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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


job announcement:         aso-afs-08-b053-109047

position:                               supervisory aviation safety inspector(operations)
location:                              college park , ga



core competencies

acting supervisory aviation inspector; faa safety inspector; principal operations inspector; accident reconstruction expert; expert witness;  air safety consultant; federal aviation regulations (far) compliance; operations certificate management; corrective actions; policies/procedures; accident investigations; enforcement investigations; administration; training & development; personnel procedures; supervision; flight operations; pilot-in-command; commercial airline captain; flight engineer; flight instructor; air traffic controller; corporate pilot; multi-engine aircraft; 24,700 total flight hours; training programs; classroom/platform instruction; records management; reporting

professional experience


federal aviation administration; 10-29-06-present


acting supervisory aviation safety inspector/aviation safety inspector

delta cmo, atlanta, ga

10/29/06 c present

recently appointed to serve as acting supervisory aviation safety inspector (10-14-08), assuming additional leadership/supervisory responsibilities under minimal supervision and with accountability for administrative and technical direction of operations certificate management.  efficiently prioritize, assign, coordinate, and evaluate performance to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in support of objectives and within federal/agency personnel procedure guidelines.  relied upon to consistently deliver quality employee development and mentorship. routinely interface with field, regional and aviation community representatives.

in capacity of assignment as geographic aviation safety inspector, have taken the initiative to go beyond defined duties and responsibilities to spearhead and/or collaborate in complex projects vital to faa and delta cmo missions.  these projects have ranged from ensuring full air transportation oversight system (tos) compliance to conducting inspections to identify and verify pilot deviations/misconduct resulting in certificate revocations. selected to contribute expertise as member of working group out of washington dc established to comprehensively review and revise faa order 8900.1, leading to enhanced accuracy and user-friendliness of this complex directive.  serving as a team lead for lean application workshop focused on initiative to identify and eliminate waste within flight standards service quality management system (qms) processes using lean concepts and practices, leading to substantially streamlining flight standards information management systems (fsims) handbook, faa order 8900.1, with initial focus on designated pilot examiner certification.

steer assigned safety inspections in support of operations geographic program. effectively apply expertise toward ensuring air carrier organization, staffing and equipment is at optimal level.  proactively drive training programs instrumental to achieving operational and regulatory compliance. proficiently utilize safety techniques and principles in support of programs, complex recordkeeping systems, base and station facilities, and en-route operations.   define and process enforcement actions based on comprehensive assessments and prepare related final reports.  present expert recommendations on disposition of enforcement actions.



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continental airlines-people express airlines;  01‑29‑84 - 10-29-2006


captain, b-767/b-757, european routes

newark, nj 

12/2005 c 10/29/2006

european routes

captain, b-737-900/800/700/500/300, us and south america routes

houston, tx


 captain, dc-10, b-757, and b-737-800, asian and pacific routes



first officer, dc-10, b-727, a-300



prior experience, 1984-1987:

pilot, b-727; pilot instructor; accident investigation team (3 years)


federal aviation administration; 1971-1983


principal operations safety inspector

miami, fl

01‑26‑83 to 01‑28‑84   

applied industry and regulatory expertise toward facilitating certification inspections for operations component of operating certificate, with aircraft including u.s. scheduled, supplemental, foreign flag, and commercial air carriers of 12,500+ pounds. this was a gs-13 position.


aviation safety inspector

miami, fl

03‑26‑78 to 01‑25‑83   

ensured aircrew ground and flight training/testing and standards compliance for l-1011 and b-727 aircraft assigned to eastern airlines, national airlines and pan american airlines. proficiently steered l-1011 programs including check airman and examiners for both eastern and pan-american airlines. this was a gs-13 position.


faa washington headquarters, washington d.c. (afs 224)

02‑13‑77 to 03‑25‑78

proactively implemented and enforced critical policies, standards, programs, and procedures applicable to the operational components of air carriers, large aircraft commercial operators and air travel clubs. expertly applied regulatory knowledge toward justifying rules and amendments to far 61/ 91/121/ 123/127/135. this was a gs-14 position.



hangar 6, washington d.c.

