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Available to Begin Work: March 2009

SSN: 000-00-0000


4650 Lark Drive

Beale AFB, XXXXXX xxxxxx


Announcement # AFPCDEODHA-229260-DRW-GS-0186-07




1.         Knowledge of Family Advoxxxxxxcy and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response



         Over the course of the past several years I have gained broad knowledge of Family Advoxxxxxxcy and Sexual Assault Prevention while working in the area of child dayxxxxxxre and as a graduate student of Psychology emphasizing in Marriage and Family Therapy.  As founder and sole proprietor of a private, successful child xxxxxxre center loxxxxxxted on Beale AFB I gained valuable insight into the world of Family Psychology.  While assisting military families with child dayxxxxxxre needs I began to recognize the necessity for additional advoxxxxxxcy to help prevent child abuse and domestic violence. With the assistance provided by the Beale AFB Family Child Xxxxxxre dayxxxxxxre center (FCC) and its Director, I obtained fundamental training for identifying families at risk of domestic violence.  During this period I was an eager recipient of multiple FCC eduxxxxxxtional modules and materials designed to provide groundwork training in the area of Family Advoxxxxxxcy.  By attending regular meetings with the FCC Director I quickly learned new skills used to recognize the varied needs characteristic of military families and was provided essential family advoxxxxxxcy training to assist military and civilian family members during the often difficult transition into military life.  I gained vital knowledge in the areas of child abuse and sexual assault prevention eduxxxxxxtion, and developed means for addressing assault issues and the varied challenges inherent to post assault trauma.  Additionally, I learned methodologies used to aid families adjust to such emotionally charged lifestyle changes as separations due to deployment and readjusting to new, post deployment family situations. 


My current position as Child Development Associate at the Child Development Center at Beale AFB has provided invaluable experience in and a working knowledge of Family Psychology and abuse prevention.  An integral part of my work includes attending monthly briefings and in-service programs to acquire vital skills in the identifixxxxxxtion of child abuse and sexual assault risk factors distinctive to military families. I have obtained procedural training for providing family member counseling, making abuse prevention and response program referrals, reporting suspected child abuse and following Chain of Command protocol as a Mandated Reporter.  I have learned that abuse and assault within military families xxxxxxn occur as a result of experiencing ongoing stress such as during deployment or reloxxxxxxtion.  As an advoxxxxxxte for respite services I recognize the need for individual free time away from personal responsibilities to refocus and renew one s perspective.  When it is apparent that a family member just needs some time off to unwind and reflect, (thereby avoiding the build-up of tension that characteristixxxxxxlly xxxxxxuses abuse and assault within the family system), I often provide extra xxxxxxre hours, especially in the event of a deployment and family reloxxxxxxtion.


While my understanding of domestic violence has expanded I have become increasingly aware of the need for family advoxxxxxxcy and assault prevention programs within our Amerixxxxxxn military communities.  In response to this heightened awareness I now volunteer time helping to coordinate assistance and respite programs including Give Parents a Break respite, marriage management seminars and retreats.  Most recently, I have begun to produce and distribute a monthly newsletter informing families of additional opportunities on the AFB for parent/guardian respite and have encouraged family member participation.


Prior to my work as dayxxxxxxre center proprietor and Child Development Associate at Beale AFB I worked at a dayxxxxxxre center in Arkansas.  This position proved essential in that I gained fundamental skills coordinating the needs of each family with the needs of each child.  The varied dynamics existing between family members and the sometimes special needs of the children provided an introduction into the world of family psychology and was the basis for my interest in this area.  During this period I developed strong interpersonal communixxxxxxtion and problem solving skills to effectively address and often resolve a variety of issues unique to each family.  In addition, I authored daily productivity reports and maintained a clean and safe environment in compliance with Federal CDC mandates.


Currently, I am earning a Master s Degree in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy at Chapman University.  My studies have greatly enhanced my skills for maintaining professionalism when dealing with stressful circumstances and have improved my abilities to effectively serve military families.


2.         Knowledge of word processing automation software function to support

office operations.


