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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000  USA


Daytime Phone Number:  (xxx-xxx-xxxx

Social Security Number: 000-00-0000

Country of Citizenship: United States

Veterans Preference: 5 Points; DD-214 included with packet


VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER: TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003

POSITION TITLE: Field Canine Coordinator

DEPARTMENT: Homeland Security

AGENCY: Transportation Security Administration (TSA)


Core Comptencies


Field Canine Coordinator, Handler, Supervisor, K-9 Trainer, Handler Trainer, Supervisor, Explosives Detection, Narcotics/Drug Detection, Certified Narcotics Detection Handler, Security, Random/Suspected/Routine Searches, Screenings, Regulatory Compliance, Behavioral Modification Techniques, Principles of Conditioning, Advanced Obedience, Tracking, Building/Facility Search, Team Building, Scheduling, Team Coordination, Performance Evaluation, Law Enforcement, Policies and Procedures Development/ Implementation,  SOP Manual Development, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Records Management, Reporting, Inventory/Property/Assets Management, Supplies Receiving/Issuance, Procurement, Contracting, Budgeting, Fiscal Management




November 2002-Present

K-9 Trainer/Supervisor/Handler; Lieutenant

Hawaii State Department of Transportation, Airports Division

Honolulu International Airport, 300 Rodgers Blvd , Honolulu, HI 96819

Salary: $5,000/mo

Hours per Week: 40+

Supervisor: Ronnie Ome, (808) 836-6485 wk, (808) 348-7388 cell; Permission to Contact: Yes

Field Canine Coordinator: Lyle Combs, (808) 478-0417 (


As proactive member of and Supervisor with National Explosive Detection Canine Team Program (NEDCTP), effectively build, coordinate and evaluate performance of 6-member TSA NEDCTP team of handlers and canines, contributing strong leadership qualities toward supervising/directing teams to ensure optimal performance in support of critical security objectives throughout airport.  Prepare and submit comprehensive written reports per TSA guidelines. Facilitate priority mail screening and enter associate data/records in TSA canine website.


Successfully develop and deliver dynamic instructional/training programs in detection of explosives within an airport setting; strategically plan, coordinate and faciltiate joint service training with military and State canine law enforcement agencies. Efficiently maintain detailed training records.


Consistently ensure crucial compliance with TSA guidelines in the inspection, handling, storage, safety, and security of explosives used for training purposes. In capacity of Explosive Custodian, proficiently manage all records and inventories.


Simultaneously serving as a Handler, effectively conduct airport-wide searches, with accountability for all VIP arrivals/departures  including U.S. Presidential and Foreign Dignitary visits.  Contribute strong communication skills toward presenting public presentations of all canine detection demonstrations.




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Kenneth Gaymon  000-00-0000                                                                         TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003   Page 2 of 4


Experience continued...


April 2005-Present

Explosive Detection K-9 Trainer/Handler

Certified Detection LLC

45-333 Mokulele Drive, Kaneohe, HI  96744

Salary: $25/hr

Hours per Week: Part-Time

Supervisor: Kaipo Miller, (808) 258-5473; Permission to Contact: Yes


Concurrent with TSA position, hold secondary position, with responsibility for effectively training 5 dogs and maintaining proficiency in explosive odors. Conduct cargo/baggage searches on docked cruise ships at Honolulu Pier in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard standards.


October 1997-October 2002

K-9 Trainer/Kennel Master/Handler/Law Enforcement Officer; Sergeant

Coastal International Security/ Akal Security/ Alutiiq Security

Kwajalein Police Department, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll/Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site, USAKA RMI Marshall Island, P.O. Box 3398, APO, AP, 96555

Salary: $3,192/mo

Hours per Week: 40+

Supervisor: Investigations LT Moreno (805) 355-4427/4447; Permission to Contact: Yes


Strategicaly employed behavioral modification techniques and Principles of Conditioning to optimize explosive/drug detector canine training results; successfully trained detector canines to identify 9 distinct odors to DoD minimum standard of 95% and ensured consistent proficiencies through ongoing training, quarterly validations and annual certifications.  Serving as Kennel Supervisor, oversaw utilization and proficiency training of assigned detection dogs.  Effectively scheduled/ coordinated canine detection support to maximize use of resources in providing aircraft, passenger, baggage, vessel, cargo, warehouse, Matson shipping container, building, vehicle, and entry and exit point security. Efficiently maintained detailed training/utilization records per U.S. Army regulations.  Acting as Primary Narcotics Training Aid Custodian, efficiently issued/received narcotics training aids and managed daily records at high accuracy level; maintained storage vault security.  


