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Yavonne Lino
0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

Social Security Number:


Veteran s Preference#


Vacancy Announcement:

Job Title:





Financial Litigation, Billing Operations, Collection Operations, Clerical Support, Database Management, Accounting, Program Support, Healthcare Administration, Security Enforcement, Security Administration, Case Management, Analysis, Administration, Operations, Information Management Systems, Database Administration, Data Generation, Debt /collection, Funding Administration, Cost Analysis/Control, Assets Management, Contract Management, Quality Management, Systems/Process Development, Policy/Procedure Development, Organizational Structuring, Regulatory/ Procedural Compliance, Human Resource Management, Staff Training, Strategic Business Planning, Communications, Consulting, and Records Maintenance.





Financial Litigation Agent, GS-0986-8

Department of Justice United States Attorneys Office

Financial Litigation Unit (FLU)

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000-1271

40 Hours per Week

Supervisor: Ms. Dawn Fernandez  Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx    May Contact:  Yes

Successfully supervise the processing of troublesome and complex civil debt collection claims emanating from criminal judgment and commitment (J&C) orders. Efficiently perform detailed analysis to collection claims against the Federal Debt Collections Procedures Act, City and County regulations, Federal Claims Collection Standards, Mandatory Victims Restitution Act, Title 3 of the United States Attorneys Manual, Department of Justice policies and procedures, and Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure. Actively maintain a comprehensive database of all necessary information of debtors owing money to the United States Government. Tasked with reviewing J&C in the determination of amount and scope of debt owed to the United States. Proficiently analyze financial statements, stocks, bonds, wages, tax returns, assets and all pertinent financial information to determine debtor ability to repay debt. Conduct detailed interviews with debtors, while also researching financial statements to determine financial options for payment arrangement. Efficiently research hidden assets of debtors for debt payment. Proficiently provide legal research and documentation in support of debt collection litigation from civil and criminal crimes. Consistently accompanied attorney to court, in the validation of The United States claim against the debtor. Successfully determine appropriate direction of routine actions and prepared complaints, stipulations for compromise and settlements, liens, release of liens, demand letters, satisfaction of judgments, and garnishments pleading for wages, stock, bonds, bank accounts and other assets.


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Billing & Collection Tech, GS-0503-05

Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC)

Medical Services Account (Patient Admin)

Fort Lewis, WA 98433

40 Hours per Week


Supervisor: Ms. Donna Nichols  Phone: DSN 782-1686  May Contact:  Yes

Responsible for processing a broad range of claims, including billing and collection for civilians-in- emergency. Proficiently received medical records from emergency room and outpatient clinics, followed up by reading and interpreting doctor's charts and records with applicable diagnosis and procedure codes. Effectively determined eligibility for care, appropriate mode of collection, primary payee, appropriate cost of service, and billing documentation. Actively served as a liaison with the Department of Social and Health Services, State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries and private insurance carriers, providing information on new billing methods and rules. Successfully developed new collection strategies in support of overall company objectives. Efficiently posted checks received from DSHS, L&I, insurance carriers, or patients to proper accounts. Consistently ensured coding is performed in a manner that allows proper data input into the computer system. Processed daily and monthly invoices and receipts attaching supplemental documents and kept informational notes. Prepared detailed case files for accounts transferred installation finance office.


6/1998-1/0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

40 Hours per Week

Supervisor: Ms. Donna Hartwick  Phone: 253-968-1760   May Contact:  Yes

Sharp business acumen and experience performing all secretarial duties, applying extensive knowledge of medical terminology, hospital regulations and laboratory procedures. Proficiently compiled and recorded detailed medical charts, reports and correspondence. Tasked with answering multi-line high-volume telephone system, scheduling appointments and greeting/directing visitors. Successfully triaged appointment schedule to accommodate emergency situations. Responsible for maintaining an efficient organization system for all medical records. Interviewed each patient and entered all relevant medical history information into database, in preparation for appointment.


3/998-6/0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

40 hours per week

Supervisor: Nancy Hammond  Phone: DSN 486-8953      May Contact:  Yes

Actively maintained a detailed and innovative database for the Health Hazard Information System through the assignment of project numbers, inputting changes and updating pertinent information based on flow documents throughout the office. Collaborated with program managers in maintaining updated and accurate entries. Successfully organized, edited, calculated, upgraded, and printed a broad range of documents from handwritten drafts to final form. Skillfully examined all division requests for completeness, including consumable/equipment, TDY travel, travel vouchers, training, and overtime. Consistently verified availability of funds. Proficiently maintained data budget authorizations, commitments, obligations, and account balance for funds tracked. Responsible for reconciling all records with the Finance and Accounting Office.

