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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000



country of citizenship:   usa

social security number:  xxx-xx-xxxx


vacancy announcement #:




core competencies

medical department activity (meddac); civilian personnel advisory center (cpac); civilian personnel operations center (cpoc); union personnel; classification structures; human resources; army regulation 690-400, chapter 4302, da pam 672-20, fort knox regulation 690-5, 5cfr, labor management agreement; meddac total army performance evaluation system; incentive award  nomination (da1256); nspa budgets; performance plans; modern defense civilian personnel data system (mdcpds); civilian servicing unit (csu); army regional tools (art); management-employee relations; grievances; defense civilian pay system (dcps); federal employment compensation act (feca); irach human resources joint commission program; national security personnel system (nsps); regulation dod 1400.25m; author reports; request for personnel action (rpa); leave without pay (lwop); benefits; soldier in-processing/out-processing; staff management; military personnel record jackets (mprss); one station unit training (osut); basic combat training (bct); advanced individual training (ait); dd 93; exceptional family member program (efmp); hometown recruiter program (hrap); fitness training battalion (ftu); primary military occupational specialty (pmos); ar-600-8-105; army training requirements and resources system (atrrs); reception battalion automated support system (recbass); additional information systems c pernet, edas, formflow, topmis, citrix, emilpo; defense enrollment eligibility reporting system (deers); composite health care system ( chcs); directorate of plans, training, mobilization & security (dptms); supply inventory maintenance; correspondence; timecards; ar 25-400-2; dd1610; health insurance portability and accountability act ( hipaa); technology - multiple office software programs, word processing graphics, database, spreadsheets, ms word/excel/powerpoint/outlook; secret security clearance



professional experience

may 2008 - present

ireland army community hospital

fort knox, ky

pay grade: gs-0301-9

hours per week:  _________

salary: $57,421 annually

supervisor: maj wright, 502.624.0813                       may/may not contact


supervisor, personnel operations specialist


in this personnel oversight role, utilize comprehensive knowledge of human resource rules/regulations, policies, procedures and methodologies, including office of personnel management (opm) recruitment rules and regulation, army regulation 690-400 chapter 4302, da pam 672-20, fort knox regulation 690-5, 5 cfr and the labor management agreement.  serve as point-of-contact for meddac regarding all civilian personnel issues.

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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy   vacancy:                                                                                                       page 2 of 7  


implement broad range of administrative actions providing direction of personnel-related functions and coordination of the work of members of management of the medical department activity (meddac), including subordinate meddac facilities, such as lexington bluegrass army depot, rock island health clinic, vet command, fort mccoy troop medical clinic and selfridge u.s. army health clinic, the civilian personnel advisory center (cpac) and civilian personnel operations (cpoc), as well as other installation representatives.  working closely with cpac, assure meddac management is fully aware of federal employment compensation act (feca) policies and requirements.    hold responsibility for management of workers compensation program.


currently serve as member of meddac human resources (hr) joint commission committee, providing assistance with any special projects related to hr standards and guidance to all employee levels regarding hr competency program.  review employee competency assessment folders (cafs) regularly to assure joint commission standards compliance.  additionally serve as meddac administrator for the defense civilian pay system (dcps), inputting and maintaining all relevant data.


employ business objectives administration tool to organize statistical data and to develop reports to be forwarded to management for use in briefings.  serve as source of guidance to involved parties regarding interaction with unions and bargaining unit agreements, management-employee relations, working conditions, handling of disciplinary actions, including possible adverse reactions, employee counseling, developing/maintaining strong employee performance and providing recognition.       


provide direct management, instruction and advice to personnel regarding performance quality improvement, develop work schedules, assign duties and resolve workplace grievances, delivering warning/reprimands for minor infractions or referring matter to higher management for more serious issues.  serve as source of guidance, interpretation and training regarding administrative policies and program requirements. 


assist management with guidance on current or proposed program policies, including personnel administration and program parameters.  provide direction for utilization of various electronic systems, including inputting information into the federal employees notice of traumatic injury and claim for continuation of pay/compensation form.  assure employee comfort and competence in use of variety of automated systems to access information regarding benefits, including abc-c, e/mss, health and life insurance, thrift savings plan, within grade increases, time in service and disability retirements, service comp dates, family friendly and family medical leave programs, resumix and soars, among others.  enter all relevant pay information for 700+ employees of all meddac sites from timecards into the defense civilian pay system (dcps) and resolve any pay-related problems.


actively engage in all aspects of personnel performance process, including monitoring all individual performance plans to assure conformity with regulations, developing performance rating platform for meddac, and ensuring meddac total army performance evaluation system and the incentive awards programs, including accurate preparation of award nomination form da1256, are run correctly.  assure all evaluation forms are submitted to cpoc accurately and in a timely manner.  support all eeo initiatives.  


oversee civilian incentive awards program, developing award budget for chief, personnel services division and other departmental management, and making adjustments in accordance with funding approval.  assist managers with nomination submission process, reviewing nominations to assure complete and accurate information.  prepare award certificates for presentation, maintain awards log and input award rpas into mdcps system.       