Actively collaborated with Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in ensuring accountability and security of explosives and training aids. Demonstrating dynamic leadership and administrative skills, took the initiative to review and rewrite Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Canine Unit and successfully designed and submitted kennel reconstruction plan, playing key role in boosting operational productivity, quality and cost effectiveness.


As Handler, spearheaded both scheduled and random daily inspections/searches. Additionally serving as Law Enforcement Officer, effectively enforced rules and regulations and maintained order.  Faciliated apprehensions, interviews, interrogations, crime scene preservation, surveillance, and evidence protection.  Successfully completed extensive training and gained practical experience in arrest, use of force and booking procedures.


October 1994-October 1997

Canine Police Handler/Trainer;MA1/E-6

United States Navy

USN Subase Bangor Security Detachment, 1200 Skate St. NSB Bangor, Silverdale, WA  98315-5000

Salary: $2,500/mo

Hours per Week: 40+

Supervisor: Master Chief Ball / Chief Isley  (360) 396-4155/4150; Permission to Contact: Yes


Proactively trained, coordinated and led 3 explosives and 3 narcotics canine teams. Delivered comprehensive canine training in explosives detection, narcotics detection, basic/advanced obedience, tracking, building search, handler protection, and gunfire as well as ongoing proficiency

Kenneth Gaymon  000-00-0000                                                                         TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003   Page 3 of 4


Experience continued...


training. Conducted random and suspected explosives detection inspections and searches. Partnered with U.S. Secret Service Special Agents in providing explosives detection in support of U. S. Presidential  and Foreign Dignitaries visits. Collaborated in exercises and operations with Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Units.

As Primary Explosive Training Aid Custodian, issued and received explosive training aids and maintained related daily records of use, oversaw security of explosive magazine keys and conducted monthly inspections for verification and accountability. Entrusted with selecting optimal personnel for alternate custodial duties and created distribution schedules.  Strategically scheduled training for all canine teams in order to optimize quality of training in meeting mission capability objectives. Resourcefully established diverse training scenarios, accounted for training aids and maintained accurate daily training records.

Illustrating versatility, adaptability and broad-scope expertise, held collateral responsibilities of  Leading Petty Officer, Detector Training Supervisor, Department Training Coordinator/Instructor, Emergency Vehicle Operator Course Instructor, Supply Custodian, and Scheduling Coordinator.


Actively supported Local and Federal government agencies in The War on Drugs, deploying to various locations to provide narcotics detection support to U.S. Customs; successfully collaborated in numerous narcotics seizures worth over $4M, leading to recognition with Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. 


Responsible for safety/security of base personnel and resources. Spearheaded Morale and Welfare searches focused on maintaining a drug-free environment for military personnel and families.  Effectively used narcotics detector dogs to search U.S. Navy vessels, barracks, buildings, vehicles, and local schools. Played instrumental role in the construction and completion of the Subase Bangor Military Working Dog (MWD) Cemetery acknowledging the contribution of MWDs at Subase Bangor.


April 1993-September 1994

Narcotics Detection Canine Handler/Trainer; MA2/E-5

United States Navy

U.S. Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory, USN Diego Garcia Security Detachment, PSC 466 P.O. Box 30 NSF Security, Diego Garcia FPO AP  96464-3000

Salary: $1,800/mo

Hours per Week: 40+

Supervisor: MAC (AW) Beverly Dyer (DSN#); Permission to Contact: Yes 


Led searches of all arriving aircraft and passengers; conducted random and suspected narcotic detection inspections and searches on all areas of the Island ranging from arriving cargo, shipping containers, warehouses and buildings to barracks, arriving mail and open areas. Had the privilege of working alongside and training with British Police Narcotic Canine Handlers, capitalizing on opportunity to acquire knowledge of/skills in unique, advanced training techniques used by British Handlers. As Primary Narcotics Training Aid Custodian, issued and received narcotics training aids, managed quality daily records of narcotics training aid use and maintained security of narcotics storage vault.


