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yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

curriculum vitae                                                                         

111 s. marguerita avenue, #c-alhambra, ca 91801




research team leader      ~      senior scientist    ~    biotech specialist




ø  accomplished research offering 15 years of academic research background as well as industrial research experience

ø  ph.d. in cell biology and biochemistry as well as m.d. in clinical medicine

ø  extensive background in cell/molecular biology and medicine, with superior experimental skills in biochemistry/cell/molecular biology/animal models

ø  results-driven leader who successfully coordinates and directs high-performance research teams

ø  excel in strategically planning, coordinating and steering projects to achieve critical objectives and timelines

ø  expertise in defining and implementing practices and methodologies to optimize productivity, efficiency and quality of research


research proficiencies

molecular biology:

isolation and purification of dna, rna; subcloning; dna mutagenesis; northern

blot, southern blot, western blot; pcr, rt-pcr and real-time qrt-pcr; dna sequencing;

footprinting; electrophoretic mobility shift assay; sds-page; immunoprecipitation;

chromatography (affinity, ion-exchange), gelatin zymography and reverse zymography;

radioisotope labeling; enzyme activity assay; ria; elisa.


cell biology:

cell culture (short-/ long-term culture of primary pancreatic cells and hepatic

cells) and cell lines; isolation of human islets in a gmp facility; isolation of rat liver

parenchymal cells, endothelial cells and kupffer cells by using centrifugal elutriation;

isolation of endosomes, lysosomes, peroxisomes, mitochondria and plasma membranes by

using differential and isopycnic centrifugation; hepatic ammonia clearance assay; static

glucose stimulation (sgs) assay for ß-cells in vitro functional evaluation; cell invasion and

migration assay; immunocytochemistry; immunohistochemistry; transfection (transient and stable).


animal models:

extensive experience in conducting research by using variety of animals, including rabbit, guinea pig, rat and mouse; high level of familiarity with acute liver failure mouse model, diabetic mouse model and related assays such as ogtt, serum c-peptides tests etc.

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professional experience                


group leader                                                                                                                2007-present

reneuron inc (merged with amcyte)-santa monica, ca                   

  contribute research expertise as well as dynamic leadership skills toward proficiently steering multiple projects focused on culture, 3d-maintenance in algenate microcapsule and characterization of genetically modified human fetal neuron, hepatocytes and pancreas cells; key emphasis on culture medium development.

  proficiently manage facility operations to maximize real-time qrt-pcr, immunocytochemistry and animal experiment performance.


group leader/senior scientist, pancreatic/hepatic stem cell biology                              2001-2007

amcyte diabetes inc.-santa monica, ca

  proactively led human islet isolation project team, facilitating a cohesive, collaborative and self-directed teamwork environment conducive to generating enhanced productivity, efficiency and quality of job performance.

  concurrently gained extensive experience in islet isolation by working with over 150 pancreases; acquired working knowledge of gmp/glp and effectively developed human pancreas cells culture methodologies.

  successfully initiated and developed hepatocytes 3d culture in alginate encapsulated setting and developed expertise in managing cell therapy research portfolio for diabetes and acute liver failure.

  steered cell/molecular biology/animal experiment division; oversaw animal experiment core facility targeting the development of diabetes and liver failure models and directed real-time quantitative pt-pcr core facility and assay development projects.


postdoctoral fellow, cancer cell/molecular biology                                                        1996-2001

dept. of hematology and oncology , children s hospital of los angeles/university of southern california

  spearheaded projects focused on the regulation of human tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-2 (htimp-2) promoter; successfully identified the sequence motifs for htimp-2 basal activity and its activation by cyclic amp.

  facilitated cancer cell growth suppression projects, resulting in discovery that fibrillar collagen inhibits cell cycle progression in malignant melanoma cells and further, that this inhibition involves adhesion through the a1ß2 integrin and up-regulation of the cyclin inhibitors p15ink4b and p21cip1.


postdoctoral fellow, immunology/molecular biology                                                       1995-1996

the university of iowa, ia

  specialized in researching molecular mechanism on immunoactivation by dna cpg motif.


relocated to u.s., published research articles and concentrated on ph.d./academics                 1988-1994


assistant professor, dept. of pharmacology                                                                  1983-1987

school of medicine, shanghai medical university, china

  presented pharmacology lectures to 3rd-year medical students, 4 semesters.

  conducted study on neuropharmacology targeting effects of ephedrine and spardine on the neuromuscular junctions of rat diaphragm.





yyyyyy x. yyyyyy                                                                                   cv - page 3 of 3




ph.d., cell biology and biochemistry; 1994

dept. of biochemistry, school of medicine, facultes universitaire notre dame de la paix, belgium

• thesis: a study of amine uptake by liver: identified hepatic tyramine and dopamine


m.d., school of medicine, shanghai medical university, china; 1982


graduated maxima cum laude with congratulations of the jury, ph.d. degree; 1994

scholarship, facultes universitaire notre dame de la paix, belgium; 1989-1994




1. zhong zd, yanping wang, huiren liu, jinghua tang, wen chen, nataliya bufius and wen-

ghih tsang. the growth and long-term maintenance of microencapsulated functional rat

hepatocytes cultured in survival medium. 2007 (paper in progress)

2. wall sj, zhong zd, declerck ya. the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors p15ink4b and

p21cip1 are critical regulators of fibrillar collagen-induced tumor cell cycle arrest. j biol chem.

2007, 282(33):24471-6.

3. henriet p, zhong zd, brooks pc, weinberg ki, declerck ya. contact with fibrillar collagen

inhibits melanoma cell proliferation by up-regulating. p27kipl. proc natl acad sci usa.


4. zhong zd. khalil hammani, wanjun simon bae, and declercky.a. nf-y and spl

cooperate for the transcriptional activation and camp response of human tissue inhibitor of

metailoperoteinases-2. j biol chem. 2000, 275(24):18602-10.

5. wattiaux, r., zhong z.d., dubios, f., van dyck, j.m. and wattiaux-de coninck, s. 1995.

endocytosis of mouse lgg by rat liver. cell biol. intern. 17, 19.

6. zhong, z.d., pirotte-warnier, m.t., vuylsteke, a., wattiaux-de coninck, s., and wattiaux,

r. 1995. transport of tyramine in rat liver parenchymal cells, endothelial cells and kupffer cells.

int. hepato. commun.,3: 105.

7. tans, c., dubois, f., zhong, z.d., jadot, m., wattiaux, r., and watiaux-de coninck, s.

1994. uptake by rat liver of bovine growth hormone(gh) free of bound to a monoclonal antibody

(ghab). biol. cell. 82 (1): 45-9.

8. zhong, z.d., wattiaux-de coninck, s., and wattiaux, r. 1994. uptake of dopamine by rat

hepatocytes in vitro. acta pharmacol sin 15: 289-294.

9. zhong, z.d.,wattiaux-deconinck, s., and wattiaux, r. 1993. uptake of tyramine by rat liver.

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10. zhong, z.d., jadot, m., wattiaux-de coninck, s., and wattiaux, r. 1992. uptake of

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11. su, h.d.,zhang, l.h.,zhong, z.d., and yang, c.c. 1987. effects of ephedrine on the

neuromuscular junctions of rat diaphragm. acta pharmacol sin 8 (4): 313.

12. su, h.d., zhong, z.d., zhang, l.h., and yang, c.c. 1987. effects of sparine on the

neuromuscular junctions of rat diaphragm. journal of shanghai medical university. 210:


13. zhong, z.d. and lin, x.t. 1984. methods for the measurements of free t3 and t4 in human

serum. journal of nuclear medicine 20: 51-60.

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