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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000



Country of Citizenship:   USA

Social Security Number:  XXX-XX-XXXX



Vacancy Announcement #:                                  1010135SR

Position:                                                                   Contract Specialist - GSA



Core Competencies

Current assignment as Contract Specialist; Masters Degree; Bachelors Degree; multiple courses in contracting, system planning, work statement preparation, acquisition logistics fundamentals, systems acquisition management, mission support; vendor interface; oversight of $2MM+ in spending; delivery of orders against contract; prepare bid specification proposals; award contracts; contract administration; material estimates; production cost estimates; delivery schedules; work with Office of Secretary of Defense, U.S. Central Command, U.S. Transportation Command; transportation planning; large-scale personnel and equipment movement; MS Office Suite; JOPES, JFAST, SMS, GTN, CAMPS, SRS, GDSS, TRANSVIZ; Top Secret SCI Clearance


Professional Experience

August 2009 - Present

375th Contracting Squadron

Scott AFB, Illinois

Grade Level: GS-09

Salary:   $______ Annual

Hours per week:  

Supervisor:                    Phone:                       May / May Not Contact         


Contract Specialist, 1102


As Contract Specialist, oversee letting of multi-million-dollar contracts/expenditures including assuring vendor payment in a timely manner.  Core directives and responsibilities of this position are to make available Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and bid process specifications.  As they arrive, evaluate all bids/offers and award contracts, utilizing simplified procedures, best value methods and formal source selection procedures.  Once contracts are let, oversee administration, handling all customer interface to assure proper fulfillment.  Assure accuracy of contract adherence by examining performance requirements, material estimates, equipment services and production costs.  Of crucial import is ensuring that delivery schedules are met.  Throughout process, prepare progress and other relevant reports. 


To date, have been tasked with responsibility for variety of materiel acquisitions and contract awarding/implementation.  Was responsible for ratification of expenditures exceeding $9K to cover cost of off-site conference venue and honorarium for keynote speaker; payments were made within 60 days.  For U.S. Transportation Command, to upgrade directors and Commander s communication capability, purchased secure video teleconferencing equipment for $155,000. Supported operational


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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy             Vacancy:  # 1010135SR                                                           Page  2 of 6


continuity for HQ Air Mobility Command (AMC) by facilitating awarding of $390,000 in contracts for three Information Technology (IT) packages.  Upgraded UNIX for HQ AMC, cutting lead time by 50%, resulting in improved surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence concerning global strike missions.   Present assignment calls for directing technical support for AMC aerial port operations.


Currently tasked with facilitating IT support for 130,000 Scott AFB personnel as well as off-site locations for six Air Force commands.  Hold responsibility for issuing delivery orders against IT contracts and track fund expenditures of $676,000.  Performed 15 IT package renewals, at a cost of $350,000, and was involved with $110,000 of CAT 5 connectivity systems, which ensured command/control of forces as well as better battle-space awareness.  Supported development of $1.5MM integration and interoperability service contract. 


Recently completed nine purchasing assignments, including working End Building Node requirements to replace old, insufficient equipment, with JITC-approved equipment in support of Voice over Internet Phone (VoIP) and Ipv6 requirements, without negatively impacting operations of worldwide Mobility missions, per DoD mandate.  Negative impact concern involved any delays in the AMC/SG, AFNIC, AMC/A6, 150WS, 375AMW/CC, 375OPS, 18AF and 932 AW, among others.  Negotiated price of $4.5M versus market research price of $5.2M. 


A second purchase of Dell PowerEdge R710 hardware, for $280K, was in support of AMC Global Command and Control System (GCCS), the primary, secret-high, joint-level, command and control system for AMC, AF and DoD, providing personnel, labor, tools, materials and equipment needed to perform work duties.


A third purchase was an additional six Cisco 6500 Backbone Equipment Expansion/ Information Transfer Nodes (ITN), at a cost of $865K, which increased the availability of VoIP and Vindicator alarm system services.  This assured non-interruption of services in the event of scheduled/unscheduled outages, which could impact missions being protected by ITN, such as AFNOC, SATCOM, 932AW among others.  Additionally, having a second ITN in place allows for proactive as well as unplanned-for maintenance without service interruption.


