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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                               address
city, state zip
evening phone:xxx-xxx-xxxx
day phone:xxx-xxx-xxxx







job announcement number:

10-point preference:



seeking opportunity as law enforcement professional to contribute exceptional performance and supervision of law enforcement work in the preservation of the peace; the prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes; the arrest or apprehension of violators; and the provision of assistance to citizens in emergencies, including the protection of civil rights.


conduced misdemeanor and felony criminal investigations which required knowledge of department policy and procedures, knowledge of investigative concepts, and search and seizure laws. collected legally usable physical evidence and maintained proper chain of custody. completed articulate police reports which were used in the prosecution phase in court.

conducted interviews with victims, witnesses, and suspects which required knowledge of state, federal, and constitutional law relating to admissibility of statements. documented interviews in police reports.

handed criminal matters including but not limited to death investigations (suicides, accidental deaths, and vehicular homicide), arsons, assaults, and sex assaults. criminal investigations required knowledge of crime scene evidence collection procedures, search and seizure law, investigative concepts, department policy and procedures, and rules of criminal procedure.


criminal investigation                   personnel management                      law enforcement

narcotics/illicit substances          professional development                  sexual offenders

decision making                         conflict resolution                             prioritization skills

surveillance                                firearm qualification                           report preparation

professional experience        


self employed author, 5/2008 c present

parker, colorado

salary: royalties vary per year

hours: 40 per week

contact supervisor: yes

supervisor's name: editor - robert biondi

supervisor's phone: (610) 593-1777

  • follow appropriate procedures to get copyrights for completed work.
  • plan project arrangements or outlines, and organize material accordingly.
  • prepare works in appropriate format for publication, and send them to publishers or producers.
  • revise written material to meet personal standards and to satisfy needs of clients, publishers, directors, or producers.
  • choose subject matter and suitable form to express personal feelings and experiences or ideas, or to narrate stories or events.
  • collaborate with other writers on specific projects.
  • conduct research to obtain factual information and authentic detail, using sources such as newspaper accounts, diaries, and interviews.
  • confer with clients, editors, publishers, or producers to discuss changes or revisions to written material.
  • develop factors such as themes, plots, characterizations, psychological analyses, historical environments, action, and dialogue, to create material.

significant accomplishments

  • awarded a book contract with schiffer publishing.


police officer, 8/2006 - 5/2008

lone tree police department, lone tree, colorado

salary: $25.25 hourly

hours: 40 per week

contact supervisor: yes

supervisor's name: myra buys

supervisor's phone: (303) 961-7586

  arrested and exercised apprehension authority including the power to formally detain and incarcerate individuals pending the completion of formal charges.

  assured compliance with national, state, county, and municipal laws and ordinances.

  engaged in felony and misdemeanor criminal investigations, patrol work, traffic control, emergency response operations, vice control, interacting with crime affiliated individuals, and detective operations.

  receive and record radio and personal messages and instructions involving emergencies, complaints, violations, accidents, and requests for information and assistance.

  exercised mastery of municipal, state, federal statutes and appellate court decisions.

significant accomplishments

  • stood as subject matter expert in municipal, county, district, and state civil hearings; liaised between prosecuting attorney s office and police department.
  • appointed as field training officer and field training program coordinator and structured the professional development plans for subordinate officers; drafted field training manual.
    selected as member of the accident reconstruction team and lead investigator on two fatal accidents and multiple accidents involving alcohol or illicit substances.
  • obtained cpr certification and training in the automated external defibrillator (aed).
  • skilled in the use of police automatic pistol and duty rifle (civilian model m-16, police radio, cad (computer aided dispatch terminal), and ncic/ccic.
  • received training in dna collection and evidence analysis.
  • awarded a written commendation for fatal accident investigation abilities.


deputy sherriff, 2/2006 c 8/2006

logan county sherriff s office, sterling, colorado

salary: $2,300.00 monthly

contact supervisor: yes

supervisor's name: robert bollish

supervisor's phone: (970) 466-5501

         drove vehicles or patrolled specific areas to detect law violators, issue citations, and make arrests.

         executed arrest warrants, locating and taking persons into custody.

         investigated illegal or suspicious activities.

         notified patrol units to take violators into custody or to provide needed assistance or medical aid.

         question individuals entering secured areas to determine their business, directing and rerouting individuals as necessary.

         served statements of claims, subpoenas, summonses, and jury summonses, orders to pay alimony, and other court orders and civil process.

