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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

                                                                                                                                       4201 FAIRMONT PARKWAY    APT # 2307

                                                                                                                                     PASADENA, XXXXXX xxxxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx


Profile of Qualifications


    Highly motivated and well regarded Social Science Teacher with a background in student advising

      now seeks a full time teaching position in which strong mentoring skills will be of value.

      Actively engages class participation utilizing humor and effective classroom management strategies.

      Strong curriculum development, program review, learning outcomes and assessment skills.

      Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with faculty and administrative staff.

yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

Teaching Experience


LAKE LAND COLLEGE, Mattoon, IL                                                                          2004-2007

Social Science Instructor/Academic Advisor, Full Time

         Presented fundamental elements of Sociology within the classroom and online.  Courses of study included Deviant Behavior, Social Problems, and Race and Ethnic Groups.

         Prepared course objectives and lesson plans, kept attendance records, assigned and graded assignments, administered tests to evaluate student progress and comprehension, recorded results.

         Met with parents/guardians to discuss student progress and address varied issues.

         Participated in faculty and professional meetings, educational conferences and training workshops.

         Performed related duties including sponsoring student club activities, assisting students select courses of study, and providing counseling to address and resolve academic and socio emotional issues.


TOMBALL COLLEGE, Tomball, XXXXXX                                                                               2003

Sociology Teacher, Part Time

         Utilizing a sociological perspective, taught Introduction to Sociology; course focused on basic concepts, research and theories employed to improve understanding of human behavior and societies.

         Prepared lesson plans, kept attendance records, assigned and graded assignments, administered tests to evaluate student progress and comprehension, recorded results.

         Met with parents/guardians to discuss student progress and address varied issues.


CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE, Fort Hood, XXXXXX                                                      1997-2000

History and Sociology Teacher, Part Time

         Provided history instruction according to the prescribed curriculum and combined knowledge of historical facts with political understanding to teach a combination of history and social studies.

         Engaged students using interesting facts about historical figures to make these icons relatable.

         Prepared lesson plans, kept attendance records, assigned and graded assignments, administered tests to evaluate student progress and comprehension, recorded results.

         Courses included Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Marriage and the Family, US History to 1877 and US History 1877 to the present.


HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Houston, XXXXXX                                             1996-1997

Criminology and Sociology Teacher, Part Time

         Employed student-centered, innovative teaching methods to promote class participation and maximize student learning of Criminology and Sociology and how these interrelate.


CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE Killeen, XXXXXX                                                            1994-1996
Sociology Teacher, Part Time

         Effectively delivered Sociology instruction both on campus and on-site at Gatesville Unit of local prison; subjects included Social Problems, Marriage and Family.



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Professional Experience


NAME AND LOCATIONOF YOUR CURRENT SOCIAL WORK                                 2008-Present

Social Worker

  • Provide ongoing emotional and social service support to members of the community living within a disaster impact area; make mental health assessments and provide referrals to community resources, perform crisis intervention when appropriate.


MHMR AUTHORITY, Houston, XXXXXX                                                                                2008

Rehabilitation Clinician

  • Coordinated and provided social support services to program participants with mental disabilities; provided small group and individual counseling and mentoring services, regularly conducted behavioral assessments, authored progress reports.


AGENCY NAME, Pampa, XXXXXX                                                                                2007-2008

Probation Officer

  • Supervised activities of adults placed on probation and developed individualized supervision plans; regularly communicated with probationers and their family members to gather intake information, make progress and compliance assessments and provide counseling and education.


MH&MR Authority, Houston, XXXXXX                                                                          2000-2004

Court Resource Coordinator

  • Within the felony court system, completed condition and progress assessments for inmates suffering from mental illness; performed crisis intervention when appropriate, made social service referrals for inmates, provided outreach and crisis intervention to the local homeless population.



AND MENTAL RETARDATION, Temple, XXXXXX                                                      1998-2000

Caseworker II

  • Provided skills training for program participants to develop and foster independent living, improve socialization, enhance prevocational opportunities and promote consumer advocacy.
  • Conducted Crisis Intervention when appropriate.


CENTRAL COLLEGE, Killen, XXXXXX                                                                          1993-1996

Director of Substance Abuse Resource Center/Guidance Counselor

  • Provided student population with vital substance abuse prevention information to foster healthy lifestyle choices; presented educational material during seminars, made social service referrals to individuals in need of treatment, provided vocational, personal and academic advisement.


yyyyyy x. yyyyyy





Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), 1998


PRAIRIE VIEW A&M University, Prairie View, XXXXXX

Master s Degree in Sociology, 1990



36 Post Graduate Hours completed in Psychology





yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

                                                                                                                                       4201 FAIRMONT PARKWAY    APT # 2307

                                                                                                                                     PASADENA, XXXXXX xxxxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx





Hiring Agent Name


Company Name


City/State/Zip Code




I am currently seeking a challenging career opportunity as a Sociology Teacher and am submitting my resume for your review.