Proficiently drafted short-/long-term MWD inspection schedules, maintained proficiency training records and provided senior personnel with detailed quarterly reports.  Personally authored MWD section of Standard Operating Procedures Manual for the Canine Unit. Saved Navy thousands of dollars by strategically planning and facilitating kennel facility renovation to optimize use of resources. Additionally assisted Army Veterinarian with multiple intricate surgical procedures and associated laboratory work during semi-annual visits to facility.



Kenneth Gaymon  000-00-0000                                                                         TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003   Page 4 of 4






Criminal Justice Classes, University of Maryland, Central Texas College, Naval Station Cubi Point, Republic of the Philippines; 1987

Administration of Justice Classes, Olympic College, Bremerton, WA; 1986


High School


Diploma, General Studies, Pomona High School, Jefferson County Public Schools, Arvada, CO; 1986


Specialized/Job-Related Training

Central Pacific District Veterinary Command K-9 Handler s Workshop; 2003, 2004, 2005

TSA National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program Review for Trainers, Annual Program Review-New Orleans, LA; 2004

TSA International Explosive Detection Canine Conference; 2004

Certified Narcotic Detection Handler, Global Training Academy-TX; 1997-2002 (annual)

Drug / Explosive Dog Handler Course, Global Training Academy-TX; 2001     

Certified Instructor, Emergency Vehicle Operators Instructors Course; 1999   

Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) annual safety briefing; 1994-1997

Certified MWD Explosive Detector Handler, CNO (OP-09N); annual 1993-1997

Basics of Naval Explosives Hazard Control, U.S. Army Defense Ammunition Center & School; 1996                    

Explosives and Hazardous Materials Motor Vehicle Driver s Course, NAVSEA OP2239, Naval Submarine Base-Bangor; 1995

Fundamentals of Total Quality Leadership, Department of the Navy, Naval U.S. Department of Transportation; l Submarine Base-Bangor; 1995 

Detector Dog Handler Course L3AZR81152A-007, Technical Training School-Lackland AFB TX; 1993                                            

Patrol Dog Handler Course (Honor Graduate) L3ALR81132A-001, Technical Training School-Lackland AFB TX; 1993

Military Police School, Navy Master-At-Arms, United States Army-Fort McClellan, AL; 1992

Law Enforcement Specialist Course (Marine Corps/Navy) L3ABR81132-004, USAF Technical Training School-Lackland AFB TX; 1990 

Law Enforcement / Flight line Security Training (BLE/FST), U.S. Naval Air Station-Cubi Point, R.P.; 1990

Aviation Administration Maintenance, A School, Department of the Navy; 1987                                         

NAVY Recruit Training; 1987                                                                                




Navy Achievement Medals (3); Good Conduct Medals (2); Letters of Commendation (2); National Defense Service Medal; Joint Meritorious Unit Award; Navy Overseas Service Ribbons (5);

Senior Sailor of the Quarter; Numerous Letters of Appreciation for K-9 Demonstrations; Grade of Outstanding on every Physical Readiness Test; Honorable Discharge from United States Navy, with 10 years of service







Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000  USA


Daytime Phone Number:  (xxx-xxx-xxxx

Social Security Number: 000-00-0000

Country of Citizenship: United States

Veterans Preference: 5 Points; DD-214 included with packet


VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER: TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003

POSITION TITLE: Field Canine Coordinator

DEPARTMENT: Homeland Security

AGENCY: Transportation Security Administration (TSA)



1. Knowledge of process for training and evaluating explosives detector dogs from initial through advanced levels of explosives detection training.