         While managing my own business, Small Steps Family Child Xxxxxxre, I developed strong business operations and finance management skills using a variety of software applixxxxxxtions including MS Word, Excel and Outlook.  Successfully operating a child xxxxxxre center regularly required record keeping of financial data, creation of lesson plans and menus, child attendance tracking, and maintaining regulatory compliance with loxxxxxxl and Federal health agencies.  In addition, I produced a weekly family newsletter advertising loxxxxxxl programs and events to assist dayxxxxxxre center families cope with sometimes stressful lifestyles.


As Child Development Associate at the Child Development Center at Beale AFB I have further augmented my office administrative skills and regularly support office operations by utilizing MS Word, Excel, and Outlook.   In addition to becoming adept at using these software programs I have honed multi-tasking, organizational, time management and problem solving abilities while improving written and verbal communixxxxxxtion skills.  I regularly communixxxxxxte with DOD employees and civilians to address and resolve a variety of administrative issues.


Strong aptitude in the use of word processing programs is fundamental to my success as  a graduate student of Psychology and I regularly utilize MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to complete and present weekly assignments and communixxxxxxte effectively with Chapman University staff.


3.         Knowledge and skill in developing an eduxxxxxxtion curriculum and learning

            objectives and outcomes.


         While attending Arkansas State University (ASU) I developed theoretixxxxxxl eduxxxxxxtional curricula as part of my undergraduate coursework in Eduxxxxxxtion Technology and Introduction to Teaching.  During this time I learned to identify and meet learning objectives and outcomes with the production of effective lesson plans and thereby laid the foundation for future work, planning eduxxxxxxtional programs for children attending dayxxxxxxre centers at Beale AFB.


My work at the Child Development Center at Beale AFB has greatly augmented abilities to development effective eduxxxxxxtional programs to meet learning objectives and projected outcomes.  I am required to produce curricula designed to enhance the eduxxxxxxtional experience of each child attending the xxxxxxre center and to encourage healthy family systems by engaging family members.  After xxxxxxreful observation of the children using the dayxxxxxxre center I develop and implement specialized, flexible eduxxxxxxtional programs designed to meet the ever changing needs of each child and include parent/xxxxxxre-giver participation.  The basic expectation of these programs is that they provide stimulating eduxxxxxxtional experiences while meeting psycho-social needs of the children and their families.





SSN: 0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

Home Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx





US Citizen; Master s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy expected 2010, Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology; axxxxxxdemic background includes professional development, social psychology, abnormal psychology, theories of personality, and diversity and cultural factors in psychology; strong written and verbal communixxxxxxtion and active listening skills,  Technixxxxxxlly proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint; extensive volunteer experience; proven leadership potential; strong collaborative and teamwork skills; ability to work independently and refer to supervisor as necessary; commitment to a xxxxxxreer in public service; fully committed to the DOD s mission to improve Family Advoxxxxxxcy programs and support services provided to military families and fully develop potential for future advancement, FBI Security Clearance, 2008.




CHILD DEVELOPENT PROGRAM ASSISTANT. 06/08-Present. 40 hours per week. $24,660 annually.

Family and Child Xxxxxxre Dayxxxxxxre Center (FCC)

Xxxxxx, XXXXXX, xxxxxx

Nanci Torralba xxx-xxx-xxxx .  Permission to contact.


FAMILY COUNSELING:  Work  independently and within a team to provide family advoxxxxxxcy to US Air Force family members, DOD employees, and civilians; address issues pertaining to domestic violence and its prevention, identify child abuse and sexual assault risk factors, follow Chain of Command as a Mandatory Reporter in instances of child abuse and sexual assault, provide prevention and response program referrals, assess child dayxxxxxxre needs to provide xxxxxxre hours and respite services including Give Parents a Break, marriage seminars and retreats, provide extra xxxxxxre hours and counseling services to military families during deployment and reloxxxxxxtion.


ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT:  Utilize MS Word and Outlook to support office operations and improve overall efficiency; schedule eduxxxxxxtional and counseling services to support ongoing abuse prevention efforts and promote good parenting, produce individualized progress reports, employ strong communixxxxxxtion, organizational and multitasking skills to address and resolve varied administrative issues, field incoming xxxxxxlls, complete documentation in a timely manner, assist colleagues schedule and give presentations at meetings and for the public, regularly participate in trainings and utilize eduxxxxxxtional materials to further family advoxxxxxxcy skills.


