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James Goodacre
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Vacancy Announcement:


KSAs and Competencies Responses


1. Knowledge of the full range acquisition, procurement and contract policies sufficient to support a multi-year complex procurement process from the development of requirements to the close-out of the contract.


I have been actively involved in acquisition, procurement and contract management since launching my career in 1984 with a government contractor, and have steadily progressed to achieve full-scope knowledge of applicable policies relevant to the entire contract process, from initial requirements development through close out. 

For example, I possess comprehensive knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Disclosed Practices, which I applied extensively as Pricing Manager with AT&T Technical Services, 2002-2005, where I was responsible for ensuring cost proposals were in full compliance. I have also worked extensively with FAA programs and collateral contract policies as Senior Financial Analyst and Senior Cost Analyst with BAE Systems and previously as a Project Controller with TRW.


Beginning my career with Vega Precision Laboratory in 1984 and in subsequent Cost Analyst and Staff Accountant positions over the course of several years,  I  routinely assumed accountability for ensuring contracts were in critical compliance with government regulations, contractual agreements and internal procedures


Supporting this, I ve earned a Certificate in Procurement and Contract Management that included studies in, among many others, Principle of Law for Contract Formation and Principle of Law for Contract Performance.


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2. Skill in contract surveillance/oversight of contractor performance sufficient to recognize performance problems/failures and to work constructively to minimize the effect upon the program.

In my current Asset Management position with Lockheed Martin, I effectively monitor contract performance through active management/oversight of Contracting Officer s Technical Representatives (COTRs), task leads and support staff.  With the majority of employers over the course of 20+ years, I have diligently tracked contractor invoices to identify problems and consistently interface with key external and internal contacts, including senior management, to troubleshoot and resolve discrepancies vital to ensuring performance compliance.  Since 1984 I have been actively involved in contractual compliance issues focused on analyzing and monitoring financial functions to define, troubleshoot and resolve variances and have supported program teams throughout the contract, including conducting comprehensive post-award audits.


Further, in pursuing a Certificate in Procurement and Contract Management, I completed extensive studies in the entire scope of Contract Administration, including strategies and methodologies for effective contract surveillance.

3. Demonstrated experience in applying Federal procurement and program analysis techniques to include cost/benefit analysis, development of project milestones, and techniques for validation and verifications, in order to develop and implement the strategies needed to ensure that supplies and services are available.


My career in government contracting has been heavily focused on cost/benefit analyses, financial management and project optimization.  As one of many examples, with Lockheed Martin I have proficiently generated and analyzed historical cost data on everything from materials purchases, labor and equipment depreciation to repairs and operational expenses in order to define strategies for maximizing cost effectiveness and I have adeptly applied evaluations of prior budgets toward developing accurate expense projections.  I effectively price new products/services by developing unit cost and project expenses and identify optimal products/services for maximizing allocation of financial resources in achieving contract objectives.


While Senior Cost Analyst with BAE Systems I conducted thorough systems analyses and reviews/assessments of program requirements, including quantitative cost estimating analysis of large FAA programs in systems engineering, systems technology, support systems, program management, and risk management.


My dynamic cost analysis skills were also crucial as Pricing Manager with AT&T Technical Services, where I conducted extensive studies of labor requirements in order to identify baseline costs and determine impact on cost reductions. With prior positions within the government contracting arena, comprehensive funding and risk analysis was a key focus. 

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In spearheading program/contract initiatives, I consistently excel in identifying, developing and implementing targeted action plans, systems and processes to achieve optimal results.  For instance, while with TRW I was a vital member of a cost estimating team that successfully prepared the Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) protocol used in contract negotiations that led to contract award.  While employed by BAE, I successfully developed, implemented and administered budgetary procedures instrumental to boosting performance in monitoring labor, overhead, material, and related program/project expenditures.

Similarly, since early in my career I have effectively developed methodologies for analyzing, tracking and verifying contract expenses. 


As part of my Certification in Procurement and Contract Management, I completed coursework in Cost Analysis for Procurement and Contracting, Cost & Price Analysis, Purchasing & Material, Contract Formation, and Decision Making. I am also proficient in diverse financial tools ranging from SPIRE and PRISM to DELPHI and ATO Budget

4. Comprehensive knowledge of various contract types, including but not limited to: cost-reimbursement, cost-plus fixed fee, cost-sharing, indefinite delivery/quantity, firm-fixed pricing, basic ordering agreements, in order to partner with the Contracting Officer and Program Manager to ensure that program goals are met.


