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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000



Country of Citizenship:   USA

Social Security Number:  XXX-XX-XXXX



Vacancy Announcement #:                                    






Core Competencies

Light-wheel vehicle maintenance including but not limited to frame repair; turbo systems, shocks/struts, ball joints, master cylinder, brakes, heating and A/C, radar jamming systems, electrical wiring, generators, power steering, fans, transmission repair/replacement, torque converters, differential replacement, wiring harness; diesel motors; Blackhawks; HMMWVs; HEMTTs; MRAP vehicles; armored carriers; flatbeds; low-boy trailers; Bobcats; generators; forklifts; carpentry; painting; general office maintenance/administration; qualified as Expert Marksman; PeopleSoft software


Professional Experience



November 2006 C December 2009

HHC 20th Engineers Combat Airborne

Fort Bragg, NC

Salary:  $35,000 Annual

Hours per Week:  40+

Supervisor: Sgt. Jermy Schlieve, Phone:                                          May / May Not Contact


63B Light Wheeled Mechanic


For this Mechanic assignment, was charged with maintaining over 50 units of equipment, including armored and non-armored HMMWVs, model year 1982-Present with diesel through turbo power plants,  2.5 ton MRAP all-purpose armored carriers, generators and forklifts, regular through telescoping models.  Additionally, worked with Drash heating and air conditioning systems as well as trailers, low-boy trailers and ten-axle wheeled flat beds. 


Utilized variety of technical manuals in support of diagnostic activities, aiding capacity for replacement of entire engines as well as all defective parts, including power steering parts, fan clutch and temp switches, all electrical components, glow plugs and controller, and sensors.  Additionally, replaced transmissions, torque converters, drive shafts, U joints, differentials and parts, and damaged cross members, and performed repairs/installations for all general lighting and wiring harnesses.


In 2007, was assigned to work closely with Post Security Department (PSD) teams in support of assuring 24/7 readiness for, among other equipment, HMMWVs, Light Medium Tactical Vehicles (LMTVs), tractor trailers, flat bed trailers, Bobcats, both 4W and track-type, and forklifts, standard as well as telescoping.  Additionally, assisted supply/distribution efforts of all general goods, equipment, food and water. 

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In this role, developed capabilities in repairing cross members, rear shell door control arms and lift cylinders, roofs, A/C parts, shock absorber parts and assemblies, ball joints, tie rods, steering and accelerator linkages, idler arms, Pitman arms and bumpers.  Also repaired or replaced armored doors and hinges, brake system parts including brake lines/fittings, calipers and rotors, and specialized fuel lines.


Was responsible for air conditioning and heating system repair and upgrading, as well as installing special ballistic windshield and door glass, batteries, starters/switches, electronic key pads, improved mirror assemblies, light racks and special lighting systems.  Performed electrical wiring repair soldering and heat shrinking, and produced add-on armor panels/brackets and other exterior and interior add-ons to increase functionality, reliability and crew comfort.  When necessary, developed custom tools for specific job requirements and trained teammates in their usage. 


In this assignment, was also tasked with general office duties, including order keeping, handling phone orders, email and filing as well as general facility upkeep, including cleaning, painting and overseeing furniture removal and installation.




October 2005 C August 2006

HHC 2-130 Inf. Black Hawks

Central Illinois, USA

Salary:  $32,000 Annual

Hours per Week:  40+

Supervisor: SSG Fischer,    Phone:   N/A                              May Not Contact


63B Light Wheeled Mechanic / 52D Generator Mechanic


In this volunteered-for second deployment to Iraq, volunteered to remain in Iraq to deploy with this Black Hawk brigade and continue with existing Mechanic responsibilities as established with the B 134th Signal Company.



December 2001 C November 2006

B 134th Signal Company

Invergrove Heights, MN

Salary:  $_______ Annual

Hours per Week:  

Supervisor: Sgt. Von Romp   Phone: 651.552.7599                         May / May Not Contact


63B Light Wheeled Mechanic / 52D Generator Mechanic


In this first deployment to Iraq, was tasked with responsibilities for maintaining 70+ pieces of equipment, including armored/non-armored HMMWVs (1982-Present, diesel through turbo, armored M998 through M113) and HEMTT armored carriers.  Goal was to maintain combat readiness of 90% on a 24/7 operational cycle.


For HMMWVs, performed frame repair, repair/maintenance of controller arms for rear doors, lift cylinders, turbo systems, roof removal, A/C, sheet metal repair/fabrication, all shock absorber parts/assemblies, ball joints, steering parts/assemblies, accelerator linkages, idler and Pitman arms, bumpers, armored doors/hinges, brake systems, all hydraulic systems, fuel systems, ballistic glass for windshields/doors, winches and fire suppression systems.  Also repaired or replaced generators, fan clutch assembly parts and temperature switch, glow plug parts/sensors, torque converters, drive train

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components, transmissions, differentials, U joints and transfer cases.   


