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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

Home Phonexxx-xxx-xxxx

Work Phonexxx-xxx-xxxx

Email Address:

Country of Citizenship: United States

Veterans Preference: 10 points


Vacancy Announcement:          Aviation Safety Inspector: AAC-AMH-08-GAM-004-10909

Series: 1825/Grade(s): FG-9/ FG-11/ FG-12



Core Competencies


Aviation Safety; Inspection; Quality Assurance; Regulatory Compliance; Airframe & Power Plant Mechanic; Maintenance; Repairs; Troubleshooting; FAA Part 145; FAA Part 135; FAA Reporting; Avionics; Policies and Procedures; Certification/Credentialing;  Work Scope and Compliance Packages Development; Project Management; Contract Administration; Budget Management; Human Resources; Team Building; Training and Development; Scheduling; Strategic Planning; Creative Problemsolving; Collaborative Teamwork; Leadership; Client Relations; Customer Service; Business Development; Marketing; Performance Evaluation; Management Reporting; Decision Making; Communications


Work Experience



Avionics Manager; 08/2000-Present

Base Manager; 08/2000-08/0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

Employer Phone: 401-739-0363; Permission to Contact: Yes

Contact: Henrique Mendes, Principle Avionics Inspector; 781-274-7130

Salary (per year): $35,000 (starting) to $42,000 (current)

Hours Per Week: 40-50


Successfully steer operations of FAA Part 145 Repair station/Bell Customer Service Center and drive projects to meet critical timelines, quality standards and regulatory compliance. Initiated FAA Part 145 Avionics Repair Station credentialing from project inception through successful certification. Partnered with FAA and Corporate management in attaining operational approval. Effectively developed Repair Station inspection and operational procedure manuals; routinely maintain/update manuals, create/implement safety procedures and prepare material/data for FAA Form 337 approvals. Proficiently compile and prepare technical modification reports for FAA approval and write full work scope and compliance packages. Collaborate in semi-annual FAA base inspections/certifications.


Proficiently plan, coordinate and direct complex structural repair projects, including modifications to airframe, electrical and avionic systems as well as broad-scope installations, overhauls, bench repairs, and preventive maintenance. Acted as Project Manager on heavy structural refurbishment of military and commercial aircraft, including complex avionics installations. Actively work with clients from initiation through on-time delivery and final billing of project to ensure high satisfaction levels. Substantially improved large, complex structural repair contracts performance by developing an effective Project Progression Book; assembled portfolio binder of digital photographs accompanying descriptive narratives of each restoration phase including parts issued or re-manufactured, engineering orders and approved FAA modification packages.


Direct full-scope administrative operations, from human resources, marketing plan development, quoting, and contracting through budgeting inventory control, PowerPoint presentations, and complex Corporate-level, government and customer reporting. Hire, train, coordinate, and lead Overhaul Shop Inspectors, Avionics Inspectors, Floor Supervisors, and Mechanics; oversee administrative staff.



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Drove business growth by revamping Marketing Plan to focus on aggressive outreach and job referrals; plan included drafting new brochure content and providing complimentary quotes, resulting in 80% customer base growth over course of a two-year timeframe. Resourcefully created and delivered PowerPoint presentation targeting 25 top executives, using corporate sales and business conference venue to boost awareness of team capabilities in order to leverage for future contract/project opportunities.


Designed and implemented enhanced inventory management system for quality record keeping and reporting, including tagging all parts and entering into efficient database. Successfully motivated staff to capitalize on new system, substantially increasing inventory value. 



Avionics Inspector/Operations & Maintenance Manager/Avionics Shop Manager & Technician

Inter Island Helicopters/Travcomm Avionics

Bums Airfield

Kuioko St.-Hanapepe HI

Employer Phone: 808-335-5009; Permission to Contact: Yes; Contact: Ken O Attilio

Salary (per year): $24,000

Hours Per Week: 50


Spearheaded startup and certification of FAA Part 145 Avionics Repair Station. Oversaw daily operations of Part 135 Helicopter operation ranging from maintenance, administration and contract bids to SAR missions, tours and fire suppression.  Worked closely with multiple agencies including Office of Aircraft Services (OAS), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), US Geological Survey (USGS), State/County municipalities, and film production crews.


Conducted testing and modifications of avionic systems for light and medium aircraft and served as Chief Inspector and Avionics Repairman/A&P Mechanic, working with both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Completed full certifications, bench repairs and installations throughout the Hawaiian Islands.



Lead Mechanic-Avionics

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Employer Phone: N/A; Permission to Contact: Yes; Contact: Frank

Okay to Contact Supervisor? Yes

Salary (per year): $38,400

Hours Per Week: 40


Facilitated quality bench repairs, installations, modifications, and inspections on Shorts SC7 Cargo, BHT 206B-3 and G11 aircraft; included component-level repairs on King, Collins, Sunair and Bendix-King equipment. Concurrently maintained company HF SSB radio base station equipment as well as equipment supporting USGS operations throughout Arabia.