In working with a variety of government contractors over the course of 20+ years, I have had the opportunity to gain proficiency in a wide scope of contract types.  Beginning in 1984 as a Cost Analyst with Vega Precision Laboratory, I was in charge of the financial administration and integrity of a variety of contract types and sizes.  Progressing to work with a diverse range of industries within government contracting, I have successfully developed and applied a working knowledge of most forms of contracts and have actively contributed my expertise in collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to achieve objectives.


Additionally, in earning my Certificate in Procurement and Contract Management, a number of courses addressed diverse types of contracts.

5. Oral Communication: Makes clear and convincing oral presentations to individuals or groups; listens effectively and clarifies information as needed; facilitates an open exchange of ideas and fosters an atmosphere of open communication. This skill is used to participate in contract negotiations; provide technical direction to the contractor; and to assist Program Managers in understanding the intricacies of the contract.


I am continually interfacing with broad populations in support of contracting.  For instance, with BAE Systems, I effectively consulted with senior management to ensure efficient, program-compliant adjustments and project changes were made in support of long-term planning. As Pricing Manager with AT&T Technical


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Services, I actively participated in negotiating contract proposals, engineering changes and price re-determinations.


Further illustrating my communication skills, while Project Controller from 1996-2000, I actively collaborated with the Contract Program Manager in establishing budgets, tracking costs, analyzing and preparing financial data and developing internal and external presentations. Early in my career as a Cost Accountant with ACC Systems, I interacted heavily with divisional operating department heads to deliver quality financial support. Beginning as a Cost Analyst, I worked closely with program teams throughout the lifecycle of the program/contract to provide critical financial analysis support.

I have also completed certified training in contract negotiations.

6. Written Communication: Expresses facts and ideas in writing in a succinct and organized manner. Successful performance requires the ability to prepare technical reports and position papers as well as to prepare information in a variety of formats for use by individuals who may not be aware of all the contract/program requirements.


Over the course of 20+ years, I have effectively drafted and produced a broad range of quality written materials.  For instance, in my present position with Lockheed Martin, I create detailed financial data for program reviews and financial presentations used both internally and externally.  Joining the team in 2006 as a Senior Cost Analyst, I efficiently prepared/processed complex funding documents for commitments, obligations and deobligations. .
 My entire career has required the ability to clearly present detailed financial information.  This has included preparing everything from consolidated reports, projections, estimates and budgets to quantitative and statistical analyses, monthly earned value analyses, weekly burn rate reports, customer reports, procurement records, and cost proposals/reports.

I have also been involved in developing a variety of contract documents.  With AT&T, I assisted in developing Statement of Work (SOW) and I worked closely with the team on Request for Proposal (RFP) and Proposal Development Outline (PDO) materials.  Earlier in my career, I applied strong written communication skills toward preparing Organization Disclosure Statements as well as responses to audits conducted by DCAA.

7. Customer Service. Balancing interests of a variety of clients, readily readjusts priorities to respond to pressing and changing client demands. Anticipates and meets the need of clients; achieves quality end products; is committed to continuous improvement of services.


My entire career has required that I ensure client needs are met while concurrently supporting company goals.  With my present employer, Lockheed

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Martin, I ensure government client needs are met by conducting comprehensive analyses of products/materials and determining competitive pricing while controlling company costs for maximum bottom-line profitability. In support of FAA programs, I provided thorough cost estimating analysis of a variety of systems to provide cost-effective, competitive services while again containing internal operating expenses.  


As Pricing Manager with AT&T, I actively participated in client contract negotiations, balancing customer and company needs to achieve optimal results.

While Project Controller with CSC, I provided our customers with detailed, quality reports vital to facilitating a team effort between client and company that fostered client satisfaction and loyalty.

8. Team Building: Inspires, motivates, and guides others toward goal accomplishments. Consistently develops and sustains cooperative relationships. Encourages and facilitates cooperation within the organization and with customer groups; fosters commitment, team spirit, pride, trust. Develops leadership in others through coaching, mentoring, rewarding, and guiding employees.


I am a dynamic, motivating leader who consistently facilitates a collaborative teamwork environment amongst my staff, internal management, special project teams, clients, vendors, and external affiliates.  Currently I am responsible for effectively steering designated government COTRs, task leads and support members in achieving project/goals in support of Lockheed Martin s contracting with government clients.


Prior to this, each of my positions within the government contracting sector have demanded that I routinely collaborate with both internal and external teams during the entire contracting process, from initiation through delivery and close out.  I have been continually relied upon as a facilitator, leader, key team member, and expert advisor throughout the contract lifecycle, contributing my vast experience and knowledge toward optimizing performance.


Additionally, I have earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration that has equipped me with the tools, skills and knowledge to maximize team performance through proactive staffing, team building, and strategic relationship management.



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