11‑25‑73 to 02‑12‑77   

entrusted with providing air transport for high-profile government officials ranging from cabinet, senate and congress members to faa administrator and their staff. concurrently combined aviation expertise with dynamic communication skills as an instructor pilot and check pilot for faa headquarter pilots.  administered aviation safety inspector annual proficiency flight checks in compliance with far and recognized standardized procedures. this was a gs-13 position.


air traffic controller

atlanta, georgia

06‑07‑71 to 11‑24‑73

facilitated local control functions including sequencing and spacing, and issued clearances and instructions to aircraft operators within tower s logistical responsibility for medium/heavy-traffic,  non-approach control terminal. this was a gs-11 position.


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audrey carpet mills

corporate pilot, part time

atlanta, ga

11‑72 to 11‑73

in addition to safely piloting queen air and cessna 421 aircraft, personally managed their maintenance and care.


mobley aviation

flight instructor, part time

fulton county airport, atlanta, ga

11‑72 to 11‑73

presented practical flight instruction to private commercial, instrument and multi-engine students in cessna 150, 172, 182, beech baron aircraft operations.


city of forest park georgia

police officer

forest park, ga.

09‑70 to 05‑71


georgia airlines inc.

chief pilot

atlanta, ga

12‑69 to 8‑70

facilitated the training and operation of a far 121 commercial airline using dc-4 aircraft for scheduled freight operations.  additionally oversaw air taxi and commuter operations using cessna 402 and be-18 aircraft in accordance with far 135 directives.


hornes international

corporate pilot, cessna 421

topeka, ks


sun airlines

pilot in command

memphis, tenn.

07‑68 to 05‑69  

strategically scheduled commuter airline flights to maximize use of time and equipment resources; flew cessna 402 and twin otter aircraft.  simultaneously facilitated pilot training in twin otter aircraft.


air commuter airline

co-pilot, twin otter and cessna 402

cleveland, oh

06‑67 to 06‑68


additional background/qualifications


adjunct professor

embry-riddle aeronautical university.


air safety consultant

expert witness, 50+ federal trials

accident investigator, major, high-profile aircraft accidents






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flight time/far 121 experience  (through 09/02/08)


aircraft:                        dc-10               b-756                b-737                a-300                b-727

ca                    720.0                2153.0              5250.0              n/a                   1200.0

f/o                   1890.0              854.0                n/a                   3670.0              2036.6


total single engine:                  1553.0 

total multi-engine prop:                        4272.2

total multi-engine turbo prop:   650.0


total flight time, all aircraft:     24,700 


professional credentials/licensure/certifications


  airline transport pilot land and sea

  turbojet flight engineer

  flight instructor/airplane single and multiengine- instrument

  first class faa physical: 09-02-2008

  ratings: cl-65- dc-10 • b-757 • b-767 • b-737 • b727 • l-1011 • l-1329 • dc-3 • g-159

  qualified all types single and multi-engine aircraft




  recognized with superior accomplishment cash award, july 2008, for contributions to faa in going beyond expectations to support critical initiatives. these achievements ranged from spearheading collaborative investigation with salt lake city police and the fbi in response to pilot misconduct and resulting in pilot medical and pilot certificate revocations to enhancing accuracy and user-friendliness of faa order 8900.1 as appointed member of washington dc-based working group

  as a qualified expert witness and accident reconstruction expert, have provided quality testimony in over 50 federal trials concerning aircraft accidents.

  active in numerous high-profile cases including the aero mexico mid-air collision in cerritos, california, avianca dc-8 crash at jkf and the sky west mid-air collision over salt lake city, utah.

  key member of accident investigation team for three major accidents including national airlines-pensacola, fl, pan american-kenner, la and air florida-washington d.c.

  proficiently transcribed cockpit voice and aircraft flight data recorder on major cases.

  recipient of 17 letters of commendation from the white house, us senate and congress in recognition of service as pilot-in-command of washington-based aircraft flying dignitaries ranging from president s cabinet and senate/congress representatives to secretary of transportation and faa administrator.