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Security Assistant (detailed), GS-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

40 Hours per Week

Supervisor: Mr. Paul E. Zedalis   Phone:            DSN: 484-7557  May Contact:  Yes

Successfully drafted, maintained and updated all personnel security files. Responsible for briefing personnel on security matters, from counterintelligence and subversion to espionage and foreign travel. Consistently verified security clearance, ensuring only cleared personnel handle classified material. Effectively led the annual briefing on classified material for all personnel. Tasked with conducting security inspections and notifying supervisor regarding security directive compliance. Granted interim clearance to personnel when necessary. Conducted routine in and out processing, including taking photos, making badges, copied' required documentation, monitored periodic reviews, initiated new investigations, and conducting security inquires. Consistently answered substantive customer questions relating to personnel security and reported credible derogatory information.


3/1996-2/0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

40 Hours per Week

Supervisor: LTC John Zodrow   Phone: DSN: 4846772  May Contact:  Yes

Tasked with receiving clients and callers, efficiently screening and transferring clients to appropriate offices. Efficiently referred technical and non-routine inquiries to appropriate staff members and supervisors. Responsible for the preparation of notes, correspondence and reports including secret material as required by office precedents. Successfully prepared Non Commission Officer's and Officer's evaluations, ensuring document accuracy and efficiency. Proficiently prepared fund certifying personnel requests for TDY and reimbursements. Responsible for preparing travel arrangements and reservations on behalf of staff. Successfully investigated and resolved computer software and hardware problems. Effectively trained personnel on software and hardware, both onsite or in classroom.



Accounting Technician, GS-525-5

26 AFS/RAFP Accounts Payable Unit

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

40 Hours per Week

Supervisor: SSGT Allen O'Lane  Phone: DSN: 486-7279  May Contact:  Yes

Successfully handled all accounts payable and accounting transactions relating to contract and non-contract payments of a broad range of functions, from household goods freight, military freight and college tuition to training payments, billeting, and telephone bills for Europe. Consistently determined correct code for accounting actions, ensuring correct debit and credit entry notation in appropriate general ledger account, journal and subsidiary accounts. Thoroughly reviewed accounting data system to verify accuracy and completeness. Responsible for computing duties, weight, volume and price conversion of international exported and imported merchandise. Successfully utilized rate charts in the conversion of foreign currency into United States monetary equivalent and domestic currency into foreign equivalents. Utilized extensive knowledge of calculating machine in the calculation of duties or tariffs to be paid on merchandise. Efficiently recorded financial transactions to subsidiary accounts on computer files from documents, including sales slips, invoices, receipts check stubs, computer printouts, and transmittals' letters. Proficiently summarized accounting details and transferred data to general ledger.

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12/1988-8/0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

40 Hours per Week

Supervisor: Mr. George Summers  Phone: 803-737-6050  May Contact:  Yes

Successfully handled the detailed preparation and efficient transmission of information requests regarding the location of absent parents. Actively collaborate with Child Support Enforcement in reviewing applications for potential fraud or basis for refusal. Coordinated clients' information with Regional Offices, Treasurer Division and County Department of Social Services offices to facilitate the resolution of client problems. Proficiently reviewed all applications for child support and examined case file to determine that divorced decree and court ordered judgment for payment are in order. Tasked with investigating and analyzing child support cases to initiate administrative action in enforcing children s laws. Consistently reviewed cases submitted by County department of Social Services, Clerks of Court and Clients, followed up by analyzing case data to determine required services. Responsible for gathering supporting documentation and preparing case files for legal action. Successfully conducted detailed client interviews to obtain required information, including relocation of absent parent, amount of child support previously awarded, and witness to support clients' claim for support. Effectively determined type of court jurisdiction, according to facts and circumstances surrounding case and filed court action. Frequently generate updates for the Child Support Enforcement and Regional offices to ensure Regional Offices of child support collections for appropriate action. Monitored child support laws to ensure office compliance. Responsible for preparing reports of legal action regarding child support payment delinquency. Effectively interviewed applicants to determine eligibility for public assistance, from explaining rules/regulations governing eligibility and grants to method of payments and legal rights to applicants. Successfully recorded and evaluated the applicant s personal and financial data obtained to determine initial or continuing eligibility according to departmental directives. Proficiently initiated procedures to grant, modify, deny, or terminate eligibility and grants for various aid programs, including public welfare, employment and medical assistance. Authorized amount of grants based on determination of eligibility for money payments, food stamps, medical care, and general assistance. Identified specific needs for social services, following up with referrals to various agencies and community resources. Applied sharp written communication skills toward preparing and submitting quality routine and special reports.  Proficiently prepared and maintained high volume of case records.





South Carolina State University

Bachelors of Science

Civil Engineering

Orangeburg, SC

Date Earned:


Credits Earned:


Yuba College

Coursework in Accounting

Marysville, CA

Date Earned:


Credits Earned:


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University of Maryland Asia and Europe Division

Coursework in Accounting

Date Earned:


Credits Earned:


High School:
Degree: Diploma

Date Earned:




Central Accounting Officer Course Certificate

Accounting (Acct) 101

Gen Acct 120

Business Management 220

Billing/Collection Specialist Certificate

Paralegal Certificate.





























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