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Job Title: Investigator
Agency: Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Job Announcement Number: 17658

Series & Grade: GS-1801-14/15




1. Proven ability to lead an investigative team, develop investigation plans, conduct highly complex investigation projects, and write reports to substantiate findings.

With close to 20 years progressive experience in law enforcement and investigation, I offer expertise in steering investigative teams, developing strategic investigation plans, facilitating complex investigation projects, and developing quality supporting written reports substantiating findings.  For example, in my current position as a Special Agent Criminal Investigator with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), I routinely spearhead complex investigations into counterintelligence and security concerns based on critical information discovered through background investigations, espionage, security violations, criminal offenses, financial issues, and polygraph failures as well as diligent operations monitoring, with each case possessing the potential for subsequent presentation to senior staff for action. 


Over the span of this position, I have successfully steered over 500 interviews/investigations of DIA Civilians as well as military and contractor personnel, with a routine volume of 50 simultaneous cases in progress.  Given the high volume and often urgent level of my case load, it is critical that I strategically prioritize, coordinate and mange projects  in a timely manner.  As an example, in our technology-driven global environment, we have been faced with increasing challenges posed by the ability for employees to easily communicate with multi-national individuals via social networks, creating opportunities and risks for accidental or intentional leaks of critical national security information.  This requires continual adaptation of DIA security policies as well as increasing priority levels to ensure optimal security integrity as current employees and candidates may have access to highly-classified materials and there is a real potential for mishandling of this information.  To address this problem, we have implemented a routine Counterintelligence Scope Polygraph that is required every five years and failure of compliance with this criteria combined with admissions made during the exams as well as subsequent investigations has proven vital to maintaining information security. 


For instance, upon finding a subject may have been employing countermeasures during polygraph testing, I prioritized the case and conducted a thorough investigation.  During my interview with this subject, I secured admission that he had taken classified information home.  Because his residence was not in the vicinity and our Division lacked the funds or resources to physically remove the information from his residence, combined with complications created by his residence being occupied by other family members who may also have the breached



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Ksa Responses Continued                                                         Job Announcement# 17658


information on their computers, I needed to go beyond standard procedure, which would have been to simply remove information from his residence.  To address this, I strategically contacted the local Army Intelligence Office to determine the military facility closest to the subject s residence.  I then contacted that facility, and through collaborative investigation and coordination was able to efficiently spearhead collection of that classified information for forwarding to the U.S. Army; this allowed the U.S. Army to then analyze data to determine level of compromise.  Through ongoing contact with the U.S. Army Investigators over the course of two months, it was determined that classified information on the subject s hard drive was not deemed serious enough to pursue further action.  I collected the reports, reviewed findings and was able to complete my case and provide senior leadership with expert recommendations based on the comprehensive investigation.  The subject was administered a second polygraph exam and subsequently given an advisory letter on his actions and we were able to determine that he was eligible for hire as a qualified candidate.


Further illustrating my investigative proficiencies, I managed a high-profile case involving a high-ranking DIA subject arrested by foreign country police for driving under the influence of alcohol.  This case was complicated by needing to contact the foreign country liaison and requiring investigating the case with the subject via phone or Tandberg rather than requiring the subject return to the United States; further, the subject alleged he was targeted due to ethnicity and that the foreign police did not follow proper procedure in making the arrest.  I successfully acquired and maintained contact with proper authorities and was able to coordinate securing critical paperwork via scanned/faxed documentation and then met with legal council to review options and case history as well as evaluate subject s history based on his security dossier.  I then conducted a phone interview with the subject, and relying on years of experience, concluded based on his demeanor, tone and voice infliction that he was being truthful.  Supporting this, I verified elements of the case as subject had related to me by following up with foreign DIA and U.S. Army contacts knowledgeable in the case.  They substantiated that the subject s case had been mishandled by foreign authorities and we were successful in having the case thrown out in foreign courts, allowing subject to maintain his clearance and position with the DIA.