Installed Blue Force Tracking and other sophisticated electronic equipment, as well as specialty safety equipment, such as a new spare tire system that supported rapid replacement of damaged tires.   Added Ibis Tek equipment such as hood mounted lighting systems, tracking and video-game-like firing systems and computers.  Built custom armor panels and brackets for increased protection. 


For Department of Defense/civilian vehicles, provided service and repairs to Ford and Chevrolet, as well as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and other foreign trucks; for the non-domestic vehicles, was often called upon to develop creative solutions for dealing with non-standard vehicle problems.   Also utilized out of the box creative thinking in maintaining foreign generator equipment that serviced morale and welfare buildings, Internet cafes and aid stations, and force protection efforts.   Performed parts inventory and control and assisted with variety of carpentry endeavors, including erecting walls, framing doors/windows, repairing roofs, installing A/C equipment and wiring electric sockets and transformers.


As a function of providing combat security for assigned areas of responsibility, was qualified as an Expert Marksman with a M16A2 and M249 machine gun.




August 2001 C April 2002

Norstan Telecommunications

Eagan, MN

Salary:  $_______ Annual

Hours per Week:  

Supervisor:          Phone:                               May / May Not Contact




In a comprehensive shipping/receiving assignment, was tasked with processing defective/returned inventory from Technicians with parts requests.  Utilized PeopleSoft computer software for maintaining parts inventory.  Additionally, loaded/unloaded trucks and assembled pallet racking process for warehouse.  Worked closely regarding structural reorganizing with Inventory Planning Specialist at major 50,000 sq. ft. Hebron, KY, distribution center.  Assisted in variety of duties, reporting to management regarding completed projects.   


Interfaced with Technicians and cross-trained with co-workers in developing solutions to variety of problems and reconciling issues.  At weekly company-sponsored team meetings, regularly made suggestions regarding implementing and improving procedures to increase team productivity.  Assisted with maintaining smooth company operations by keeping abreast of needs and ordering office supplies and shipping equipment in anticipation of needs.




August 1998 C July 2001

Norstan Telecommunications

Hebron, KY

Salary:  $_______ Annual

Hours per Week:  

Supervisor:          Phone:                                May / May Not Contact




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Played key role in the planning and development of this 50,000 sq. ft distribution center, beginning during construction.  Was charged with being thoroughly familiar with key segments of company business and specifically with telecommunication equipment operation.  Paid close attention to inventory processes, setting up new pallet racking systems and stocking shelves.  Was tasked with developing, from the ground up, the entire shipping/receiving area within Center. 


Worked closely with representatives from UPS, Airborne Express and Express Courier Systems in developing methodologies and systems that supported most efficient expediting of movement of products for Technicians and clients.  With UPS and Airborne, developed computerized labeling systems and worked on anticipating and solving upcoming problems.  As part of this, utilized PeopleSoft software for data entry and was involved with training other team members. 


Was point-of-contact for field technicians, offering troubleshooting/logistical support that allowed Technicians to remain on-site, and managed courier service to assure timely and accurate parts delivery throughout Midwest.  Cross-trained Express Courier personnel in company products and set up facility to allow EC personnel to be able to access needed products/components in absence of Norstan personnel when called for by Field Technician.  This process was important in solving major problem of providing parts to customers and Technicians, often in a remote location, on an expedited basis.


Another key initiative was to set-up after-hours sites (counter-to-counter, air transport-to-counter) so that Technicians could order needed parts beyond normal business hours.  Company set up multiple on-call locations, including in Canada, so that the Field Technician would have broad-based support in obtaining needed parts in the most timely and efficient manner and restoring multi-million-dollar systems to operational status.






Fayetteville Tech, Fayetteville, NC

Technical School, 2007


North High School, Des Moines, IA

Diploma, 1996


Advanced Professional Training School

Advanced Wood Working Shop, 2 semesters


Specialized Education Journeyman, 2001




Military Training

EMT Basic

Advanced First Aid/CPR

Technical School, 2007


Specialized Education 63 Bravo Mechanic School

540 hours of training.


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Licensed Hazardous Cargo, 2007


Tractor Trailer Operator Course, 2006


Licensed on HEMTT Cargo Carriers, 2005


MOS Training School, SC

Advanced Individual Training, 2002


Licensed Fork Lift Driver


Safety Certification for Fork Lift Driver


Licensed on 5-ton Truck with Wrecker Qualification and Recovery, 2003


Licensed on 2 ½ -ton Old School Trucks, 7000- and 8000-Series Trucks, 2002


Wrecker training to operate boom crane to safety standards


HMMWV Training School and License, 2002









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