education c college/university


embry-riddle aeronautical university c daytona beach, fl

degree:  masters of aeronautical science

major:  aeronautical management

date earned:  1999


washington international college c washington, dc

degree: bachelor of arts

major:  aeronautical administration

date earned: 1977


parks college of aeronautical engineering c east st. louis, il

degree:  associate of arts

major:  aeronautical administration

date earned: 1967

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specialized training/continuing education


cl-65 captain initial certification, 03/06

b-737 captain initial certification, 06/99

dc-10 captain initial certification, 10/96

b-757/767 initial certification course, 06/94

a‑300 airbus certification, 01/88

aviation safety certificate usc, 10/87

human factors in aviation safety usc, 10/87

aircraft accident photography, usc, 11/86

aviation safety program management, usc 09/86

aircraft accident investigation course, usc, 06/86

b‑727 first officer proficiency check, pex., 10/85

far 121 basic introduction, 03/84

l‑1011 captain and flight engineer initial qual., 12/78

b‑727 captain and flight engineer initial qual., 11/77

air carrier operations indoctrination, 05/77

faa supervisory training course, 01/77

beech king air super 200 flight course, factory, 10/76

lockheed jetstar captain initial qual., 04/76

cessna 421 initial qual., factory, 08/75

grumman gulfstream (159) captain initial qual., 01/75

dc‑3 commercial type rating certification, 03/74

air traffic controller interim training course, 09/71



































yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


job announcement:         aso-afs-08-b053-109047

position:                               supervisory aviation safety inspector(operations)
location:                              college park , ga



managerial selection factors


(1)    achieving results:


successful managers apply a variety of techniques to deliver results. they establish clear, measurable performance objectives for their unit and the people they manage. they adjust the way work is performed to meet changing conditions and demands. they make tough decisions to solve complex problems. they track costs of doing business; and, they make appropriate people & budget adjustments to achieve objectives. they understand their customers' requirements and focus on delivering high quality products and service to satisfy those requirements.


i have proven myself to be a results-oriented leader throughout my career with the faa as i ve progressed through numerous positions of increasing responsibilities culminating in my recent appointment to acting supervisory aviation safety inspector, an achievement in itself attained through my ability to clearly define, strategically facilitate and proactively steer operations and initiatives to generate optimal outcomes.  over the past year, i took the personal initiative to go beyond my defined responsibilities to actively facilitate and collaborate in diverse projects leading to measurable improvements in diverse areas of aviation safety and resulting in  recognition with a superior accomplishment cash award in july of this year, while concurrently managing all responsibilities of my position.


as an example, working closely with the federal bureau of investigations and the salt lake city police, i lent my expertise toward investigating and confirming pilot misconduct, resulting in revocation of both his medical and pilot certificates.  i also recently played a key role in improving the accuracy and user-friendliness of faa order 8900.1 as an appointed member of a working group out of washington dc; recruited based on my experience level and detailed approach to tackle inefficiencies related to the this document s complexity.  i invested numerous hours in conducting critical analysis of the document and we were collaboratively able to clearly identify issues including inconsistencies, redundancies and incomplete guidance as well as corrective measures to reduce time required in using the document while boosting data quality and effectiveness in supporting crucial safety objectives.


i have built a solid track record of generating results throughout my career.  as a qualified expert witness and accident reconstruction expert, i have been instrumental in the outcomes of over 50 successful federal aviation accident trials by providing dynamic testimony.  i have also contributed to the successful investigation of several major incidents including national airlines-pensacola, fl, pan american-kenner, la and air florida-washington d.c., and have effectively transcribed voice and aircraft flight data in support of major cases.




