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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                          

Address:  0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000                      

Phone: (xxx-xxx-xxxx (H) or ( xxx-xxx-xxxx  (DSN)


Citizenship: United States

Social Security Number: xxx-xx-xxxx

Veterans Preference: Yes


Vacancy Announcement: xxxxxx

Position: Job Posting: xxxxxx



Professional Experience


JCM Manufacturing C Dunmore, PA

Supervisor:  May Contact C John Kranick (570) 346-5628

Salary: $12.00 per hour

Hours:  40 Per Week

Welder, 04/01/2008-Present

Certified welder. Proficient using Oxygen Acetylene equipment, Arc Welding, MIG and TIG processes to complete welding projects such as spot, bead, tack, seam, plug, fillet, groove, fusion, slot, flange and stitch welds. Knowledgeable of metal and alloy reactions to different welding standards and techniques as well as raw materials, production processes, quality control, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods. Possess knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance capabilities. Analyzed job and applied welding techniques, selecting the proper material (correct size and type of welding rods). Weld various types of joints including lap, butt, bevel, edge, corner, and T joints and able to complete projects with a mirror because of tight quarters and close tolerances. Utilize electric, acetylene and inert gas shielded welding processes to weld different types of metals in various sizes, shapes, thickness. Analyze sketches, drawings and blueprints with American Welding Society standard welding symbols. Review production schedule and specifications to ascertain product to be fabricated. Position and adjust fixtures, attachments, or work piece on machine, using hand tools and measuring devices such as tape measures, squares, and micrometers. Plan, lay out work, position and clamp templates. Complete precise cutting of materials and metals to desired dimensions using flame cutting, plasma, air arc gouging, band saws, hack saw, tin snips, jig saws. Meet specifications of welding processes by observing welding machine and the controls, as well as paying attention to gauges, dials.


Assist supervisor and lower grade employees with inspection and surveillance of completed welding jobs. Oversee project completion by determining the kind of tools and equipment needed, such as c-clamps, carpenter clamps, channels, vise grips, welder vise grips, angles and flat stock.  Plan project layout using jigs and fixtures, assemble and accomplish welding on mild steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass, copper and stainless steel using flat, overhead, horizontal and vertical positions with all sizes of rods. Solve measurement problems with mathematical calculations. Follow oral and written instructions to adhere to project guidelines and timelines. Set-up and operate various electric resistance welding machines and/or use various manual welding processes to weld parts made of commonly used metals assuring proper spacing, pressures, and heat cycles when operating equipment and controls the torch or arc and the positioning and feeding of the rod or electrode. Able to adapt to changing work load and to work unsupervised while adhering to all safety rules.



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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                                                       Job Posting: xxxxxxxxxx

Social Security Number: xxx-xx-xxxx                                                                                         page 2 of 4




Roadway Express, Inc. C Tannersville, PA

Supervisor:  May Contact C Ron Brophy  (570) 629-1030; Contact: Yes

Salary: $22.98 per hour

Hours:  40 Per Week

OTR Driver/Dock Worker, 04/01/2001-11/10/2007

Oversaw shipping, receiving, handling, and transport of various cargo including hazardous materials and explosives to designated facilities at various locations on the east coast. Processed issue request documents, shipping and receiving reports, stock identification list or other similar materials related to the assigned operation. Class A combination> 26,000 lbs / tow> 10,000 lbs gross vehicle weight. Demonstrated strong technical and efficient operational knowledge in dock work to include taking accurate inventory of cargo, stack, label, and mark packages for storage. Operated pallet jacks, hand trucks, yard trucks, and 2,000 to 6,000 pound capacity forklifts to load, unload, stack, unstack, and move boxes, crates, packages, pallets, or loose items for storage. Operated forklifts for storing and shipment of material. Relocated materials without causing damage to deliveries. Worked with heavy irregularly shaped items, loading and unloading crated material and machinery from tractor trailers. Adhered to safety guidelines by responsibly utilizing rigging equipment such as wire and rope slings, tackle blocks, turnbuckles and grappling equipment. Drove gasoline, battery, or gas-electric powered three or four wheeled tractors with up to four forward gears; towing loaded or unloaded dump cars, skids, or wheeled trailers; couple and uncouple tractors and trailers automatically or manually under special circumstances.


Prepared specifications and planned projects through review of materials and determining the sequences, steps, procedures, and techniques required to complete operations. Validated all established routes to get to destinations on time; inspect trucks prior to operating. Analyzed and determined placement of gear to ensure load is safely secured and balanced. Adhered to environmental concerns when dealing with HAZMAT materials. Met loading guidelines by exercising care to avoid overloading or improper stacking or movement of supplies and materials.


Assisted other drivers/workers as a proactive team player to get the job completed. Adapted to everyday changing conditions and rerouted deliveries as needed. Completed assigned tasks with quality workmanship. Tracked and entered proper records for mileage reports and documentation of duties performed on various trips. Performed driver s maintenance in accordance with established rules and regulations.


