Representative Course (COR) Korea, 2/2008
Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management (ACQ 101), DAU 160hrs, 1/2008
Contracting Officer Representative with a Mission Focus, DAU, 140hrs, 11/2007
Simplified Acquisition Procedures (CON 237), DAU 40hrs, 11/2007
Writing for Business (HBS 122), DAU 40hrs, 6/2007
Defense Distribution Management Course, 40hrs, 5/2007
Defense Packaging of Hazardous Material for Transportation, (Course 8B-F7) DDC 80hrs, 2/2007
DOD Hazardous Material Packaging Training, DDC 40hrs, 1/2007
Logistic Acquisition Fundamental (LOG 101), DAU 80hrs, 11/2006
Market Research (CLC 004), DAU 80hrs, 11/2006
Emotionally Intelligent Leaders, 16hrs, USDA 24hrs, 6/2006
Navy Enterprise Maintenance Automated Information System (NEMAIS), 40hrs, 3/2006
Contracting 112 (Mission Performance Assessment), DAU 80hrs, 1/2006
Contracting 111 (Mission Strategy Execution), DAU 80hrs, 12/2005
Contracting 110 (Mission Support Planning), DAU 80hrs, 11/2005
Defense Logistics Agency Support/ Program Manager, DAU 40hrs, 11/2005
Lean Six Sigma Course, FISC 32hrs, 6/2005
Coaching and Mentoring, USDA 32hrs, 5/2005
Overview of Purchasing, FISC 32hrs, 3/2005
Conflict Resolution Seminar, USDA 32hrs, 6/2004
Organization Communication, USDA 32hrs, 6/2004
Introduction to Supervision, USDA 32hrs, 2/2004
Supervisors Role in Human Resource, USDA 40hrs, 11/2003
Human Resource Management, USDA 32hrs, 10/2003
DOD GCPC/IMPAC Purchase Card Approving Official (AO), SRF 32hrs, 6/2003
Contracting 100 (Shaping Smart Business Arrangements), DAU 80hrs, 12/2002
Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), USDA 32hrs, 6/2002
Uniform Automated Data Processing System (UDAPS), FISC 64hrs, 5/2002
Simplified Acquisition Procedures, SRF 32hrs, 4/2001
Metrics for Government Organizations, USDA 24hrs, 1/2001

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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  page 6 of 6





Transportation and Storage of Hazardous Material, FISC/DDYJ 80hrs, 11/2000
Commercial Purchase Card, FISC 8hrs, 10/2000
Project Management, SRF 24hrs, 9/2000
Hazardous Waste Handling, FISC 32hrs, 8/1999
Inventory Management Strategy, FISC 8hrs, 7/1999
TQL Team Skills and Concepts, FISC 32hrs, 6/1999
Fundamentals of Total Quality Leadership, FISC 32hrs, 4/1998
Stock Point Operations Management, FISC 40hrs, 5/1997
Warehouse Management for NISTARS, FISC 40hrs, 1/1997
Receipt Control Operations, FISC 80hrs, 11/1996
Receiving Operations, FISC 40hrs, 9/1996


Technical Skills


Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Windows and Office





Supervisor of the Quarter for exceptional leadership and performance, 12/2005
Quality Step Increase for providing excellent quality of service related to requirements support.
Individual Time-Off Award 8 Hours, 12/2005
Multiple Outstanding Performance Awards, 1995-2007
2 Special Act Cash Awards
Multiple Cash Awards, 1995-2007
4 Certificates of Appreciation

National Defense Medal, 2/1991
South East Asia Medal, 2/1991


Orchestrated the first back-to-back Dry-dock Selected Restricted Availability for two DDG class ships, processing over 9,200 requisitions valued at over $18M.
Achieved overall 98.3% completion rate by managing and ordering over 45K line items worth $325M for 12 Forward Deployed Naval Forces Ships.
Actively supported the development and establishment of the Purchase Card Program, streamlining the procurement process for purchases under the micro-purchase single purchase limit of $2,500.
Reduced number of critical material requirements by collaborating with Planning and Production Department on excess material utilization to provide on-hand material visibility.

Proficiently managed the processing of over 22K requisitions including the recovery of 1K damaged fittings; reordered 1.5K replacement fittings, ensuring complete mission support.












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