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compassionate pastor eager to contribute chaplaincy experience as well as strong empathy and communication skills and leadership talents toward actively supporting an organization in ministering to patients and families.




caring and compassionate pastor with experience ministering to patients of all faiths including christian, muslim, jewish, atheist, native american, and wicken. strong hands-on experience planning and leading worship services; led ecumenical worship for wesley pastoral care department. hand selected by director of worship at phillips theological seminary to plan and lead morning prayers. invited to preach at phillips theological seminary board of trustees week. currently working on certification by the association of professional chaplains. experience ministering to a variety of patients, including:


patients facing end of life decisions                    critically ill children

trauma victims/families                                                 motor vehicle accident victims

drowning victims/families                                   suicide victims

assault victims                                                  gunshot victims/gang members

child abuse victims                                            domestic violence


religious affiliation & involvement


pilgrim congregational united church of christ wichita, ks

member ▪ guest preacher ▪ liturgist ▪ pilgrim outreach soup can distribution


professional experience


clinical pastoral education residency wesley medical center                                                     2008-2009

  • successfully complete four units of clinical pastoral education necessary for national certification.
  • effectively minister to a wide variety of patients in times of tragedy, grief and joy.
  • responsible for planning and leading ecumenical worship services, liturgy for organ donor families, christmas services for hurting families, morning worship services, and events.


pastor carrier congregational church; united church of christ                                             2006-2008

  • successfully initiated small group spiritual growth, worship revitalization and responsibility of lay leadership.
  • actively formed worship team to redesign worship as a group and lead congregational understanding of reformed worship.
  • effectively drafted grant for church revitalization; first ever awarded to a rural congregation.


meinders chapel pianist phillips theological seminary                                                               2005-2008


pastor skiatook disciples of christ church                                                                                2004-2005

small business owner heartland quiltworks                                                                             1990-2001

small business owner plumbing, heating and ac business                                                          1982-1990

professional education

four units of clinical pastoral education wesley medical center wichita, ks                                      date


master s of divinity phillips theological seminary tulsa, ok                                                                2008

winner of dr. dennis smith s new testament book award, may 2007


bachelors of arts in english major northwestern oklahoma state university alva, ok                      2004


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statement of ministry


i base my ministry on the text found in john 1: 38-39:

when jesus saw them following, he said to them, what are you looking for?   they said to him, rabbi, (which translated means teacher), where are you staying?   he said to them. come and see.


these verses remind us of how we are to be with each other.  the very odd question asked by the disciples to jesus, where are you staying, operates on two levels, as does so much of the gospel of john.  first, they are asking the obvious.  where was jesus staying while he was in town?  but they are also asking a deeper question of belief.  the greek word translated here as staying is the same greek word that appears again in john 15 when jesus says, abide in me as i abide in you.


abide c to say; to continue in a place; to have one s abode; to dwell; to sojourn with a person; to withstand; to continue to be sure or firm; to sustain; to bear patiently.  the disciples wanted to know if jesus would be all these things c some of the very things that the disciples hearts were searching for.  and, some of the very things many of us are searching for ourselves.


jesus seems to take the disciples odd question in stride.  but then, perhaps he was looking beyond the surface of the question to the deeper meaning behind the question.  perhaps he was seeing as god sees, always looking for the questions.  when we as individuals and as congregations begin to glimpse that way of seeing as god sees, we find ourselves holding everything that has life as sacred.


jesus words, come and see, are an invitation rather than the commandment that we hear in the gospels of matthew and mark, to follow me and i will make you fishers of men.   jesus statement says we will explore together whatever our journey is and where it will take us. 


as we explore and live into this journey, hoping and working to bring forth the kin-dom of god on earth, sometimes we will be the ones who are following along behind looking for someone to ask us, what are you looking for.   sometimes we are the ones who turn to those behind us and say, what are you looking for.   either way, god is with us and we hear jesus words, come and see.







yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

1717 s cypress #0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000

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i see my life like the process of weaving fabric.  in order to weave any kind of textile, the weaver needs to start with the warp threads.  warp thread tend to be stronger because they must be able to withstand tight stretching.  the warp of a fabric acts like a net to capture the weft, holding the weft threads firmly so that they will not escape, causing the textile to unravel.


the warp threads of my life are 

1)     god, which encompasses prayer, meditation, study, and time alone with god. 

2)      community of family and friends c the importance of community began for me at phillips theological seminary and were strengthened at wesley medical center when i began to see our ability to relate as a criteria for quality of life issues. 

3)     learning c i am never happier than when i am learning something new. 

4)     music and literature c my mother gave me a love of beautiful words and my father gave me a love of beautiful music.  without these two arts in my life, life would be drab and colorless.


these warp threads need to be in my life every day; they keep my life together.  at the end of the day when i do an examen, i look to see where i drew on the strength of these warp threads.  i can also see where they were very obviously missing, allowing the weft threads of my life to escape and causing worry, irritability, anxiety, and despair.


the weft threads in a textile make up the body of the fabric.  they may be one color, or they may be multi-colored, creating patterns and forms.  some weavers also like to use different types of material for an assortment of textures.


the varied and multi-colored gifts that form the weft and pattern of my life include:

         intuition and creativity

         warmth and compassion


         ability and love of teaching

         passion for helping people discern and weave their own gifts and graces for the kingdom of god on earth and enthusiasm for the work of pastoring a community in the body of christ

         willingness to reflect on what i do each day because i know that those gifts can also bring the liability of moving too fast


i bring gifts to the weft of my fabric honed in the clinical pastoral education process:

         willingness and ability to deal with conflict

         ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries

         good communication , organizational and self-motivational skills

         courage to be an advocate

         courage to speak god s voice, even when it isn t a popular voice


weaving the pattern of our gifts and graces is both a challenge and a delight.  i am thankful that we are co-creators of the fabric of our lives with a god who loves us enough to encourage us and to help us see when we need to change.


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