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play significant role in identifying any developmental and/or training needs of individuals and ensure availability of that assistance/training, including training sessions for meddac management on variety of personnel administration topics.   developed supervisor guide to assure performance appraisals are written in accordance with all relevant policy and assure that all performance plans and reviews are processed within specified timeframes.     


additionally, review other electronic personnel systems to assure they effectively meet all applicable regulations/guidelines.  these include modern defense civilian personnel data system (mdcpds), civilian servicing unit (csu) and army regional tools (art).   prepare rpa's for retirement, lwop, resignation and awards, among others, utilizing mdcpds. 


november 2007 - may 2008

reynolds army hospital

personnel division

fort sill, ok

pay grade: yb-0303-02

hours per week:  _________

salary: $38,490 annually

supervisor: homer williams, 580.458.2014               may/may not contact


management support assistant


in this broad-based management assistant role, served as a national security personnel system (nsps) deputy program manager at reynolds hospital, working with pay pool managers, including raters and management, in planning and implementing a variety of nsps systems, including developing performance evaluations, recruitment, promotions, civilian pay and awards, assignments, efficiency reports and complying with dod 1400.25m and eeo parameters.  additionally, monitored actions submitted to cpac, provided analysis regarding policy changes and authored status and after-action reports, among others.  


served in a liaison/coordination role between meddac, cpac and cpoc, assisting meddac supervisors and cpac with compiling pertinent information in support of writing and classifying position descriptions and assuring that all plans and evaluations were processed and forwarded to cpoc in accordance with regulated timeframes.   verified that supplied data and command structures reflected position accuracy, including position description numbers, titles, series, grade and ps/pb.  evaluated duties and assured duty assignment accuracy; finalized job descriptions.


maintained databases and utilized various regional personnel systems, such as mdcpds, csu and art for producing a variety of reports; employed mdcpds for preparing rpas for various actions, such as hiring, retirement/resignations, awards and lwop.  monitored program funding status.  operated total army performance evaluation system for meddac, evaluating performance plans/evaluations for compliance with all guidelines.  maintained tda and instructed personnel regarding various benefit plans, including thrift savings plan and my biz, products/services at the army benefits center, and how to access notification of personnel action, form sf50.



yyyyyy x. yyyyyy   vacancy:                                                                                                       page 4 of 7  



february 2006 - november 2007

u.s. army garrison fort sill

office of the adjutant

fort sill, ok

pay grade: gs-0203-4

hours per week:  _________

salary: $32,944 annually

supervisor: jacqueline cook, 580.442.2769             may/may not contact


human resources assistant


in this assignment, performed in- and out-processing, records management, mos assessments/actions, assignments and all transition processing.  interviewed personnel to assure accuracy of information utilized for completion of records and actions.  was tasked with comprehensive oversight of military personnel record jackets (mprjs) for fort sill personnel engaged in one station unit training (osut), basic combat training (bct) and advanced individual training (ait). 


per regulations outlined in ar 600-8-105, developed pcs and pmos orders, amendments and revocations.  utilized knowledge of dod, army, tradoc and cac as well as all other relevant directives to produce planning and initiate plans regarding assignments, classification, awol/dfr situations, fitness straining and all other transition processing.  additionally, in support of in-/out-processing activities, set up appointments, made schedule changes and provided final processing approval.


directed daily staff activity in support of variety of military personnel programs, including preparation of correspondence, reports and orders.  utilized technical guidance, training and mentoring for new employees, and oversaw student personnel records processing.  interacted closely with training

ncos, senior drill sergeants and commanders.  employed army training requirements and resources system (atrrs) and reception battalion automated support system (recbass) for enrolling personnel and maintaining records.  additionally used such information systems as pernet, edas, formflow, topmis, citrix and emilpo for information maintenance and retrieval.


with comprehensive knowledge of organizational structures and various military protocols and processes, and of the defense enrollment eligibility reporting system (deers), managed the reassignment/pcs process and provided briefings regarding entitlements, exceptional family member program (efmp), hometown recruiter program (hrap) and tdy.  ensured existence in file of current emergency data, including dd form 93 and member s group life insurance documentation.  additionally, assured that all personnel were aware of and had access to variety of support agencies, including the american red cross, casualty assistance and the army emergency relief program for emergency situations, medical processing, financial matters and temporary duty status issues.