Military Service






National Defense Service Medal

Campaign Medal

Purple Heart

Honorable Discharge





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High School:


Andrew Warde High School

Fairfield, CT




University of Bridgeport

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Major: Graphic Design

Credits Earned: 97 Quarter Credits

Degree: N/A


Norwalk Community College

Norwalk, Connecticut

Major: Business Administration

Credits Earned: 24 Quarter Credits

Degree: N/A


Norwalk Technical Institute

Norwalk, Connecticut

Major: Electronics

Credits Earned: 3 Quarter Credits

Degree: N/A


Job Related Training


Bell Helicopter Training Course, Model 407 CElectrical; 08/2004


Job Related/Technical Skills


Bench Test Equipment; Ramp Test Equipment; Computer-Based Diagnostic Test Procedures; All Tools and Measuring Equipment, Certified Part 145 Repair Station (electrical and mechanical)




FAA Airframe & Power Plant License

FCC Radio Telephone License with Radar Endorsement

Repairmens Certificate, Current

Certified Technician-First Class, NARTE, 1986-present


Professional Affiliations


National Association of Radio and Technical Engineers




Arabic: Spoken, Familiar








Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

Home Phonexxx-xxx-xxxx

Work Phonexxx-xxx-xxxx

Email Address:

Country of Citizenship: United States

Veterans Preference: 10 points


Vacancy Announcement:          Aviation Safety Inspector: AAC-AMH-08-GAM-004-10909

Series: 1825/Grade(s): FG-9/ FG-11/ FG-12







1.    Risk Management -The ability to assure that risk is identified, evaluated, documented,

eliminated or controlled within defined program risk parameter.


Having collaboratively launched and successfully managed FAA Part 145 Repair Stations, a key role has been not only to define initial strategies for identifying, evaluating and mitigating risk, but continually monitoring, documenting and controlling program risks on a daily basis to ensure safety and integrity of operations.  


As an example, I spearheaded the startup and certification of an FAA Part 145 Repair Station at Burns Airfield in Hanapepe, Hawaii, with accountability for planning and structuring all operations to minimize risk.  This Station serviced major government agencies ranging from OAS and USFWS to DEA and USGS as well as State and County municipalities.  This required not only that I ensure containment of risk at the Station-level, but that I ensure I was controlling risk impacting critical operations of key government clients.


Contact: Inter Island Helicopters/Travcomm Avionics; Ken O Attilio; 808-335-5009



2. Evaluation -The ability to determine if a process or component is doing what it was designed to do and is producing the intended results.


With Inspector responsibilities over the course of my career, I have continually applied my expertise toward inspecting, testing and certifying the proper function of complete airframe systems, ensuring reliability of processes and components.  With Helicopter Services, I have successfully developed their Repair Station Inspection Procedure Manual that has proven instrumental in optimizing performance in determining process/component quality.  Lending my extensive knowledge of processes and components, I also resourcefully created a Project Progression book incorporating photographs and narratives to maximize quality throughout project phases, including specifications on parts, engineering orders and approved FAA modification packages, which has further supported the Station in guaranteeing processes and components produce intended results.


Contact: Helicopter Services; Ron Gorman, Maintenance supervisor; 401-739-0363





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3. Workload Management -Ability to organize and complete work activities effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with established priorities.


Assuming Management responsibilities with multiple employers, a key role has been to strategically plan, prioritize and coordinate human, supplies/materials, equipment, and financial resources to ensure on-time delivery of complex, time-sensitive projects.


As one of many examples, I ve acted as Project Manager on the heavy structural refurbishment of military and commercial aircraft, including avionics installations, with my most recent employer.  In this capacity, I ve worked closely with the client from initiation through finally project billing.  I have successfully planned all aspects of the project, including coordinating and leading a team of Inspectors, Supervisors and Mechanics, to successfully achieve project objectives while maximizing use of resources, controlling costs and meeting stringent deadlines and specifications.


Additionally, having led the startup of FAA Part 145 Repair Stations, advanced project management skills have been vital to succeeding.  I have been highly effective in taking Station launches from initial concept, operational structuring and policies procedures development to full operational status, providing comprehensive servicing of aircraft for key clients and consistently driving complex, multi-faceted projects to attain goals.



Contact: Helicopter Services; Ron Gorman, Maintenance supervisor; 401-739-0363




4. Information Management - Identifies a need for and knows where or how to gather information; organizes and maintains information using information management systems.


I recognize the vital role of efficient information management in optimizing performance across cross-functional areas of operations.  I have effectively gathered detailed information in order to compile and prepare technical modification reports for FAA approval and have written full work scope and compliance packages based on extensive data research, dissemination and assimilation.   I have also organized, created and maintained detailed policies and procedure manuals and project materials and am proficient in researching information in order to develop competitive contract bids.