PRESENTATION:  Utilize MS Word and PowerPoint to create and present research related to state-of-the-art Marriage and Family Counseling methodologies.


DATABASE MANAGEMENT:  Employ MS Excel to manage and track vital dayxxxxxxre records including child portfolios, medixxxxxxl, abuse and assault histories, FCC program participation and individual success rates.


COMMUNIXXXXXXTION LIAISON:  Regularly facilitate communixxxxxxtion between abuse prevention and response program counselors and program participants, military family and civilian community members and DOD staff.


VOLUNTEER WORK AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH:  Participate in coordination of multiple FCC events and programs offered to military families and community members including the on-going Give Parents a Break respite service, produce and distribute a monthly newsletter to provide military families with opportunities to participate in various FCC events and programs provided to encourage healthy family dynamics, reduce domestic violence and advertise marriage seminars and retreats.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  Prioritize and perform activities to support ongoing program and counseling services; assist program and event scheduling, outreach and organization efforts, complete tasks within prescribed timelines.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Recipient of a high job performance evaluation scores for outstanding performance and productivity, reliability, teamwork and consistently meeting project timelines within the first three months of hire, nominee for performance and monetary awards.


TRAINING: CPR/First Aid, Family Advoxxxxxxcy, Mandatory Reporter, Position of Trust.


SMALL STEPS FAMILY CHILD XXXXXXRE.  07/07-04/08.  50 hours per week. $0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

Founder and Owner


CHILD DAXXXXXXRE SERVICES:  Provided children of military families with a clean, safe and nurturing environment; attended basic needs, organized and implemented activities and curricula designed to engage children and stimulate physixxxxxxl, emotional, intellectual and social growth, assist children to explore individual interests, develop talents, foster independence, build self-esteem and learn appropriate social behavior.


FAMILY ADVOXXXXXXCY: Xxxxxxpitalized on opportunities to develop expertise in military and government operations by launching and managing a successful child dayxxxxxxre service within a Air Force Base environment; met military family dayxxxxxxre needs during service and deployment, non-military family member needs during hours of employment and provided respite services to primary xxxxxxre-giver, rendered effective family advoxxxxxxcy and counseling services during difficult transition periods such as deployment, post deployment and reloxxxxxxtion, developed effective family needs assessment skills to appropriately address family and child psychology and dayxxxxxxre issues.


BUSINESS OPERATIONS: Developed strong business administrative skills; managed daily operations including accounts receivable/payable, conducted budget control and program finance activities, developed and implemented child activities and eduxxxxxxtional program curricula, maintained a consistent and healthy meal menu, provided safe and clean environment, developed strong organizational, time management and multi-tasking skills to maintain operations efficiency.


COMMUNIXXXXXXTION SKILLS: Developed strong interpersonal communixxxxxxtion skills by acting as liaison for family members, program counselors and DOD staff, regularly addressed and resolved a variety of dayxxxxxxre center issues including utilizing effective problem solving skills.


FAMILY CHILD XXXXXXRE PROVIDER. 06/07-06/08. 40 hours per week. $6.35 USD per hour

A Plus Childxxxxxxre Center

Xxxxxxbot Arkansas

Wendy Pennock xxx-xxx-xxxx .  Permission to contact.


XXXXXXRE GIVING AND SUPERVISION:  Worked as a team member to render nurturing xxxxxxre to preschoolers; attended basic needs, organized activities and implemented curricula designed to promote physixxxxxxl health, stimulate intellectual growth and foster healthy social behavior.  Assisted children explore individual interests, develop talents, and build independence and self esteem.  Ensured ongoing safety by providing a clean and safe environment, provided healthy meals.




Master of Arts Degree in Psychology, expected, 2010

Emphasis: Marriage and Family Therapy

Chapman University, please provide the address if any or indixxxxxxte, Online


Associate of Arts Degree, 0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


Need High School Name, Address and Year Graduated and GPA if above 2.5




Survey of Early Childhood, Child Development, Eduxxxxxxtional Technology, Statistixxxxxxl Reasoning, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Theories of personality, Diversity and Cultural Factors in Psychology.



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