         took control of accident scenes to maintain traffic flow, to assist accident victims, and to investigate causes.

         transported or escort prisoners and defendants en route to courtrooms, prisons or jails, attorneys' offices, or medical facilities.

         verified that the proper legal charges were made against law offenders.

significant accomplishments

  • certified in first aid and cpr, use of police radio, and maintained ncic/ccic certification.
  • supported drug/felony investigations of the investigations division which required knowledge of confidential informants and covert surveillance, collecting legally usable physical evidence, maintaining proper chain of custody, and conducting presumptive tests on suspected narcotics.
  • shared expertise in the development of sops manual covering search and seizure law, investigative concepts, constitutional law, use of physical force, crime scene investigation, interrogation, collection of physical evidence and chain of custody, courtroom testimony, and demeanor.

police sergeant, 7/2000 c 11/2005

eaton police department, eaton, colorado

salary: $2300.00 monthly

hours: 40 per week

contact supervisor: yes

supervisor's name: art mueller

supervisor's phone: (970) 690-0867

         directed the success and headed up a team of 6 patrol officers.

         managed the activities of officers in the field including arrest decisions, approving police reports, and whether to assist other agencies.

         handled crimes of varying nature including death investigations (suicides, accidental deaths, and vehicular homicide), arsons, assaults, and sex assaults.

         obtained detailed statements from crime witnesses and victims to produce and draft complete, detailed, and accurate police reports that assisted attorneys in prosecution of criminals.

         designed training plans and scheduled courses for officers.

         handled sex offenders and gathered all relevant information to be listed in special databases according to the freedom of information and privacy act.

         verified that evidence was cared for in the manner prescribed by standard operating procedures.

         drafted and executed arrest warrants, search warrants, and affidavits for non-testimonial evidence and submitted affidavits to the court.

         supported attorneys in trial and motion preparation including testifying during trials.

significant accomplishments

  • held multiple positions of great responsibility including field training program coordinator, sex offender registration program coordinator, and as an evidence custodian.
  • appointed the responsibility to secure state accreditation for the police department.
  • awarded accolades for saving a citizen from a burning building.
    received an award for valor for rescuing a citizen from a structure fire.
  • recognized in a written commendation for collaborating with an adjacent jurisdiction in the evidence analysis associated with a homicide scene.

ranger, 5/2000 - 7/2000

colorado state parks, sterling, colorado

salary: $8.21 per hour

hours: 40 per week

contact supervisor: yes

supervisor's name: bob loomis

supervisor's phone: (970) 522-3657

         patrolled colorado state parks property and responded to emergency, criminal, traffic and routine calls for service.

         handled misdemeanor and felony cases.

significant accomplishments

  • offered testimony during municipal, county, and district court hearings; supported the attorney s efforts to prosecute criminals involved in preparing cases for trial.

police officer, 11/1998 c 5/2000

silverthorne police department, silverthorne, colorado,

11/1998 c 5/2000

salary: 42,000.00 annual

hours: 40 per week

contact supervisor: yes

supervisor's name: john minor

supervisor's phone: (970) 453-2232

         handled emergency, misdemeanor, felony, and routine criminal investigations and acquired firsthand knowledge from witnesses through questioning and adhering to evidence admissibility standards.

         testified during hearings.

significant accomplishments:

  • awarded meritorious service medal for resuscitating a child who was not breathing.


sergeant, logan county sheriff s office

sterling colorado,

2/1994 c 11/1998

salary: $30,000.00 annually

hours: 40 per week

contact supervisor: yes,

supervisor's name: robert bollish

supervisor's phone: (970) 466-5501

         led 12 patrol officers in completing their daily tasks.

significant accomplishments

  • member of the swat team and dive rescue team.
  • drafted first field training officer program manual.
  • appointed to policy and procedure committee.
  • testified for district attorney and during department of social service cases.
  • awarded valor accolades for actions taken during bank robbery and while being shot at 11 times by the suspect.




associate degree in criminal justice, 5/1993

arapahoe community college, littleton, colorado

65 quarter hours; gpa 3.86 out of 4.0



  • peace officer standards and training (post)


professional development

  • fbi swat 5/98
  • reid interview and interrogation 5/99
  • level 1 and 2 technical accident reconstruction 6/99 and 9/03
  • rail grade crossing accident investigation 4/05
  • field training officer certification 11/96
  • dive rescue 1 and 2 10/94
  • first response homicide investigation 8/97
  • dea drug interdiction 5/94
  • intoxilyzer instructor 9/00


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