During my career I have concurrently participated in ongoing professional development.  Key programs/studies relevant to investigation have included a Criminal Investigator Training Program through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, an FBI Counterintelligence Investigations and Operations Course and Analytical Interviewing through Joint Military Intelligence Training Center as well as a HUMINT Collections Operation Course through DIA along with multiple trainings through The Center for CI and Security Studies, as detailed on the accompanying resume.

2. Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in the Intelligence Community (IC) or OIG components and missions.

I offer you many years of expertise in the IC/OIG components and missions based on my extensive background as a DIA Special Agent Criminal Investigator as well as prior law enforcement and Intelligence Officer background.  Over the course of my career I have proactively collaborated with IC sectors ranging from CIA, FBI, NRO, DEA, and NGA through



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Ksa Responses Continued                                                         Job Announcement# 17658


State Department, Armed Service Intelligence components and the Department of Defense in achieving objectives and am well-versed in federal, state and local law enforcement operations.


Working overseas, I have actively partnered with the US Army Counterintelligence, Department of Justice, State Department, and Central Command in addressing cases involving source information on threat assessments and security risks.  Contributing my expertise, I played an instrumental role in GWOT missions by recommending possible sources to Army Counterintelligence focused on exploiting FISS operations.  I also advised the facility director on Force Protection issues and provided strategic security policies as solutions for mitigating compromise of classified material which had been previously recognized as problematic.


Similarly, providing CI support and liaising as a DIA Counterintelligence Officer, I acquired a comprehensive knowledge of IC operations.  In this capacity, I successfully completed investigations and facilitated referrals for strategic HUMINT operations conducted by overt and clandestine DIA officers both stateside and abroad.  This included not only offering Counterintelligence support, but serving as Counterintelligence Referent to all DIA Western Europe and East Europe/Eurasia as well as Office of Counterterrorism and Counter-Proliferation operations. Further, I successfully completed Counterintelligence and Senior Review Panels as well as participated in Asset Validation Panels and prepared CI recommendations vital to sensitive HUMINT operations, providing unique insight to the IC and the DIA s role in their missions.


As Special Agent Criminal Investigator with DIA Investigations Division in support of Inspector General Investigations, another key component of the IC, I have successfully spearheaded financial background investigations of employees and applicants, generated primarily through queries derived from data obtained through a Credit Bureau Report (CBR).  In particular, I ve looked for patterns of unsubstantiated wealth or poor financial management judgment as well as defined evidence of incorrect information due to fraudulent use of subject information to acquire accounts/credit.  A key tool used is a Personal Financial Statement (PFS), which often will draw to the subject s attention their pattern of poor financial management practices and in such cases, debt consolidation or changes in lifestyle are recommended.  Toward these goals, I took the initiative to modify the (PFS) to reduce error rate and provide a more user-friendly tool and my changes were subsequently adopted by the Division and are currently used.


Complementing years of experience, I believe my cross-trainings through broad sectors of the IC, from FBI, CIA and DIA through Joint Military, U.S. Army and Defense Security Service, among others, clearly illustrates I have been fully immersed in a broad spectrum of IC collaborative operations.

3. Demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment and form objective conclusions/ recommendations based on empirical facts, evidence, and other pertinent information.

With key responsibility for investigating all DIA personnel, military members and affiliate contractors as a Special Agent Criminal Investigator, the ability to use sound judgment and form objective conclusions/recommendations based on empirical facts, evidence and pertinent information is crucial to my job.  Employing investigative techniques/methodologies ranging from witness interviews and suspect interrogations through evidence gathering and forensic analysis

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Ksa Responses Continued                                                         Job Announcement# 17658


synthesizing, I then evaluate my findings, develop reports and present objective results and recommendations to senior management for action, processing and/or adjudication.