Working as a Trainer/Supervisor with the TSA National Explosive Detection Canine Team Program (NEDCTP) since 2002, and in similar positions dating back to the early 1990s, I have consistently demonstrated advanced knowledge of training and evaluation processes vital to optimizing performance of explosives detector dogs/K-9 teams.  In each position I have held sole and/or primary responsibility for facilitating canine training in explosives detection.  I have effectively applied my broad knowledge of animal behavior and psychology in developing and implementing explosive detector dog training programs, from basic through advanced levels, and am well-versed in both Classical and Operant Conditioning Models as well as the positive and negative aspects of the Learning Model.  I have solid working knowledge of applying theories of Reward Training (Extinction, Avoidance and Escape) as well as Applied Behavior Analysis in real-world scenarios and food reward methodologies.  Currently, I am responsible for ensuring all new dogs, as well as handlers, are fully trained for their first 14-day training mission.  After implementing strategic training programs and upon successful team completion of initial training program, I am subsequently responsible for ongoing proficiency training and development.


In order to determine impact and success of training, I also conduct routine evaluations of explosive detection teams (three times weekly) in order to define inefficiencies and develop/execute targeted actions to maximize results.  I also consistently review and analyze training records in order to identify additional strategies for optimizing performance.  I take the initiative to utilize valuable resources, such as TSA NEDCTP website forum as well as personal interface with TSA NEDCTP Evaluators/Trainers to maintain current knowledge of advanced techniques as well as to address and determine answers for questions related to our operations.  I also expertly provide evaluation-based advise to Handlers on training and utilization of canines.  This includes clearly identifying and resolving training deficiencies. Concurrently, I work closely with the Honolulu Police Department and Local Sherrif Department Explosive Detection Teams, providing expert advise to senior police personnel on assessments and corrective actions in order to support them in maximizing their programs. While serving as a Trainer with the United States Navy, I was hand-selected to lend my expertise toward training an FAA washout dog and preparing it for annual Law Enforcement Physical Security (LEPS) evaluation, successfully implementing training techniques to certify the explosive detector dog at 95% find rate during initial LEPS evaluation.  I have acquired comprehensive, advanced training through all branches of the Military and Federal/State government and have graduated from both Military and Civilian Dog Handler Schools.

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Kenneth Gaymon  000-00-0000                    TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003               KSA RESPONSES- Page 2 of 6


Additionally, I took advantage of the opportunity collaborate with a team of British detection dog Handlers, where we shared information on techniques used by varied sources in order to boost our knowledge and proficiencies.


My background has included training and evaluating canine teams for explosives detection in diverse areas/settings ranging from aircraft, baggage, cargo, vehicles, checkpoints, and all areas of airport terminals to docked cruise ships, marine vessels, shipping containers, warehouses,  commercial/institutional facilities, military bases, and incoming mail.


2. Demonstrated knowledge of Federal regulations governing the safe handling and security pertaining to actual (not simulated) explosive substances used for explosives detection canine training aids.


As a Canine Supervisor/Handler with the TSA NEDCTP, I have consistently demonstrated expertise in Federal Regulations, ensuring compliance with safe handling and security protocol related to actual explosive substances used as training aids.  I offer a comprehensive working knowledge of TSA, NEDCTP and related Standard Operating Practices and Procedures (SOPPs) and in a leadership capacity, continually enforce compliance in training and directing Handlers. I am also proficient in maintaining detailed training and utilization records per TSA NEDCTP standards. In my present position, I also work closely with diverse Federal and State law enforcement agencies. 


Over the course of my career, I have worked with multiple government and military entities, all with complex standards driving the handling and security of explosive substances.  Concurrent with my position with the Hawaii State Department of Transportation s Airports Division, I am an Explosive Detection K-9 Trainer/Handler with Certified Detection, LLC, where I oversee the search of cargo, baggage and ships per U.S. Coast Guard standards.


Working with Coastal International Security, I demonstrated solid understanding of DoD compliance in achieving 95% rating in training detector canines to identify 9 distinct odors.  During that time, I also partnered with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) to ensure accountability and security of explosive training aids per their stringent guidelines.  With the United States Navy, I worked with U.S. Secret Service Special Agents in facilitating explosives detection supporting visits by the U.S. President and foreign dignitaries, again, ensuring compliance with their standards of practice, regulations, etc.   In this capacity, I also worked heavily in joint exercises and operations with Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Units.