Purchased OCS server hardware, at a cost of $158K, in support of centralizing OCS at Scott AFB as well as assuring reliable communication and strong collaboration with the Air Force in managing mission capabilities from the AFNet to existing legacy systems.  System supports 200,000+ end-users and provides greater integration between telephone and email-based communication. 


Negotiated price of $676K, down from market research price of $900K, for VoIP as a function of transitioning from Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) telephony to new updated IP phone network.  This will assure users will continue to receive appropriate level of voice services as vendors phase out TDM technology and replace with IP service.


To improve Windows Data Center efficiency, as well as to be green yet provide same service level to base customers, purchased $232K Server Virtualization system.  System reduces footprint of base data center servers to reduce power requirements and loads on HVAC and promotes efficiencies in floor power and space allocation as well as fail-over capability and easier maintenance/management.  By reducing loads on existing systems, supports prevention of mission capability and personnel injuries, and works with other base operations currently utilizing virtual servers, i.e. AMC, TACC, 18AF, 932AW and 375AW.


For $123K, secured retina scanning equipment, to be utilized for defending Base systems as well as to protect against various computer areas of vulnerability.  Purchase was made in response to requirement that 375CS Network Battle Management team be capable of scanning Base NIPRNet and SIPRNet with DISA-mandated retina software.  Scott AFB is home to majority of United States

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy             Vacancy:  # 1010135SR                                                          Page  3 of 6


Military Mobility Commands, including US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC) and Army Surface Distribution and Deployment Command (SDDC), all of which utilize DoD Global Information Grids (GIG) for command and control of worldwide military mobility forces, making Scott AFB an extremely high-value target for national adversaries.  Retina scanning capability is another avenue for establishing and maintaining national security at Scott.  


Purchased antivirus servers, at a cost of $39K versus $42K market research cost, to be utilized in defending Scott AFB systems and mitigating any computer system vulnerabilities.  New servers will be used to replace Symantec Antivirus (SAV) Servers currently in use, which are no longer under warranty or supported by manufacturer.  Old parent server experienced catastrophic failure of both HDD drives, which was solved by 375CS/SCOOS restoring server to HAZCON operations, but placing entire Scott AFB systems at risk of having no antivirus updates.  Because of the importance of Scott AFB within the mobility command and control (C2) system, serving as home to the majority of Mobility Commands for the United States Military, it is vital that Scott secure and maintain the highest level of protections of its computer systems.


In support of critical teleconferencing capability, secured teleconference upgrade system, at a cost of $719K, to increase the conference bridge capability for Scott AFB by increasing AS5300 technology platform capability through addition of 600 port expansion.  This will assure no technology-related delays in information sharing/planning for SAFB organizations/users.  Determination of appropriateness of expenditure was made following examination of relevant facts, including that existing conference bridge is 20+ years old and that its TOM technology is in line for phasing out within the next few years.   



November 2005 C August 2009

U.S. Transportation Command

Scott AFB, Illinois

Grade Level: YA-02

Salary:   $______ Annual

Hours per week: 

Supervisor: Lt. Col. Coon xxx-xxx-xxxx                    May Contact  


Strategic Transportation Planner, 2101


During this four-year assignment, performed in multitude of roles in for the Transportation Command at Scott AFB.   As Alt Contract Officer Representative for a $1.4MM contract, played key role in development of innovative data analysis used by senior leadership for planning and any needed mitigation of port levels utilized for air- and sea-lifts.  This analytical capability assured constant availability of IT support.     


For evacuation of sensitive cargo from Iraq, developed and delivered, to three and four-star level leadership, in-depth and highly accurate cost and other relevant analyses.  These analyses provided situational awareness supporting decision-making by Office of Secretary of Defense, U.S. Central Command and U.S. Transportation Command and resulted in savings of $8MM.

Oversaw introduction of first U.S. commercial carriers into Iraq and Afghanistan areas of operation, expanding airlift capacity; was cradle-to-grave on U.S. Transportation Commander s priority.  Recorded 92% on-time efficiency as Lead for Marine deployment of 15,900 personnel and 669 tons of cargo.   Drove Air Force Expeditionary Force deployment transportation planning for 4,000+ personnel and 90 tons of cargo; performed at 98% on-time level.


Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy             Vacancy:  # 1010135SR                                                          Page  4 of 6


When activated during emergencies, served as member of Crisis Action Team and Combatant Command planner.  One situation required oversight of rapid delivery of 59 ammunition pallets to Lebanon.