Keystone Quarry C Dunmore, PA

Supervisor:  May Contact C Scott Spencer (570) 348-3133

Salary: $14.00 per hour

Hours:  60 Per Week

Loader Operator/Welder, 01/01/1999-01/01/2001

Served at two plant locations to fabricate, assemble, install, modify, and repair sheet metal guards and conveyors. Drove and operated various gasoline or diesel powered motor vehicles such as dump trucks, loaders, fuel dispensing trucks, vans, and welding trucks. Operated bowl and jaw stone crushing plant and followed a variety of approaches and techniques to perform tasks on time while adhering to safety guidelines. Examined, evaluated, and inspected equipment, completed preventative maintenance service records, and assessed fuel level of motor vehicles and equipment such as generators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, etc. through tank hoses. Oversaw maintenance of pumps and equipment. Refaced, rebuilt, and hard faced buckets of loaders using various methods of welding such as M IG, TIG, stick, brazing, and spot welding in all positions (vertical, horizontal, overhead). Performed repairs on metal body components such as fenders, panels, and hoods using tools such as dolly sets, hammers, grinders, sanders, and gas and electric arc welding equipment. Performed cutting of materials using air arcing and
oxygen acetylene torches.



Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                                                       Job Posting: xxxxxxxxxx

Social Security Number: xxx-xx-xxxx                                                                                         page 3 of 4




Demonstrated diversified skills with flexibility in completing and leading multiple projects simultaneously. Read and interpreted blueprints, sketches, and drawings and collaborated with various team members to complete projects on time and with quality workmanship. Followed verbal and written procedures. Always displayed a strong awareness of environmental concerns when dealing with HAZMAT materials. Created flexible plans to meet all unpredictable schedules. Consistently adapted to changing workloads.

Karnel Inc. C Clarks Summit, PA

Supervisor:  May Contact C Dave Jennings (570) 586-1488

Salary: $10.00 per hour

Hours:  40 Per Week

Welder/Painter, 01/01/1997-01/01/1999
Verified part installations by reviewing a parts list to ensure completion of installation. Successfully completed projects using a selection of tools needed to carry out tasks according to job specifications. Recognized and corrected defected tooling malfunctions of obvious dimensional deviations. Inspected and examined equipment before use to determine precise measuring, create of jigs and templates, and accurately cut materials using plasma cutter, oxygen acetylene torches, and band saws. Met safety and health guidelines by cleaning brushes and equipment. Palletized and labeled finished products for shipping.


Utilized machine tools such as grinding machines, boring machines, lathes, screw machines and radial drills to control the speed and feeds for successive operations. Performed minor changes in the machine setup to realign for different sizes and shapes of materials. Fabricated and installed various metal and sheet metal products such as straps, trays, brackets, guards, and catwalks. Read and interpreted blueprints/drawings, sketches, and written procedures to provide consistent, dependable and accurate measurement in the prep and layout of projects. Conducted welding projects with MIG, TIG, brazing, stick and spot methods in all positions (vertical, horizontal, overhead). Positioned and adjusted fixtures, attachments, or work piece on machine, using hand tools and measuring devices such as tape measures and squares. Operated equipment such as hand and power breaks, shears, folders, crimpers, benders, punch presses, metal sitting saws, drill press, grinder, jacks, electric crane, and manual hand tools. Prepped, primed, and painted using pneumatic tools and performed body work using body filler to patch dents or holes and vibrates surface to obtain a smooth finish. Performed standardized painting duties such as scraping, chipping surfaces, and applying standard coating materials and prepared surface areas for painting by sanding, scraping, chipping, and wire brushing. Masked areas prior to painting; applied coating materials such as lacquer, enamels, epoxies, stains, and polyurethane. Made repairs on metal body components such as fenders, panels and hoods, etc. Straightened or knocked out dents and creases; welds small cuts and holes; smoothes, fills, sands, and finishes damaged body components using such tools as dolly sets, hammers, grinders, sanders, and gas and electric arc equipment.




Welding Certification, Career Technology Center, Scranton, PA, 1997


Training/Professional Development


CDL Class A Driver s License, endorsements: Hazmat, Dbl/Tpl trailers





Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                                                       Job Posting: xxxxxxxxxx

Social Security Number: xxx-xx-xxxx                                                                                         page 4 of 4






Motor Vehicles - Dump truck and farm tractor/loader. Transport a variety of materials such as cinders, sand, ashes, sawdust, stone, and top soil. Unload materials to desired sites.

Television and Audio Visual Equipment - Replaced various modules and adjusted audio and video outputs and voltages.

Computer - Replaced various circuit boards for upgrades. Replaced various boards as per troubleshooting and repairs.

Electronic Automobile Components - Replaced defected electronic ignition components. Replaced electrical output components on autos.

Automobile Radios - Replaced various outputs, transistors, amplifiers, and audio speakers. Rewired radio harnesses as per schematic drawings.

Home Appliances and Water Heaters - Replaced various defective components. Troubleshoot as per schematic drawings to determine defective components.

Electrical Wiring - Completely hard wired a residence as per installation of all wiring boxes, receptacles, switches, main circuit box for 110 VAC and 220 VAC power sources.

























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