Complementing this, my extensive training and certifications in explosives, including the U.S. Navy Explosives Ordinance Disposal and Firearms Safety program, among many others, has encompassed the training and experience to ensure appropriate, regulatory-compliant security and handling of explosive substances.

3. Influencing/Negotiating - Persuades others; builds consensus through give and take, gains cooperation from others to obtain information and accomplish goals; facilitates "win-win" situations.


Recently we have gone through several critical contract negotiations with the State, and I have served as key contact in meeting with the Purchasing Technician and Airport Security Manager as well as DOT/Airports Division Administrative personnel to collaboratively achieve contract goals.  This has involved steering persuasive negotiations on everything

Kenneth Gaymon  000-00-0000                    TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003               KSA RESPONSES- Page 3 of 6


from pay, supply and benefit to reporting and chain of command issues, and I have been successful in facilitating these negotiations to attain the contracting goals not only of the employer (TSA) but the State.


As a Trainer and Supervisor, I am constantly using persuasive communication skills in building and leading top-performing Canine/Handler teams, with a continual focus on maximizing results, promoting consensus and collaboration and cooperatively achieving critical goals.  Further, in many of my positions I have been relied upon to provide proactive, convincing recommendations to senior personnel on strategies for boosting performance and attaining objectives.


As a Liaison and primary point of contact between the employer and diverse organizations, regulatory agencies and key stakeholders, the ability to influence and negotiate has been critical to operations.  I have successfully collaborated with entities ranging from

British Royal Navy Canine Handlers, US Custom Handlers, Honolulu Police Department K9 Handlers, Contract K9 Handlers, and K9 Handlers from all Military branches  to Filipino Sentry K9 Handlers, FBI K9 Handlers, USSS K9 Handlers, and Guam Airport Authority Police K9 Handlers on cross-functional and joint missions, consistently ensuring consensus and facilitating teamwork for a win-win outcome.


While with the United States Navy, I also applied my dynamic negotiation and consensus-building skills toward actively supporting Local and Federal government War on Drugs initiatives in working with U.S. Customs at geographically dispersed locations in achieving goals, leading to over $4M in narcotics confiscation.

4. Financial Management - Demonstrates broad understanding of principles of financial management and marketing expertise necessary to ensure appropriate funding levels. Prepares, justifies, and/or administers the budget for the program area; uses cost-benefit thinking to set priorities; monitors expenditures in support of programs and policies. Identifies cost-effective approaches.


I have successfully spearheaded many Kennel projects, requiring the ability to effectively forecast, develop, allocate, and administer budgets to ensure optimal use of resources, control costs and meet stringent budgetary guidelines.  As a key example, while stationed at Diego Garcia with the U.S. Navy, I successfully planned and implemented a 6-month Military Working Dog (MWD) renovation project focused on preserving perimeter fencing, modifications to interior canine stalls and office spaces and a kennel ventilation system.  Through expert planning, allocation and use of financial resources, I was able to not only come in under budget, but save the Command over $80K in material and labor costs.  While there, I also demonstrated a sharp financial management acumen in successfully identifying and resolving a major discrepancy found during a comprehensive Chief of Naval Operations inspection. 


While at Subase Bangor, again, with the U.S. Navy, I also successfully managed a labor and materials budget supporting the construction of a Military Working Dog (MWD) Cemetery.  In an additional capacity as Supply Custodian, I managed fluctuating quarterly budgets and procurement so effectively that we were routinely left with surplus.  As a result, I often had surplus funding that I was able to strategically apply toward additional operational initiatives; as quarterly funding was based on prior quarter spend, effectively using all budgetary resources was vital to avoiding lower budget resource availability for subsequent quarters.



Kenneth Gaymon  000-00-0000                    TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003               KSA RESPONSES- Page 4 of 6


I additionally drove a major project in Kwajalein while with the U.S. Navy, involving the full start-up through delivery construction of a new Kennel.  In addition to designing the Kennel, I actively steered and participated in numerous labor and materials meetings in order to justify spending and define optimal strategies for meeting project goals while controlling costs in order to maximize use of a limited budget. 