Was involved with Transportation Planning Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data (TPFDD), developing transportation requirements during TPFDD conferences.  Reviewed data prior to conferences as well as during mission activity, analyzing any possible negative issues and recommending solutions.


In 2007, oversaw Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) force flow involving 462,000 personnel, 77,000 tons air and 10MM square feet of surface, the largest rotation since the war in Iraq.  Led planning for

movement of 5000+ Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles into South Africa-OIF

mission.  Performed important role in planning of actions leading to increased Iraq security, producing 100% on-time deployment of OIF 5-brigade plus-up.


During U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) Force Flow Conference, was tasked with analysis of more than 63,000 unit line numbers.  Smooth-flowed requirements to mitigate intra-theater constraints during peak 7 brigade rotations.  Considered Subject Matter Expert on Joint Operations Planning and


Execution System (JOPES), training six personnel, two CENTCOM Distribution and Deployment Operations Center requirements personnel, on validations procedures.


During two-month BETA testing, built on a new collaborative validation planning tool (TRANSVIZ) and drove three software changes, resulting in utilization as standard by USCENTCOM.   Served as main shift validation planner for 13,000+ USCENTCOM air-/sea-life move requirements, which resulted in 8% increase for CY2007 in on-time validations over CY2006 and a 20% increase in air cargo/sealift delivery rates.  Overall, utilized MS Office Suite, JOPES, JFAST, SMS, GTN, CAMPS, SRS, GDSS and TRANSVIZ in performing daily duties.



July 2004 C November 2005

Office of Chief of Transportation

Ft. Eustis, VA

Grade Level: GS-09

Salary:   $______ Annual

Hours per week: 

Supervisor: Galyn Wirtes, 757.878.6130                    May Contact  


Transportation Intern, 0346


As Intern, continued to develop leadership, communication, problem solving and time management skill sets through participation in and completion of 17-week Transportation Officers Basic Course.  Directives included planning, scheduling and oversight of variety of types of transportation, with a focus on most effective movement/distribution of personnel and equipment.  Was charged with serving Army as single point-of-contact/ traffic manager for planning and tracking movement of needed materiel to Combatant Commander from disparate sources; coordinated all transportation.


Managed multi-modal, common-user land- and water-based transportation and provided port opening capabilities during Logistics-Over-The-Shore (LOTS) as well as at fixed ports and unimproved beach landing sites.  Additionally, provided Department of Defense with comprehensive, on a world-wide basis, single-agency management capability for military traffic, land transportation and common-user ocean terminals. 

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy             Vacancy:  # 1010135SR                                                          Page  5 of 6


October 2002 C July 2004

U.S. Naval Air Terminal Norfolk

Norfolk, VA

Grade Level: GS-06

Salary:   $______ Annual

Hours per week: 

Supervisor: Jackie Hamlin, 757.444.4268                 May Contact  


Transportation Assistant, 2102


In February 2003 was specifically chosen for deployment to Langley AFB to assist in joint inspections for over five Army and Coast Guard unit moves.   Played active role in 2968 frustrated general cargo and 1362 frustrated hazardous cargo shipments being released for support of OIF.   During 2002 Norfolk Annual Tour, worked diligently in the receiving and processing of 7100 shipments of over 1,748 tons of cargo.


Received appreciative response from USTRANSCOM IPT team regarding conducting of a direct vendor shipment survey on frustrated vendor shipments into aerial port in Dover; was specifically chosen for assignment and team regarded results as best data ever collected on frustrated vendor shipments.


During 2003 Patriot Partner, diverted, reconsigned, cleared and expedited in excess of 304 general cargo shipments as well as 24 hazardous cargo shipments.


Utilized in-depth knowledge of AFMAN 24-204 and experience as a Hazardous Inspector/Preparer in training 71st APS Reserve personnel during semi-annual Hazardous Handlers Course recertification process.


Employed MS Office Suite, GATES and GTN during performance of daily responsibilities.



August 2000 C October 2002

Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg, VA

Salary:   $______ Annual

Hours per week: 

Supervisor: Deborah Chapman, 757.220.7255                      May Contact  


Program Coordinator


A major responsibility as Coordinator was managing approximately ten major conferences annually, with attendance ranging from 12 to 500 registrants.  Was tasked with coordinating all segments of conference registration, including staff and volunteer scheduling to provide appropriate coverage of registration desk during conferences. 