november 2005 - february 2006

directorate of plans, training, mobilization & security (dptms)

fort sill, ok

pay grade: gs-0326-4

hours per week:  _________

salary: $32,031 annually

supervisor: alexander cruz, 580.442.1844               may/may not contact


yyyyyy x. yyyyyy   vacancy:                                                                                                       page 5 of 7  


administrative coordinator


in this administrative coordinator function, was tasked with broad array of responsibilities, including managing telephone coverage for staff members as well as providing visitor contact and answering inquiries.  oversaw appointment scheduling/calendar for chief of training.  assured adequate levels of office supplies, reordering as needed.  produced all written correspondence, as well as briefing charts, reports and memos, and personnel documentation and timecards.  managed filing system, assuring maintenance per ar 25-400-2 regarding current regulations and established procedures.


supervised preparation of training schedules for deploying units of army national guard and army reserve units and assisted in coordinating all needed training resources for deploying and mobilized reserve forces.   reviewed system reports to assure accuracy in support of strength accountability and maximizing utilization of personnel.  provided assistance in completing dd form 1610 for tdy orders and to coordinate travel arrangements, including reviewing division travel vouchers through dts.



april 2003 c june 2005

branch health clinic

armed forces pacific, japan

iwakuni, japan

pay grade: gs-0318-6

hours per week:  _________

salary: $28,424 annually

supervisor: captain kenneth bradshaw, 011-81-6117-53-3994                   may/may not contact


credentialing coordinator/administrative assistant


provided primary office administrative support for the entire medical provider staff and for the senior medical officer (smo), managing his appointment calendar, receiving visitors, providing telephone coverage and organizing all conferences, including venue, travel arrangements, attendees and the agenda.  oversaw all correspondence and other documentation requiring review, action or signature of the smo.  for all medical providers, planned meetings and training, scheduled deployments, documented leave requests and arranged tdy requirements.  offered recommendations for solutions regarding problems pertaining to office space, equipment or supply inventory management.


conducted licensure and primary source verification search regarding all physicians, nurses and other healthcare personnel, and developed a clinical activity file for confidential data maintenance.   was charged with responsibility for all licensing/certification, continuing education and personnel evaluations for all professional/paraprofessional individuals assigned to clinical and administrative services.  updated medical provider information in centralized credentials quality assurance system (ccqas).  


assisted in credentialing actions, including processing pre-privilege applications, reappointments and licensing according to medical staff bylaws, joint commission (jc) standards and other internal policies/procedures.  interfaced with cpac in resolving any credentialing issues encountered during hiring process.  ensured medical staff completed all required annual training.  prepared statistic reports and provided compliance with health insurance portability and accountability act (hipaa) requirements.  completed all requests for professional special pays throughout the branch medical clinic.   


yyyyyy x. yyyyyy   vacancy:                                                                                                       page 6 of 7  



managed monthly clinic schedules and call rosters, interacting closely with employees to resolve any discrepancies/errors.  developed templates for inputting information into the composite health care system (chcs).  additionally, was experience in the use of the defense enrollment eligibility reporting system (deers) and chcs enrollment and reports system.  in a liaison role, processed exceptional family members programs (efmp) cases, scheduling appointments and managing program database.  




coastline community college, fountain valley, ca

business administration degree

gpa:  4.0

semester hours: 68



professional development/training/certification

army 101, 2010

gfebs 101 and 201, 2010

leadership, 2010   

hr for supervisors, 2008 

pay pool administration, 2008  

pay pool management certificate, 2008

basic life support (bls) lifesaver certificate, 2007  

microsoft access 2000, 2006

dod government travel charge card course, 2006

defense travel system, 2006

franklin covey - project management, 2005

focus: achieving your highest priorities, 2005

access 2000, level i, 2005

the 7 habits of highly effective people, 2004

icd-9 and cpt coding - coding for medicare and insurance claims, 1999

medical billing conference, 1998

workers compensation processing, 1998  

medical assisting certification, 1986  



professional achievements and awards

commanders award for civilian service, 2008

awarded by commanding officer of reynolds army community hospital fort sill, ok, for setting an example of achievement for others to follow

certificate of appreciation, 2006

awarded by a battery, 1st battalion, 78th field artillery fort sill, ok, for exceptional performance


certificate of appreciation, 2006

presented by u.s. army training and doctrine, fort sill, ok, for superior performance


yyyyyy x. yyyyyy   vacancy:                                                                                                       page 7 of 7  



certificate of appreciation, 2006

awarded by c battery, 1st battalion, 19th field artillery fort sill, ok, in recognition of superior professional support

letter of appreciation, 2005

awarded by commander, u.s. naval hospital yokosuka, japan, in recognition of exceptional professional service from april 2003 to june 2005

civilian of the term, 2005

presented by officer in charge, branch health clinic, iwakuni, japan, for superior and dedicated service during the period of july-dec 2004

certificate of appreciation, 2003

awarded on behalf of the secretary of the navy for sustained, exceptional civilian performance

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