I  am presently serving as a Supply Custodian, where one of my roles is to cost-effectively manage the procurement of all K-9 supply purchases.  This includes managing detailed logs and ensuring validity and justification of expenses as well as partnering with the State accounting representative throughout reimbursement processes, from submission of reimbursement packages through receipt of Federal funds.


I have also served as Treasurer in the Military and in volunteer/community settings.  Currently, I serve as a Board Member on my Apartment Owners Association (AOA), where I am actively involved in evaluating and addressing budgetary issues.  This includes soliciting cost-effective bids for contracted services.   Presently I am working with the Association in planning, bidding and awarding a $200K project contract for facility maintenance and upgrades.  Going back as far as high school employment as an Assistant Manager, I was actively involved in budgeting, accounting and financial management/reporting.


On a more personal, entrepreneurial  level, I applied my dynamic financial management skills toward successfully purchasing 8 properties, primarily in Hawaii. Capitalizing on a lucrative rental market, I successfully renovated many of these properties on a tight budget, coordinating everything from labor and materials to funding, and rented and managed the properties at a solid profit.  I then successfully positioned these properties for sale at a strong return on investment, using a 1031 Tax Exchange strategy to then purchase similar, higher-valued properties; I now own/manage properties in 3 different US cities, requiring sound fiscal management and budgetary skills to financially thrive in an economically-challenged market.

5. Problem-Solving - Identifies and analyzes complex problems; distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant information to make logical decisions; provides solutions to individual and organizational problems.


As primary point of contact for VIP and outer Island supports, I work closely with the FBI and USSS, as well as key related stakeholders, in effectively identifying, analyzing and troubleshooting problems through strategic and logistical decisionmaking, proactive leadership and solutions-focused problem solving.  Demonstrating my successful analytical and complex problem solving skills, I have consistently steered the Honolulu Airport K-9 Unit toward attaining a 100% pass rate during Annual Evaluations since joining the team as Trainer. As a Supervisor in charge of conducting team evaluations and writing disciplinary reports, I am required to clearly identify and extensively analyze performance deficiencies and assess findings/relevant information to determine and execute targeted action plans for boosting results.   


With management responsibilities during much of my career, the ability to identify and analyze operational needs and determine and execute optimal scheduling, coordination and utilization of human, K-9 and related resources has been crucial to both short-term and long-range goal achievement. During this time, I have also applied my strong research and analysis skills toward effectively identifying operational inefficiencies, and as a result of findings, I have twice written new SOPs that have proven instrumental in enhancing efficiency, productivity and quality of operations.

Kenneth Gaymon  000-00-0000                    TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003               KSA RESPONSES- Page 5 of 6



Earlier in my career as a Military Law Enforcement Officer, I was required to identify, analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve complex problems in time-sensitive, often dangerous situations, where strategic problem solving, sound judgment and decisive leadership was crucial to determining and implementing immediate solutions.  While working with the Kwajalein K-9 Unit Investigations Department, I  excelled in conducting interrogations and investigations to gather, evaluate and effectively interpret complex information and define appropriate courses of action.  

6. Oral Communication - Makes clear and convincing oral presentations to individuals or groups; listens effectively and clarifies information as needed; facilitates an open exchange of ideas and fosters atmosphere of open communication.


I offer you numerous years of experience as a Trainer as well as Supervisor, requiring the ability to effectively communicate complex information in a clear manner to broad audiences of both individuals and groups.  I have successfully developed and delivered instructional/ training programs in all areas of explosives and narcotics canine handling and explosives detection as well as wide-range operations, policies and procedures.

In my current position as Supervisor at Honolulu International Airport, I am also relied upon to contribute my dynamic communication skills toward serving as liaison between our Canine Unit and airport administrators as well as actively participating in key meetings.  Additionally, I provide canine detection demonstrations for the public. In recognition of my strong communication and interpersonal relation skills, I was selected by the Airport Director to deliver a presentation to all other Island Airport Federal Security Directors detailing our K-9 program and advising on strategies for establishing their own programs.