As an example, one of my cases involved a DIA employee who had been terminated in response to poor job performance. As one of three personnel responsible for facilitating data transfer of critical  top secret information that was processing through a separate Other Government Agency (OGA), it was brought to my attention that two weeks after his dismissal the system he had managed crashed and it was suspected he had deleted files vital to collating information secured through COCOMs and processed through the OGA s database.  This presented a challenging case as there was limited support for cyber investigations within DIA and the DIA Cyber team was only in initial stages of launching, with few support personnel.  My first step in organizing and facilitating the investigation was to contact a DIA Computer Forensic Analyst with whom I had previously worked to employ his assistance as a trusted source.  I then contacted the dismissed employee s supervisor and conducted an interview with him as well as his Deputy to generate details of the event, interviewing each separately for reliability of information.  I then proceeded to interview each of the supervisor s staff to gather supporting information.  Following this, I coordinated with the Forensic Analyst in seizing evidence from the office, including hard drives from the subject s JWICS SIPERNET and unclassified systems, documenting, labeling and securing each for evidence analysis and quality assurance in maintaining chain of custody.  All evidence was then transferred to the Forensic Analyst for testing and analysis.  Simultaneously, I contacted a counterpart at the OGA to evaluate compromise of the system and a meeting amongst a dozen of their representatives was held to develop and provide input on the case.  During this meeting I learned the subject was the only individual who could have had access to the system based on user identification, and promptly proceeded to coordinate with OGA in compiling necessary data for DIA to complete the investigation.  Complicating matters, while the case was being conducted the dismissed employee had applied for employment with that same OGA office in a contractor capacity.  After several weeks of an intensive investigation, I secured a report from the OGA which was subsequently presented to the DIA Computer Forensic Analyst, and the findings confirmed this subject was clearly accountable for the incident.  As a result, I was then able to present the FBI with a quality report supporting potential further investigation.  Additionally, I was able to provide OGA human resources as well as the contractor with reliable, validated recommendations denying subject access to working with the OGA and concurrently justifiably facilitating his termination with the contractor. 


Further illustrating my talent for applying sound judgment and forming objective conclusions/ recommendations based on empirical facts, evidence and related pertinent information, as Special Agent Criminal Investigator with the DIA Office of Counterintelligence and Security I served as Chief Counterintelligence Investigator in Qatar.  This included oversight of Combined Media Processing Center staff as well as all attached personnel encompassing FBI, DEA, ATF, and OGA.  During this time I spearheaded numerous critical investigations.  For instance, I was in charge of investigating a subject suspected of having numerous unauthorized contacts with foreign nationals, a potentially serious breach of critical security.  Of note, this subject had previously been interviewed by another criminal investigator in regards to these suspected activities and had vehemently denied any contact or relationships with foreign nationals in his written statement. The Department of State continued to believe the subject was involved in inappropriate activities and requested that I take over the case for further

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Ksa Responses Continued                                                         Job Announcement# 17658


investigation.  This case was particularly complex as we were in a foreign country and required to cooperate with the host country in steering the investigation. 

In launching my investigation, I thoroughly reviewed reports from local law enforcement provided to me by the Military CID.  I then interviewed numerous peers within the subject s office, each of whom corroborated suspicious behavior in direct conflict with the subject s earlier written statement.  After gathering and analyzing my evidence, I promptly met with the subject and advised based on this evidence that criminal charges for providing false statements to a federal agent would be filed.  Faced with these charges, the subject did admit to a relationship with a foreign national and agreed to cooperate in providing truthful information on the foreign national and I secured a written statement.  As a result of my thorough investigation, clear evidence and informed recommendations, the subject subsequently lost clearance and was sent back to the United States.   Because I had been able to gain his cooperation in generating intelligence on the foreign national, it was recommended and agreed up on that no criminal charges be filed.


4. Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, including the ability to think strategically and identify needs, requirements, and develop recommendations based on qualitative and quantitative data.

Over the course of my career I have developed and routinely employed sharp analytical and critical thinking skills, with proficiency in thinking strategically, identifying needs and requirements and developing sound recommendations based on qualitative and quantitative data.  For example, as DIA Special Agent Criminal Investigator and Chief CI Investigator in Qatar, I participated in daily/weekly meetings to present projects, concerns and strategic solutions to leadership, both orally and via detailed PowerPoint presentations, clearly presenting complex qualitative and quantitative data.  I also met regularly with the Director and Deputy Director to collaborate in developing proactive communication strategies focused on countering insider threat, and provided updated security procedures and recommendations to force protection based on qualitative/quantitative analysis.  During these meetings, I was required to explain in detail as well as validate each proposal made toward counterintelligence, force protection, security, and espionage policy.