In my most recent position, I have routinely compiled and produced exhaustive reports for presentation to the FAA as well as Corporate Management and Clients using varied technologies and software, including development of dynamic PowerPoint presentations.

I have actively supported the company in significantly boosting inventory management by designing, deploying and administering a highly-efficient technology-driven record keeping and reporting system that includes tagging and database management of all parts. 


Contact: Helicopter Services; Ron Gorman, Maintenance supervisor; 401-739-0363





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5. Communications -The ability to communicate in English in a clear, concise manner that is appropriate for the target audience.



I offer dynamic communication skills and effectively apply these skills toward interfacing with everyone from FAA representatives and clients to senior management, staff and peers.  I am in direct contact with clients throughout project scope, from initiation through delivery, applying my strong communication skills toward ensuring achievement of specifications and generating high levels of customer satisfaction. 


As a Manager responsible for human resources, I am adept in conducting interviews, delivering comprehensive staff training programs, performing employee evaluations and implementing policies and procedures.  I am also relied upon to brief Corporate management and key stakeholders on program/operational issues.  To drive our business growth, I successfully created and delivered a PowerPoint presentation to 25 top executives at a major corporate sales and business conference, effectively enhancing their understanding of our ability to meet their needs and successfully positioning us for new business contracts.  When I launched our new inventory management system, my communication skills were vital in training all staff in system features, capabilities and benefits.  



Contact: Helicopter Services; Ron Gorman, Maintenance supervisor; 401-739-0363



6. Teamwork -The ability to work well with other team members; monitor progress; to ensure goals are achieved.


In leading as well as working with staff, I have consistently demonstrated a solid commitment to collaborative teamwork.  In my most recent position, I have successfully coordinated and worked with team members ranging from Overhaul Shop Inspectors and Avionics Inspectors to Floor Supervisors, Mechanics, and Administrative Support staff.  I am responsible for overseeing all areas of cross-functional operations to monitor progress have consistently led and worked with teams to and ensure attainment of critical project and performance goals ranging from stringent deadlines to technical specifications and budgetary guidelines.


I have also served as a collaborative team member in planning, coordinating and facilitating the startup of FAA Part 145 Repair Stations.  This has entailed not only consulting with corporate staff and key stakeholders, but working with FAA representatives to achieve certification/operational approval and ensure ongoing standards compliance.  I also facilitate a teamwork environment in interfacing with our clients that has proven instrumental in gaining trust and loyalty.


Contact: Helicopter Services; Ron Gorman, Maintenance supervisor; 401-739-0363












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7. Interpersonal Skills -The ability to relate to individuals; consider differing views; consider and respond appropriately to needs, feelings, capabilities; provide constructive and positive feedback; and manage conflict.


Maintaining positive relationships across broad populations, from corporate management and staff to regulatory agencies and clients has been critical to the success of the Repair Stations I have managed and worked for throughout my career in Avionics. 


While Avionics Inspector with Inter Island Helicopters, it was my responsibility to forge and manage productive relationships with multiple government agencies including OAS, USFWS, DEA, USGS, and State/County municipalities in order to deliver quality client servicing.  This required the ability to clearly define their needs, interpret and consider varied viewpoints and proactively respond to an extensive range of situations in order to provide appropriate services, meet expectations and troubleshoot conflicts/issues for timely resolution.  My interpersonal relation skills proved instrumental in the employer achieving solid positioning as a leading Repair Station throughout the Hawaiian Islands.



Contact: Inter Island Helicopters/Travcomm Avionics; Ken O Attilio; 808-335-5009



8. Decision Making-Makes sound, well-informed, and objective decisions based on critical thinking principles and  sound facts and data; perceives the impact and implications of decisions; makes recommendations and commits to action, even in uncertain situations, to accomplish organizational goals.


In initiating FAA Part 145 Avionics Repair Station credentialing from inception through certification with my most recent employer, I was relied upon to apply my industry expertise as well as strong decision making abilities and sound business judgment toward ensuring operational approval.  Applying knowledge gained over many years of experience as well as comprehensive analysis and effective definition of company goals, I clearly demonstrated my talent for using critical thinking principles, determining the implications of decisions and providing informed recommendations in achieving our organizational goals.


Assuming full-scope administrative/operational responsibility, I have consistently exhibited advanced decision making abilities in steering all aspects of business.  Recognizing the opportunity to drive business growth, I successfully devised a targeted marketing plan to capitalize on outreach and job referrals, resulting in an 80% growth in our customer base within a short two-year period. To further boost market penetration, I realized an untapped resource and innovatively designed and delivered a dynamic PowerPoint presentation to a group of top executives that successfully leveraged us to capture new business. I also applied my talent for identifying inefficiencies and devising corrective action plans toward significantly improving our inventory value by designing and implementing an enhanced inventory management system.


Contact: Helicopter Services; Ron Gorman, Maintenance supervisor; 401-739-0363




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