Earlier in my career with the U.S. Navy Aviation Administration Maintenance team, I similarly served as liaison between Maintenance Control and cross-functional workstations, playing a vital role in ensuring clear communications for optimal operational performance. As a Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) Instructor, I also gave numerous oral presentations.

I have also worked extensively with the public, which demands the ability to communicate complex rules and regulations as well facilitate positive interpersonal relations.  As a Law Enforcement Officer, 1997-2002, my oral communication skills were vital to effectively enforcing rules and regulations as well as conducting interviews and interrogations.


7. Written Communication - Expresses facts and ideas in writing in succinct and organized manner.

My ability to develop clear written communications has played a vital role in composing volumes of succinct professional emails, developing and maintaining complex records, drafting detailed inspection schedules, providing senior personnel with quality periodic reports, preparing performance evaluations, and managing databases of critical information. As part of my position with the TSA NEDCTP, I have actively collaborated in developing and documenting training techniques, procedures, operating instructions, and contract work statements for civilian personnel.





Kenneth Gaymon  000-00-0000                    TSA-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000003               KSA RESPONSES- Page 6 of 6



Clearly illustrating my written communication capabilities, I comprehensively reviewed and rewrote the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for our Canine Unit while working with Coastal International Security/Akal Security/Alutiiq Security.  Through clear, effective communication of complex policies and procedures, I was able to contribute to their success in boosting operational productivity, efficiency, quality, and standards compliance with varied regulatory agencies and guidelines.   Similarly, with the U.S. Navy, I authored the MWD section of the SOP Manual for the Diego Garcia Canine Unit


8. Accountability - Assures that effective controls are developed and maintained to ensure the integrity of the organization. Holds self and others accountable for rules and responsibilities. Can be relied upon to ensure that projects within specific areas of responsibility are completed in a timely manner and within budget. Monitors and evaluates plans, focuses on results and measuring attainment of outcomes.

I have held Supervisory and Leadership positions during much of career, with broad-scope accountability for training programs and personnel.  Presently, I am a K-9 Trainer/Supervsior with the NEDCTP, where I am responsible for coordinating, assigning, directing, and evaluating the performance of a 6-member team of handlers and canines in support of critical TSA objectives at Honolulu International Airport.  Concurrently, I am responsible for developing, coordinating and delivering instructional/training programs vital to the security of travelers, personnel, facilities, and property.  In driving both operations and training, the ability to consistently prioritize, plan and facilitate workflow and projects to meet stringent timelines, budgetary guidelines and regulatory standards is crucial to maintaining accountability, maximizing results and achieving goals.  I have also played a vital role in maintaining optimal accountability while assisting the FCC in conducting comprehensive annual canine assessments.  Partnering with the FCC, I have further collaborated in ensuring smooth operations since inception and implementation of our Priority Mail mission. 

Over the course of my progressive career, I have held wide-range accountability responsibilities.  As a current Supply Custodian, I am responsible for all K9 supply purchases. Additionally, I have routinely held the position of Primary Custodian of both Narcotic and Explosive Training Aids and have been entrusted with the accountability and security of highly sensitive inventory/supplies.  In this capacity, I have successfully developed and implemented policies, procedures and systems to ensure optimal integrity and accountability from issuance and receipt through tracking and detailed records management.  I have also strategically selected, trained and oversaw alternate Custodians to support these operations at high accountability levels.


Going back as far as 1994, I held a high level of accountability, with responsiblity for the safety and security of base personnel and resources at Subase Bangor.  In support of objectives, I successfully ensured a drug-free environment for all military personnel and their families by  facilitating base-wide searches using narcotics detector dogs in support of our Morale and Welfare program.  I have also often taken the initiative to spearhead and collaborate in special projects, taking them from strategic planning and development through implementation.  For instance, with the U.S. Navy, I was instrumental in planning, coordinating and facilitating the construction of a Military Working Dog (MWD) Cemetery at Subase Bangor, from concept through successful completion, honoring the contributions of our deceased MWDs.  I also took the lead and assumed full accountability in facilitating a major kennel facility renovation at Diego Garcia.


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