Earlier in my career as a Law Enforcement Officer and Intelligence Officer, critical and strategic thinking abilities were vital in compiling, developing and completing complex investigative reports and related communications in order to efficiently deliver timely, concise and reliable quantitative and qualitative information.  Similarly, as a Special Agent with the DIA, I am relied upon to develop and present precise, thorough, objective, and clear investigative reports detailing quantitative and qualitative information ranging from date, time and location to descriptive content of incidents, evidence and suspects.  These reports encompass documenting and chronologically presenting data along with labeling, describing and placing any evidence in the evidence room.  Further, interviews are documented to clearly present all facts and details relevant to the case agent findings generated through interviews with suspects, witnesses and/or subject matter experts along with any written statements admitting to violations.  This has required strategically prioritizing and managing cases to meet critical 72-hour turnaround deadlines for completion and presentation to senior leadership.



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Ksa Responses Continued                                                         Job Announcement# 17658


5. Demonstrated ability to examine information, identify problems, uncover root causes, develop findings and leads, and make cogent, actionable recommendations.

Given my extensive background in an Investigator capacity, I offer a demonstrated ability to effectively examine information, define problems and discover root causes as well as develop findings and leads and make cogent, actionable recommendations.  Through positions ranging from Special Agent Criminal Investigator and Counterintelligence Officer with DIA to Defense Security Service and Narcotics Agent responsibilities, I have continually been relied upon to effectively conduct research and obtain sources to collect and analyze critical data. Adeptly employing research tools ranging from Internet to law enforcement publications, I have been highly successful in acquiring crucial data and gaining a clear perspective on requirements for facilitating successful operations.  For instance, I resourcefully conducted studies of case law ranging from Terry v Ohio, U.S. v Puerta and Graham v Connor to Tennessee v Garner and U.S. v Hoyos to capitalize on prior litigation knowledge as well as ensure compliance with laws in addressing issues spanning search and seizures, Terry Stops , use of force, and pursuit of fleeing suspects, among others.


I ve also employed reviews of previous agent case reports for style, substance and strategic approaches in handling cases.  As an example, my initial knowledge of Foreign Intelligence and Security Services (FISS) and terrorist methodologies was limited when first joining the IC, as prior responsibilities had focused on the arrest and successful prosecution of criminals.  Recognizing the need to rapidly adapt to and master a larger arena and increased scope of responsibility, as a DIA Counterintelligence Officer I took the initiative to take advantage of my TS/SCI clearance and the quality research sources available through varied databases such as lntelink, WISE, JWICS, and ECN.  Using this information as well as data from other sources within the IC, I was able to quickly acquire a working knowledge of FISS and apply that knowledge toward excelling in my responsibilities to deter, neutralize and optimally exploit FISS.  To enhance my skills and knowledge, I researched the areas and spoke with subject matter experts as well as read foreign affairs reports available through open sources and classified reports.  I could then assess risk versus gain of operation and support decisions through evaluation of any potential violations of international law. I have proficiently researched, collected, synthesized, and utilized complex data to successfully complete Counterintelligence Reviews (CIR)s to proposed Defense HUMINT operations, as FISS were often a primary obstacle to proposed operations. I am now highly qualified in FISS capabilities, intentions and operations throughout Europe and Asia as well as in supporting Divisions where I served as Counterintelligence Referent; further, I am conversant in FISS threats and capabilities and proficient in constructing responses to mitigate threat or respond to/counteract  counterintelligence incidents.

6. Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills, including ability to interview, negotiate, brief senior officials, and to work effectively, independently, and in a team or collaborative environment.