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 (2) leading people:

successful managers recognize that talented people working together accomplishes the work of the faa. they use teamwork effectively to achieve business results. they ensure equal employment opportunities in the workplace; and, they capitalize on available talent to enhance team performance. they recognize and reward high performance; and, they provide constructive feedback to employees to facilitate their development. they create an environment in which people thrive and accomplish their best.


in recognition of my dynamic leadership qualities, i was recently appointed acting supervisory aviation safety inspector, assuming increasing responsibility for providing decisive, results-oriented leadership in building and leading top performing teams.  in addition to coordinating staff and overseeing performance, i effectively evaluate individual performance, capitalizing on opportunities not only to correct inefficiencies but to provide employees with opportunities for professional growth through ongoing development as well as supportive mentorship and feedback. since 2006, i have held similar responsibilities as an faa aviation safety inspector, delta cmo in atlanta, ga, where a major role has been to build top-performing teams by developing, customizing and delivering quality training programs to meet individual and group training and development needs. soon after joining the faa in the early 1970s, i was actively involved in developing personnel as an instructor pilot for faa headquarter pilots.


going back to my early years in the industry as a chief pilot with georgia airlines, my leadership abilities were recognized, and i was selected to spearhead far 121 commercial airline training, and moved forward as a flight instructor to provide practical flight instruction for private commercial, instrument and multi-engine students, again demonstrating strong leadership qualities and a talent for teaching and developing aviation professionals.


 (3) building relationships:

successful managers skillfully communicate and work with others. they communicate openly and honestly. they foster open communication and exchange of ideas and knowledge. they establish networks inside and outside their organization to foster agency objectives. they collaborate with others to achieve results; and, they handle emotionally charged or controversial issues responsibly. they lead with consistency, dignity, compassion and integrity.


as far back as my early years in the aviation industry with faa washington headquarters in washington d.c.,  my ability to communicate and build productive relationships with key contacts within air carrier, large aircraft commercial operation and air travel club associates was critical to ensuring compliance with policies, standards and procedures impacting operations.  similarly, as aviation safety inspector based in miami, continual interface with multiple representatives of eastern, national and pan american airlines was vital to ground and flight training/testing and standards compliance.  progressing to principal operations safety inspector, i built and maintained strong relationships with key stakeholders representing u.s. scheduled, supplemental, foreign flag, and commercial air carriers in order to facilitate successful certification inspections.


i have continually applied my dynamic communication and interpersonal relationship skills toward successfully building strategic relationships and facilitating open discussion and exchange of ideas in order to facilitate collaborative achievement of critical goals within the faa and aviation industry as a whole.  having recently assumed responsibilities as acting supervisory aviation safety inspector, it is crucial that i establish, promote and maintain ongoing communications with field and regional affiliates as well as representatives throughout the aviation community in support of aviation safety objectives. 


richard p. coxey                          aso-afs-08-b053-109047 msfs                         page 3 of 3



(4) leading change:

successful managers build a shared vision with others across their organization. they plan for changing trends that can affect operations. they change viewpoints, behavior and work methods in response to new information. they recover quickly from setbacks; and, they help others build realistic expectations toward organizational change. they demonstrate a positive attitude toward achieving results.


during much of my career in the aviation industry i have played an integral role in leading change.  as a recent example, i served as team lead and active participant in a lean application workshop, working with faa flight standards training division to introduce lean practices supporting employees in defining and addressing waste.  the purpose of this initiative was to define and implement strategies to facilitate measurable improvements in customer satisfaction, ease of compliance and maintainability, allowing internal customers to focus on critical issues directly supporting aviation safety.


our initial target was on streamlining and improving designated pilot examiner certification processes by applying lean thinking and value-stream mapping toward developing a current state map and drafting a comprehensive plan outlining proposed changes and timelines for future execution.  as one of several team leads, we were able to apply lean principles toward analyzing the designated pilot examiner (dpe), create and critique a current state map, targeting waste and inefficiencies, and then produce a new state map of inspection and renewal phase.  as a result, we found that we could reduce redundancies and overlapping work by as much as 40% by integrating the inspection and renewal processes.  we also determined that unsuccessful retraining performance warranted revising practices to move directly to termination.  further, we were able to clarify inefficiencies with 8900.1 and 8710.3 largely relating to conflicting and incomplete guidance, and found that we could improve efficiency to substantially reduce average lookup time.






















yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

(404) 401-4706                                                                                    

job announcement:         aso-afs-08-b053-109047

position:                               supervisory aviation safety inspector(operations)
location:                              college park , ga



knowledge, skills, and abilities

1. knowledge of rules, regulations, directives, and guidelines necessary to direct work priorities.