Although my professional background has been both in the areas of social service and higher education I have found the later most rewarding.  Just recently, I made a career decision to focus on teaching because I find working with the ever changing college student population highly rewarding.


My approach to teaching such traditional subjects as Sociology, History and Criminology includes the use of effective teaching methodologies such as incorporating humor and good will into the lecture hall to promote student trust and foster a comfortable relaxed learning atmosphere.  I have found this approach highly productive as indicated by my students behavior in class and positive test results.  I enjoy engaging students in discussion to awaken interests in the subject matter at hand and promote feelings of self confidence.


I am a devoted teacher interested in assisting students achieve academically and promoting positive self esteem.  And as the old saying It takes a village to raise a child is true, I believe my concept It takes a team to teach a student is also true.  I endorse the idea of working together as an academic team to optimize the experience of higher learning and am confident that I could be a valuable asset to your teaching team.


Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to interviewing with you in the near future.








Reymundo Consemiu










yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

                                                                                                                                       4201 FAIRMONT PARKWAY    APT # 2307

                                                                                                                                     PASADENA, XXXXXX xxxxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx



Philosophy of Teaching Statement


My primary teaching goal is to expand students views regarding various national and global issues and promote open mindedness to widen perspectives.  To succeed as an effective educator it is imperative to foster respect for diverse worldviews and intellectual diversity inside and out of the classroom.  As an Educator it is my duty to equip my students with the tools needed to become productive citizens and positive contributors to their communities.


I create a positive learning environment in the classroom. I have learned how to create an environment in the classroom which is conducive to learning by using humor and providing a relaxed open forum for discussion. Positive, direct communication and active listening are both essential to effective teaching and I employ both of these techniques on a regular basis, in order to keep discussions alive and safe for the timid participant.


My classroom management techniques are straight forward; I set specific and clear standards on the first day of class and provide a detailed and clearly stated syllabus.  Student grades are determined in part by test results but also by classroom participation.  To promote good attendance I inform student that missing classes will affect the classroom participation portion of their grade.  Additionally, I give three pop quizzes, each one worth five points, which are added to their exam scores.  At the beginning of each lecture I create an outline providing students with a clear understanding as to what will be covered during that class period.


Effective teaching requires that I present material in a manner that is interesting and understandable to the students. I present information in a variety of formats; I use lectures, articles, visual learning aids, and diagrams, to present course material. I utilize Power Point and ELMO in my lectures, I use the media in my classroom such as; current events in the news and short slide films, and films. This allows the students to take a break from writing notes and enjoy the media. I also assign group assignments that must complete during the class period. I also assign short written assignments that must be completed during the class period and then we go over their responses.


Because frequent student-faculty interaction encourages student involvement and motivated learning, I encourage students to ask questions within and outside of class.  In order to process what has been presented in class; students must talk about what they are learning, relate it to past experiences, and apply it to their daily lives.  Having high expectations of oneself is important for every kind of student including the poorly prepared, those unwilling to exert themselves, and the bright and well motivated.  I maintain high expectations of my students.  I believe expecting students to perform well sometimes helps this to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  As an assessment tool, I routinely use pretests and post tests to measure student comprehension of the subject matter.


Learning is an ongoing process and as a teacher I continue to research different sociological issues as well as different cultures in order to be inclusive of diverse perspectives and promote a feeling of community in my classroom.  In the fall of 2008 I completed a very interesting graduate class, Social Psychology.  This class enhanced my perspective and has contributed to my idea that knowledge of Sociology worldwide is imperative to promoting healthy societal structure for future generations.  I have traveled to Vietnam several times and last year I went to the Philippines. Traveling has widened my worldview and therefore enhanced my teaching abilities.   I enjoy traveling and when I return I share my experiences, what I learned on my trip(s) and purchased items that reflect the respective cultures.





Reymundo Consemiu

Philosophy of Teaching Statement                                                            Page 2



In order to keep a close check on my own teaching efficacy I regularly evaluate my lectures.  This includes evaluating my presentation techniques students reactions to material and responses to class assignments.  It sometimes happens that I must rewrite lectures, add new material and revise lesson plans each semester.  Sometimes I consult colleagues and ask for advice.  At times, I request teachers to come into my classroom to observe and critique my lectures.  I also use student evaluations to keep me in touch

with areas I need to work on.  Student and colleague feedback is vital to maintaining and improving my teaching skills.  I am known by the student population to have good sense of humor and often use it to maintain interest in class.  In addition, I use quotes from such powerful figures as Malcolm X (Education is the passport to the future) and Cesar Chaves (The truest act of courage and the bravest act of manliness is to sacrifice one s self totally in a nonviolent struggle for justice.) to pique interest and make the subject matter compelling.  At the same time, I maintain a neutral political view at all times.


In conclusion, my goals are not only to increase knowledge of Sociology but also to create a classroom environment in which each student can share their unique perspectives and experiences and broaden their worldviews, participate in class discussions to enhance self confidence, and hopefully take this knowledge outside the classroom into their communicates, where they will become positive role models and contribute to the betterment of society.

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