Dynamic interpersonal and negotiation skills have been a key factor in my ongoing success in conducting interviews, steering negotiations, briefing senior officials and independently as well as collaboratively driving operations.  In my present position as a Special Agent Criminal


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Ksa Responses Continued                                                         Job Announcement# 17658


Investigator with DIA, one of my major responsibilities is to investigate all DIA employees, military members and contractors affiliated with DIA along with Intelligence members holding

clearances with DIA. I proficiently steer investigations, employing varied investigative techniques from interview and interrogations to evidence gathering and forensic analysis synthesizing, in order to build quality cases, and am them relied upon to present case reports to senior staff for action, processing and/or adjudications.  For instance, in recognition of my subject matter expertise as a former Narcotics Special Agent as well as my strong interviewing and interpersonal relation skills, I was tapped to conduct an investigation of a White House SES individual who had failed a drug screening test.  I first researched the individual s background, including government experience and education. I then proceeded to research the drug he had been accused of using and reviewed the Forensic Toxicology Drug Report; as some of the information was highly technical in nature, I then took the initiative to contact the Medical Intelligence Division to secure a simplified version in order to effectively evaluate and convey information to management.  My next step was to conduct an extensive interview of the subject, with his attorney present, where I was successful in generating additional information and securing a statement.  Subsequently, in analyzing the statement I found discrepancies indicating a pattern of potential deception.  To further investigate this, I then coordinated with the Polygraph Division and the subject was unable to successfully complete polygraph exam.  During a post-interview follow-up interview with the individual, he continued to deny intentional drug use, at which point I offered the opportunity to change his statement as a means of resolution.  After consulting with his attorney, he then demanded a new polygraph. Collaborating with the Director of the Polygraph Division, we advised the individual a repeat polygraph would only generate the same results and the individual and his attorney refused any further cooperation.  My investigation and subsequent briefing of the Agency s Deputy Director eventually resulted in the individual s resignation.

7. Excellent oral and written communication skills and demonstrated ability to produce clear and logical reports.

Over the course of my investigative, intelligence and law enforcement career, I have developed sharp oral and written communication skills and have routinely demonstrated proficiency in producing and presenting clear, logical reports.  I possess a talent for understanding complex information and the needs of the target audience and then adapting tone, pace and style to maximize communications.  Applying ten years of combined experience in independently writing reports and briefs and interfacing with broad-scope audiences in environments ranging from senior personnel presentations to court testimony, I am highly effective in delivering quality oral and written communications.


Illustrating my exceptional communication and interpersonal relation skills, while Marshal with the Richmond County Marshal s Department, I was selected to assume concurrent responsibility as their Public Relations Officer.  In this capacity, I effectively spoke to state and local law enforcement agencies, civic groups, community organizations, and cross-functional state government officials/entities as well as broadcast and print media on the functions and purposes of our Department.  Based on my talent for identifying audience needs and pre-determining potential questions, I was highly effective in providing clear information while avoiding speculative comments on controversial subjects.  Further keeping the target audience in mind, I excelled in addressing a wide range of social groups, from lower income populations to school


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Ksa Responses Continued                                                         Job Announcement# 17658


students, ensuring relevancy to their unique needs and clear presentation of information while fostering a positive image for my Department within our community.


Currently I am relied upon to brief senior, high-level DIA leadership on numerous counterintelligence and security-related cases as a Special Agent Criminal Investigator.  After independently conducting investigations, I present assessments, findings and recommendations to leadership spanning GG-15 through Directorate level, with audiences ranging from few to many and presentations vital to decisions made by leadership.


Previously serving as a DIA Special Agent stationed overseas at the Combined Media Processing Center in Qatar, I routinely delivered oral and PowerPoint presentations to leadership which were often focused on implementing policy and procedures supporting enhanced security, counterespionage and intelligence compromise mitigation practices.  Applying my strong communication skills, I was successful in facilitating many improvements to existing policy and procedure.  For instance, standard operating procedures were for Third County Nationals (TCNs) to be patted down only when entering the facility.  Based on research and findings, I developed and presented recommendations that TCNs also be patted down/ searched when leaving the facility as an enhanced security measure.  As a result of implementation of this recommendation, we were able to better prevent loss of documents or materials from the Center.  During my time in Qatar, I also applied my personal knowledge of cases as the only Agent assigned to the Combined Media Processing Center toward developing improved communication and issue resolution methodologies by taking the initiative to independently research and document findings and scheduling a personal meeting with the Director and Deputy Director for collaborative solutions-focused decision making initiatives.



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