as an employee of the faa for approximately many years, from 1971-1983 and, again, from 2006-present, i have acquired and applied  extensive hands-on experience in applying applicable policies and procedures in positions ranging from air traffic controller and pilot-in-command to principal operations safety inspector, and my current position as an aviation safety inspector. 


currently, i use my vast knowledge of faa policies and procedures to facilitate safety programs supporting training, recordkeeping system, base/station facility, and en-route operations in compliance with directives.   in multiple positions, i have been highly effective in implementing and enforcing vital faa policies, standards, programs, and procedure in support of maximizing operational performance.  this knowledge includes the ability to proficiently interpret fars so that i can put them into action and achieve faa goals.  as an example, as an aviation safety inspector with the faa for numerous years, i have effectively interpreted varied fars and applied my interpretations toward justifying rules and amendments to fars 61/ 91/121/ 123/ 127/135.  while chief pilot with georgia airlines, i successfully steered training and operations of an far 121 commercial airline as well as far 135 air taxi and commuter operations, again demonstrating advanced knowledge of fars as well as the ability to interpret and apply them.


complementing this, through ongoing professional development, i have consistently maintained current knowledge of applicable guidelines.  additionally, studies, such as a certified faa supervisory course, have provided me with valuable knowledge in policies and procedures. as of october of 2006, i had earned 24,700 of total far flight time, piloting dc-10, b-756, b-737, a-300, and b727 single engine, multi-engine prop and multi-engine turbo prop aircraft.

2. ability to present complex sensitive, administrative, technical, and other factual data orally or in written format.


as an faa aviation safety inspector, i have applied my ability to deliver factual information in quality written format in successfully defining far infractions through comprehensive analysis of varied operational components and then applying findings toward assessing situations, determining optimal responses, implementing enforcement actions, and then compiling, drafting and producing detailed final reports. similarly, in the capacities of principal operations safety inspector and air safety consultant, i have effectively evaluated data and investigative findings in order to compile and produce proactive written reports used by varied agencies/organizations in the areas of far and faa standards compliance.  i have actively participated in numerous investigations of major aircraft accidents/incidents that required solid reporting skills,

successfully transcribing complex cockpit voice and aircraft flight data recordings in order to support investigations through quality written presentations.


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ksa 2 continued


my oral communication skills have been evidenced in numerous capacities.  as a trainer and instructor throughout the course of my career, i have consistently developed and delivered highly effective programs through effective presentation of complex, technical and highly detailed information/data.  in a leadership capacity, i am continually interfacing with staff, peers and key stakeholders throughout the faa and aviation industry.


because of my extensive knowledge and experience in aviation safety,  i have been called on as an expert witness in over 50 federal aviation-related trials.  this requires a talent for effectively translating and communicating what can be excessively complex and/or technical information in a manner that can be clearly assimilated and understood by broad populations outside of the immediate aviation community, ranging from judicial representatives and attorneys to key stakeholders and the general public. i have further employed my strong communication skills toward serving as an air safety consultant.

3. knowledge of faa certification requirements and knowledge of certificate holder's programs and procedures.

with approximately 40 years of experience in the aviation industry, in multiple capacities, a thorough knowledge of faa certification requirements and related programs/procedures has been imperative to continually progressing while building a reputable career.  having been in this industry for such an extensive amount of time, i have had the opportunity to participate in ongoing education and professional development while working in an environment where practical application of these requirements, programs and procedures has been a part of my responsibilities.


i was recently appointed acting supervisory aviation safety inspector, where a key component of these expanded responsibilities includes both administrative and technical direction of operations certificate management.  in the capacity of a principal operations safety inspector and aviation safety inspector,  i have focused on the operations component of operating certificates, working with all types of carriers as they apply to all aspects of airworthiness.  i maintain a current knowledge of new and emerging directives, and am able to ensure full compliance.


as a trainer/instructor within the industry as well as an adjunct professor with embry-riddle aeronautical university, i have further demonstrated expertise in providing education in faa certification requirements.


to complement these qualifications, my personal academic background, which includes a masters of aeronautical science in aeronautical management as well as a ba in aeronautical administration.









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