Developed strong working relationships with all suppliers to assure accurate, timely and clearly-understood Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes for this 4000+ personnel organization; reduced outstanding invoices 71% due to in-depth researching of problem and strong issue resolution capabilities.  Additionally, was tasked with auditing and processing all Travel and Expense Reports for organization employees.  Utilized MS Office Suite while meeting daily responsibilities.



Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy             Vacancy:  # 1010135SR                                                           Page  6 of 6



Florida Institute of Technology, Ft. Eustis, VA

Masters Degree, Transportation Management, 2004

36 Semester Hours; 27 semester hours of finance, management, economics and managerial statistics

3.5 GPA


National American University, Colorado Springs, CO

Bachelors Degree, 2000

44 Quarter Hours or 29 semester hours of accounting, finance, quantitative analysis, management, economics and statistics



Job-Related Training

Legal Considerations in Contracting (CON 216), 05-10

Intermediate Contracting for Mission Support (CON 215), 05-10

Fundamentals of Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering (SYS101), 03-10

Business Decisions for Contracting (CON214), 12-09

Applications in Federal Contracting (CON120), 80hrs, 11-09

Shaping Smart Business Arrangements (CON100), 36hrs, 08-09

Basic Contracting Representative Training - 2007

Performance Work Statement Training, 16hrs, 08-07

Mission Performance Assessment (CON112), 14hrs, 08/05

Mission Strategy Execution (CON111), 26hrs, 08-05

Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals (LOG101), 08-05

Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management (ACQ101), 25hrs, 06-05

Mission Support Planning (CON110), 24hrs, 02-05

Army Transportation Officer Basic Course, 17.5 weeks, 12-04

Hazardous Materials Preparer Course, 80hrs, 1-03

Logistics Management Development Course, 160hrs, 08-05

Strategic Deployment Course, 80hrs, 10-05

Customer Service Training, 16hrs, 4-02





Civilian of the Base 2nd Quarter 2007 
Civilian of the 2nd Quarter 2007 
Civilian of the 3rd Quarter 2006 
Notable Achievement Award 2007 
Notable Achievement Award 2006
Applicant:                                           Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy
Social Security Number:                   XXX-XX-XXXX
Position:                                             Contract Specialist

Vacancy Posting Number:               # 1010135SR





FACTOR 1:   Knowledge of Federal contracting and acquisition laws, principles, policies and procedures applicable to post-award actions, including contract administration, supervision and termination.


I have taken the following relevant coursework in support of developing specific knowledge regarding Federal contracting and acquisition laws:  Legal Considerations in Contracting, Intermediate Contracting for Mission Support, Business Decisions for Contracting, Basic Contracting Representative Training  and Applications in Federal Contracting, as well as Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals and Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management. 


As Contract Specialist at Scott Air Force Base, I am involved in a variety of tasks regarding letting of Federal contracts.  From various involved parties, I compile the specifications to be met regarding products and services required.  I play a major role in developing and disseminating Requests for Proposals or solicitations.  As bids or offers are received, I provide a thorough evaluation of each.  Throughout the entire process, I author reports regarding progress being made.  At close of submittal time parameters I evaluate all bids/offers, and provide major input into the final decisions regarding awarding the contracts. 


Once a contract has been awarded, I am tasked with comprehensive oversight in administering all of the agreements contained therein as well as managing all customer interface to ensure proper fulfillment.  In support of receiving maximum return on contractual monies spent, and that all documentation is both complete and accurate, I examine the submitted estimates of materials, equipment services, production costs, performance requirements and delivery schedules.


Utilizing the specific classroom instruction listed above, as well as in-depth experience gained in almost a decade of business experience, I was tasked with responsibilities for overseeing expenditures for venue space and personnel services, assuring vendor payment within 60 day timeframe.  Further, I purchased over $155,000 in video teleconferencing equipment, assuring strong, secure communication between a Commander and other leadership. 


Additionally, during my tenure as Contract Specialist, I have had responsibility over budgets of $390,000, $110,000 and $350,000 respectively for acquisition of materiel for Headquarters Air Mobility Command (HQ AMC), Information Technology packages, including hardware and software, software upgrades and IT kit renewals supporting 130,000 personnel at Scott AFB and off-site locations for six Air Force commands.  Of note is my involvement with obtaining a $1.5MM integration and interoperability service contract for AMC aerial port operations.


Applicant:                                           Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy
Social Security Number:                   XXX-XX-XXXX
Position:                                             Contract Specialist

Vacancy Posting Number:               # 1010135SR





FACTOR 2:   Ability to aid in acquisition planning and in describing technical requirements for operations, maintenance and repair, which includes complex and diversified services and supplies.


During my four-year assignment as a Strategic Transportation Planner, I served in a number of vital missions involving materiel operations, maintenance and repair.  Among others, these involved  evacuation of sensitive cargo from Iraq theater, deployment of 15,000+ Marines and accompanying 669 tons of cargo, movement of 59 ammunition pallets supporting Lebanese involvement in the Mid-East, and transportation planning for deployment of Air Force Expeditionary Force of 4000+ passengers and 90 tons of cargo.  I was a Contract Officer Representative for a $1.4MM contract that supported innovative IT data analysis capabilities.  Such data was utilized by senior leadership in planning/mitigating air- and sea-lift port levels.  
I served as a planner member of the Crisis Action Team and Combatant Command, which was activated during emergency situations.  Additionally, I developed strategic transportation requirements utilized during Transportation Planning Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data (TPFDD) conferences, reviewing and analyzing data to determine any possible areas of difficulty and recommending solutions to said problems.  For the movement of materiel from Iraq, in support of providing situational awareness for high-level leadership, including Office of the Secretary of Defense and the U.S. Central Command, I provided precision cost estimates and in-depth analysis, resulting in $8MM in savings.  
For a 2007 Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) force flow, I was responsible for coordinating the movement of 462,000 passengers, 77,000 tons of air and 10MM square feet surface, the largest rotation since the Iraq War.  I also ensured the movement of 5000+ Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles involved in a unique South Africa-OIF mission.
I was considered the Subject Expert on the Joint Operations Planning and Execution System (JOPES) and trained six individuals on validation procedures, which included two CENTCOM Distribution and Deployment Operations Center personnel.
During BETA testing, I served as lead in utilization of TRANSVIZ, a new collaborative validation planning tool.  I oversaw a two-month test period, during which time I led three software changes.  As a result USCENTCOM adopted TRANSVIZ for standard use.  I utilized TRANSVIZ in more than 13,000 USCENTCOM air and sealift unit line number moves, which was key to increasing y-o-y CY2006  C CY2007 on-time validations 8% and air cargo/sealift delivery rates 20%.

Applicant:                                           Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy
Social Security Number:                   XXX-XX-XXXX
Position:                                             Contract Specialist

Vacancy Posting Number:               # 1010135SR




FACTOR 3:   Ability to communicate orally and in writing to negotiate acquisitions, to produce contract documents and related correspondence, to clarify specifications and to explain contract terms and conditions.


Since August 2009, I have been serving as a Contract Specialist in charge of awarding multi-million-dollar contracts and expenditures.  To accomplish the assignment of determining the best vendor or purveyor, it is my responsibility to confer with all interested parties, to determine scope of needs, then prepare bid process specifications and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for dissemination to possible contractors. 


When offers/bids are received, I read through each one thoroughly, using simplified procedures, best value methods and formal source selection procedures, to assure all conditions and requirements have been met, including, of course, eligibility for serving as a government supplier. 


When a decision has been made as to the winner of the contract and it is awarded, my responsibilities then cover comprehensive oversight of the process.  I work closely with all involved individuals, assuring strong communication during all stages and that all points of the agreements are met.  As part of this, I examine all performance requirements and material needs estimates, as well as equipment services and production costs.  I pay particular attention to delivery schedules to ensure they are met according to the contractual agreement. 


Throughout the entire process, I author progress and other relevant reports.


Additionally, I work very closely with Information Technology hardware and software suppliers to assure all equipment as well as software is upgraded in support of complete mission readiness for communication between Commanders and others in line of command.  I played a major role in upgrading UNIX for HQ AMC, which resulted in improved surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence regarding global strike missions.   Additionally, I direct technical support for AMC aerial port operations.


A current assignment is to provide IT support for 130,000 personnel at the Scott AFB, as well as off-site locations for six Air Force commands.  This involves issuing delivery orders against the core IT contract and to track expenditures of $676,000.    



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